Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2026


Mieko, who was battling against Flaxseed, panicked when she saw Maki collapse.

If Maki, someone far more powerful than her, had been felled by Jared, it was unlikely she would meet
an end better than his.

In a moment of her distraction, Flaxseed struck her chest with his palm, sending her flying away.

“Wow, they felt pretty soft.” He was slightly taken aback.

As Mieko zipped through the air, her body gradually turned transparent before vanishing before his

Just as he relished in the sensation he felt earlier, he abruptly realized she was gone and panicked.
Hastily, he hurled out a couple more charms in hopes of exposing her again.

Sadly, those charms didn't work. It was as though Mieko had disappeared into another dimension.

“You're not getting away after coming here.” Jared snorted before releasing invisible energy into the air,
rapidly manifesting a gigantic palm large enough to envelop nearly the entire mansion.

Mieko was retreating when her invisibility technique was dispelled under the palm.

Unfortunately for her, Jared was too powerful for her to resist.

In an instant, she was sucked toward him by a mighty force, her neck landing directly and firmly in his


She grimaced with pain. “Spare me... Please...”

“I thought ninjas would rather die than submit to their enemies. Why are you begging for mercy?” Jared
was slightly surprised. The male ninja from earlier didn't submit, so why is she, their leader, doing this?

“Please... Spare me...” she continued to beg because it was her only option.

After witnessing Maki's death at Jared's hands, she knew she stood no chance of escaping him.

However, Jared didn't plan to release her. In fact, he had never shown kindness to his enemies.

Upon noticing the murderous intent in his eyes, she realized he wouldn't let her live and focused her
attention on Flaxseed.

When Flaxseed saw Mieko kept hinting at him with a pitiful look in her eyes, he licked his lips.

Jared noticed that and promptly released Mieko before facing Flaxseed. “I'll let you handle her, Mr.

After she was set free, she gasped greedily for air, then crawled toward Flaxseed.

She hugged Flaxseed's leg and kept rubbing herself against it. “Please, spare me...”

In response, Flaxseed helped her up. “Stand up. Quick.”

Mieko looked at him seductively and sighed in relief because she could tell he couldn't bear to kill her.

“If you spare me, I'll do anything you want. I'll serve you well, Master.” Leaning against his body, she
pretended to be weak.

Ryosuke and Fandor were speechless when they saw how much Flaxseed was enjoying himself.

Before Fandor could offer Flaxseed a word of reminder, Jared stopped him.

He wanted to see how Flaxseed would deal with Mieko.

She was still leaning against Flaxseed's body as she grinned. I don't have to die...

“Are you really willing to do anything I want?” asked Flaxseed.

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