Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2006


“It was nothing,” the man replied with a faint smile.

“Mr. Chance, thank you for helping my daughter. I was busy these past few days, so forgive me for
coming late to thank you,” Ryosuke said politely as he came up to Jared.

“I already said it was no big deal,” Jared uttered calmly with a serene expression on his face.

This puzzled Ryosuke, who wondered why Jared was so calm toward him and not showing any sign of
resentment or anger if he came to seek revenge.

“Aren't you all tired? Let's get to the point,” Fandor impatiently interjected. “Ryosuke, I don't believe you
came here just to thank Jared.”

Ryosuke was caught off guard and hesitated for a moment before explaining, “Mr. Chance, I know your
purpose for coming to Jetroina, but I want to explain that although the people who have been hunting
you are from the Watanabe family, it was my younger brother Asuka who orchestrated it all.”

He continued, “I had no idea about this, including the attack on Chanaean officials. He never told me
about it. Once I found out, I immediately sent people to apologize and explain the situation. I have no
intention of going against Chanaea or you, Mr. Chance. I hope you can understand...”

Ryosuke spoke with an earnest face, afraid that Jared wouldn't believe him.

However, Jared replied with a faint smile, “Mr. Watanabe, I already know all of this. You're not
responsible for your brother's actions, so I won't hold it against you.”

“Mr. Chance, you already knew about it?” Ryosuke was surprised. He wondered how Jared knew
because only the higher-ups of the Watanabe family were aware of the ordeal.

“Kazuo told me. I brought him back alive from Chanaea for a reason,” Jared said nonchalantly.

Ryosuke breathed a sigh of relief on hearing that; since Jared knew, he didn't have to worry anymore.

“I also know that the Watanabe family's election is coming up, and you are competing for the head of
the family position with your brother. If I kill Asuka, wouldn't you be the biggest beneficiary?” Jared

Since Ryosuke chose to tell the truth, Jared also didn't intend to hide anything. He wanted to see if he
could get some resources from the Watanabe family.

After all, now that Ryosuke also wanted Asuka dead, their goals were aligned.

But unexpectedly, Ryosuke let out a mournful sigh after hearing Jared's words. “Actually, the position of
head of the family is no longer important to me. I only want my daughter to live happily...”

Ryosuke then told Jared about Yuri's situation and how she was about to be sent to the shrine. Yuri
listened in shock beside them.

“So, Mr. Watanabe, are you saying that you want me to take Yuri away?” Jared asked, still confused.

Ryosuke nodded. “Yes, because only then can Yuri have a stable life. I know about your powerful

influence in Chanaea, and as for killing Asuka, I will help you to complete the task.”

“But if you do this, you won't be able to become head of the family, and your life will be in danger. After
all, nobody would dare to disobey the shrine's orders, right?” Jared questioned.

“For Yuri's sake, this is the only way. As long as she can live happily, that's all that matters,” Ryosuke
replied with a determined and loving expression of a father.

Indeed, the love of a parent for their child knew no bounds.

This decision was made after Ryosuke and Keika had discussed it, as it was the only way for Yuri to
escape harm.

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