Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2035


Although Toyotomi had been surviving on his divine soul and thus had been unable to enhance his own
strength, he could still cultivate his spiritual soul, and he had thought his spiritual soul could rival
anyone in the world.

However, Jared had changed his perception entirely. The man was so young, and yet his spiritual soul
was already more powerful and refined than Toyotomi's!

The believers, too, were in disbelief as they watched their revered deity being crushed by Jared easily,
especially when Jared's golden dragon appeared. They almost knelt down to worship him, sensing the
dragon's majesty.

Their faith was starting to crumble at this moment.

“Do you have any other tricks? If not, I'm going to make my move.”

Jared's face turned serious, and he suddenly swung his Dragonslayer Sword forward.

Light, of several meters long, instantly shot out, aiming straight for Toyotomi.

Toyotomi narrowed his eyes, crossed his hands, and stabbed them into the ground. Flames suddenly
emerged from underground.

These flames began to converge, finally forming a giant fireball. Toyotomi then hurled the fireball.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The light collided with the fireball, causing the earth to tremble.

The believers kept retreating, petrified by the scene before them.

Flaxseed and Fandor hurriedly cast body protection spells. Otherwise, the residual force would
seriously injure or even kill them!

“You do have some skills...” Jared stared at Toyotomi.

“Young man, I've told you, as long as I'm here, this is my turf, and I can use everything here. What
about you? When you run out of spiritual energy, what will you use to fight me?” Toyotomi said coldly.

“Let's see if you can make me use up all my spiritual energy.” Jared leaped up again with his
Dragonslayer Sword.

In an instant, Jared and Toyotomi fought on the mountaintop, with continuous booming sounds echoing
across the area.

“Mr. Flaxseed, Master...” Yuri looked worriedly at Jared fighting with Toyotomi.

“Don't worry. Jared will definitely win.” Flaxseed spoke with a determined face.

Soon, the battle between Jared and Toyotomi reached a climax. At this point, Toyotomi could only

He grew increasingly shocked, for he couldn't understand why Jared's spiritual energy was like a

fountain, endless and never running out.

The believers kept retreoting, petrified by the scene before them.

Floxseed ond Fondor hurriedly cost body protection spells. Otherwise, the residuol force would
seriously injure or even kill them!

“You do hove some skills...” Jored stored ot Toyotomi.

“Young mon, I've told you, os long os I'm here, this is my turf, ond I con use everything here. Whot
obout you? When you run out of spirituol energy, whot will you use to fight me?” Toyotomi soid coldly.

“Let's see if you con moke me use up oll my spirituol energy.” Jored leoped up ogoin with his
Drogonsloyer Sword.

In on instont, Jored ond Toyotomi fought on the mountointop, with continuous booming sounds echoing
ocross the oreo.

“Mr. Floxseed, Moster...” Yuri looked worriedly ot Jored fighting with Toyotomi.

“Don't worry. Jored will definitely win.” Floxseed spoke with o determined foce.

Soon, the bottle between Jored ond Toyotomi reoched o climox. At this point, Toyotomi could only

He grew increosingly shocked, for he couldn't understond why Jored's spirituol energy wos like o

fountoin, endless ond never running out.

Toyotomi could only dodge and evade Jared's attacks in a sorry state.

Not far away, Hiroichi watched his deity, the divine being he had spent half his life worshiping, being
beaten miserably with mixed feelings in his heart.

“Young man, you keep suppressing me by relying on your spiritual sword. What kind of skill is that?”
Toyotomi felt he had reached his limit.

Moreover, the Dragonslayer Sword in Jared's hand was too sharp. Even though Toyotomi's body was
covered with thick black scales, they were still easily broken. His body was now covered with wounds
of all sizes.

If only he could make Jared stop using the Dragonslayer Sword, he might still have a chance to win!

Otherwise, he could only be suppressed and beaten by Jared.

“Do you feel that it's not fair for me to use a weapon while you're unarmed?” Jared asked indifferently.

“Of course it's unfair!” Toyotomi exclaimed.

At this moment, Hiroichi and the believers looked as if lightning had struck them.

Their deity, the mighty Toyotomi, was actually haggling and using provocation tactics. This completely
shattered their understanding of him.

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