Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2049


Kawasaki's expression began to darken frightfully. He initially thought that he could easily win the duel,
yet he was then on the losing end.


Spreading his palm, he yanked his katana out and started using a weapon.

When the katana was pulled out, another stream of magma spurted out. This time, it did not only gush
out but also flowed in all directions.

Soon, the magma reached Kawasaki's feet, but the man remained unmoved.

Even when it enveloped his feet, he did not budge an inch.

Clouds of white mist began wafting out of the magma, during which he inhaled deeply.

He swiftly absorbed the heat within the magma in great quantities and transformed it all into energy.

The magma similarly flowed to Jared's feet, but the man was not bothered either. It was as though he
was not the person standing in the blistering heat.

As Kawasaki held the katana in hand, his aura suddenly changed, his confidence skyrocketing.

Gripping the katana in both hands, he swung it out at Jared.

A silver light glinted off the blade, and all his martial energy condensed on the weapon.

At that, Jared swiped his right hand through the air. In a flash, Dragonslayer Sword appeared in his

The moment that happened, Kawasaki was slightly stunned. He initially misunderstood that Jared had
no weapon since the latter carried none with him.

Unexpectedly, Jared's weapon had integrated with the man's body for real. That was the highest
cultivation level where sword and spirit became one.

Regretfully, it was impossible for him to stop when he had already swung his katana out. He had no
choice but to bite the bullet and continue bringing the blade down.

At once, Dragonslayer Sword in Jared's hand buzzed and shot out to meet it.

As the blades collided, a crisp metallic sound rang out.

The instant that happened, the air started vibrating violently. It was as though time and space were
close to being overwhelmed, on the brink of collapsing into the black hole.

Kawasaki realized that there was no way he could break Jared's sword energy. His katana glinted, and
he turned into a stream of light as his sword and spirit became one.

However, his merge was still lacking in practice. While his entire person turned upside down, the
katana in his hand emanated flashes of metallic glints, engulfing Jared whole.

In the eyes of outsiders at that moment, countless clones of Kawasaki with katanas in hand were
attacking Jared on all sides.

No matter how hard the latter tried to hold his ground, he would not possibly be able to block off attacks
from all directions.

“Nine Shadows!”

Right after Jared roared that, his body vibrated violently. In the blink of an eye, shadow clones radiating
strong auras manifested, one after another.

All of them held Dragonslayer Sword in hand and began wielding it effectively.

Jared's true self and his shadow clones formed a circle, Dragonslayer Swords in their hands emitting
sword energy interminably.

With that, Kawasaki lost his chance.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Deafening yet crisp metallic strikes rang out. Kawasaki's blows were all blocked off, and he could not
break through Jared's defense.

At the sight of Jared's Nine Shadows, Kawasaki was wholly stunned.

Right then, even he had no way of distinguishing which of the figures was Jared's real self, for he could

sense genuine auras and blood flowing through the veins of each figure.

He had never seen such realistic shadow clones.

Nine Shadows was the Watanabe family's ultimate technique, and he once witnessed it, but it paled in

Unbeknownst to him, Jared did not steal Nine Shadows. Instead, someone else imparted it to him.

As such, the potential of Nine Shadows wielded by Jared was far greater than anyone in the Watanabe

Kawasaki's expression turned grim beyond words.

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