Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2063


The middle-aged man brought Skylar to a corner of the living room and knocked on the door. “A
member of Evil Heart Sect seeks an audience with you, Sir.”

“Goodness gracious, they sure are an annoying bunch. I can't even recall how many of them I've met
recently.” A begrudging bellow sounded from inside the room. Despite that, Skylar was allowed entry.
“Let him in.”

The middle-aged man opened the door and reminded Skylar, “Go on in. But according to the rules, you
only have half an hour to speak your mind.”

Skylar paused. He had no clue that Crafting Clan went by such regulations.

However, it didn't bother him that his time was limited to half an hour, as it was sufficient to convey his

Upon entry, Skylar was greeted by the sight of a youth about the same age as himself seated on a
chair. He was holding a hand fan while an attractive lady massaged his back.

The youth's eyes narrowed as they roved over to Skylar. “You have half an hour. Have your pick. Once
you're done, you'll be charged based on the quality of your choice.”

Skylar was caught off guard by his statement. The youth's words started making sense when he
noticed the plethora of magical items displayed around the room.

He'd been mistaken for a buyer of magical items, but that wasn't the reason for his visit.

“I'm sorry, but I'm not here for the magical items. Is Mr. Schneider here?” Skylar asked plainly.

The youth opened his eyes at the mention of Pascal and stared at him warily. “Why are you looking for
my dad? He's on a retreat to refine his magical items and has no time to see you.”

Skylar hurriedly put on a smile when he realized he was speaking to Pascal's son. “I apologize for my
lack of decorum, Mr. Sherman. Mr. Malphas sent me here to gift Mr. Schneider a magical item.”

The youth's expression instantly lit up once he knew of Skylar's intentions. He waved his hand at the
lady behind him. “You're dismissed.” She retreated from the room obediently, and the youth got to his
feet. “Take a seat. I'm Sherman Schneider. Who are you?”

“I'm Skylar Norton.” Skylar nodded imperceptibly.

“I see. Mr. Norton it is, then. Come, take a seat.” Sherman invited Skylar to sit and personally served
him a cup of coffee. “I wonder what magical item you've brought for my father?”

“This...” Skylar hesitated before continuing, “Mr. Sherman, Mr. Malphas instructed me to hand it over to
Mr. Schneider personally as he's the only one who knows how to use it.”

Sherman furrowed his brows. “Mr. Norton, I'm afraid my father won't see anyone for some time while he
refines his magical items in isolation. You may leave now since I see you don't trust me.”

Skylar urgently placated, “That's not what I meant, Mr. Sherman. Of course I trust you! My only concern
is that you wouldn't know how to activate it even if you possessed it.”

With that, Skylar retrieved the tiny calabash and placed it on the table.

Sherman considered the calabash before him and began fiddling with it.

It looked antiquated and simple, and he couldn't detect any trace of aura fluctuations inside it.

“Are you sure this is a magical item?” Sherman was skeptical.

“Mr. Sherman, Mr. Malphas said so himself. However, I have no clue how to activate it,” Skylar admitted

“That's odd. I can't sense that this is a magical item even when holding it.” Sherman frowned. “Excuse
me for a minute, Mr. Norton. I'll be right back.”

He left along with the calabash and made his way to a dark room in the backyard, where a snowy-
haired elderly was snoring away.

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