Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1892


Jared couldn't believe Austin's words.

“Why would your family be so willing to help me get the ten-thousand-year-old herb without requesting
anything in return? Are you really that generous by doing this out of the goodness of your heart?” Jared
looked incredulously at Austin.

“Mr. Chance, I would like to get closely acquainted with you. My intention is to gain your favor so that
should our family ever find ourselves in need of assistance, you may be more likely to come to our aid,”
Austin revealed.

“That's all?” Jared's expression was one of surprise.

“Yes, that's all,” Austin affirmed with a serious nod.

Since Austin didn't seem to be joking, Jared asked, “Mr. Zagorski, how strong is the Zagorski family?”

He had no idea how influential the Zagorski family was. If Austin was the only Greater Martial Arts
Marquis in his family, whether or not they offered him help wouldn't make much difference.

“There are seven Greater Martial Arts Marquises in the family including me, around a dozen of Martial
Arts Marquises, and a sacred martial arts relic,” Austin told him truthfully.

Hearing that, Jared and Flaxseed were taken aback.

They had no idea that the Zagorski family would be so capable despite being in Norham, which was a
small border city.

“Mr. Zagorski, you're capable enough of establishing a sect in Jadeborough. Why did you choose to stay
in Norham?” Jared questioned.

Austin quickly explained, “There might be many resources in Jadeborough, but it is also populated by
numerous sects and prestigious families. Thus, we won't get much if we were to head there. Additionally,
the majority of the resources are managed by the Warriors Alliance, thus further impeding the
development of the sects and prestigious families along with their access to the available resources.
Norham is often overlooked due to its vastness and sparse population. As a result, our family can enjoy
an abundance of resources without fear of competition. Without the emergence of the ten-thousand-
year-old herb, we wouldn't have seen an influx of elites coming to our city. Even if we invite them, they
wouldn't bother making the journey here.”

“Mr. Zagorski, I can tell that you are being honest and forthcoming with me, so I am more than happy to
accept your offer. As long as you can help me get the ten-thousand-year herb, Deragon Sect is willing to
be your ally. if anything were to happen to you or your family, we will be there to offer whatever
assistance we can!” Jared promised Austin as he patted his chest confidently.

Austin beamed in excitement and responded, “Good! As you've given your word, the Zagorski family will
do our best to help you retrieve the ten-thousand-year herb!”

Suddenly, a thought occurred to Jared as he asked, “By the way, Mr. Zagorski, how did you find out
about the manifestation of the ten-thousand-year-old herb?”

He had gotten the information from Demon Sect's map, so he was intrigued as to how Austin had
managed to gain access to the same information.

“I'll be honest with you, Mr. Chance. It was Master Williams who deduced it through peeking into the
Heavenly Law,” Austin revealed.

“Master Williams? Are you talking about Hank Williams?” Jared was surprised.

“Yes, that's him. Do you know Master Williams, Mr. Chance?” Austin was curious. I wonder how they got
to know each other.

Jared chuckled lightly and turned to Flaxseed.

Flaxseed snorted icily. “He isn't a master. Peeking into the Heavenly Law, huh? What a bunch of bullsh*t!
Anomalies will appear on earth upon the manifestation of the ten-thousand-year-old herb, so anyone
would know if they were capable enough.”

Austin glanced at Flaxseed before asking, “Mr. Chance, this is...”

“This is Mr. Flaxseed, an expert in charms. No one can top his Tomb Seeking Skill,” Jared lavished
praises on Flaxseed.

Hearing that, Austin instantly greeted Flaxseed politely, “Mr. Flaxseed, it's a pleasure to meet you.
Please accept my apology for being disrespectful.”

Flaxseed gave a curt nod in greeting.

Sternly, Jared said, “Mr. Zagorski, you've been tricked by Hank.”

Austin was baffled. “How is that so, Mr. Chance?'

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