Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1817

After the constraints on Anne were released, she immediately jumped into Jared's embrace while crying.

The despairing Anne could only find a hint of solace in her heart when she saw Jared.

“Let me deal with this guy first, then you can hug me. How can I finish him off if you cling to me?” Jared
spoke in a helpless tone.

Once she heard those words, Anne instantly let go of Jared. After all, they were still not free from danger.

The surrounding was still shrouded in black mist, and Alex was still staring intently at Jared.

“It's just some negative energy and spirit. Did you have to make such a big deal out of it? Insolent fool.”
Jared stared at Alex coldly and then walked toward the latter.

As he watched the approaching Jared, Alex's heart began trembling subconsciously.

“This is a demon. You're the insolent one here.” After saying that, Alex started forming hand seals, and
soon, the mist gathered and condensed into a humanoid monster. “Once the demon is summoned,
everyone shall die.”

Alex controlled the newly formed humanoid monster and prepared to attack Jared.

Golden light flashed on Jared's body, and he followed up with a slap toward the monster.

The newly condensed humanoid monster immediately dispersed into the mist and spread to the
surroundings again upon receiving the blow.

“T-This...” Alex was stunned.

However, Jared did not wait for Alex to recompose himself and swung his hand again.

Alex fell off the altar in an instant.

“Gilbert, finish off these guys and then guard me. This is a good chance for me to cultivate,” Jared
ordered Gilbert from the top of the altar.

“Yes, Mr. Chance.” Gilbert nodded.

Gilbert alone would suffice to deal with these guys. Moreover, Flaxseed and Evangeline were present

“You can go down. Someone will protect you. I need to refine the negative energy here first.” Jared sent
Anne away from the altar and sat cross-legged before starting to refine those spirits and negative energy.

Meanwhile, the roars of a tiger demon and wails of pain rang out below the altar.

Even if the tiger demon was released, Alex and his men could not avoid the death awaiting them.

The difference between the strengths on both sides was too vast.

It did not take long for Alex and all his men to die out. Flaxseed kept the beast core of the tiger demon in
his pocket.

At that moment, only Andrew was left, and he had a very panicked expression.

“P-Princess Anne...” He stared awkwardly at Anne, who was approaching him.

Anne looked at Andrew with an expression full of sadness. She then turned around and waved her hand.
“You may go, Andrew. Don't let me see you or show your face at the Duke's mansion ever again.”

Although Anne spared Andrew's life, she knew she could not continue using his services anymore.

Once there was a betrayal, the same warrior could not be employed again, no matter if they were forced
to do so.

Shame crept up Andrew's face. In the end, he turned around and left. He did not dare to beg Anne for a
second chance.

Danny and Joel also left. Since Alex was dead, they planned to return to the royal family and finish off
the rest of Alex's associates.

Meanwhile, Flaxseed and the rest stayed behind to guard Jared. Jared remained on the altar for three

For the entire three days, Jared was motionless.

As he absorbed the negative energy, the aura in Jared's body underwent changes.

Once he completely refined this negative energy, Jared's strength would definitely increase by another

The black mist surrounding the altar was completely gone on the fourth day. Jared opened his eyes, and
the aura around him flared continuously.

He clenched his fists tightly. “Sixth Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis... This trip is well worth the

Jared's face was filled with delight.

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