Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2097

After confirming that Jagoan was not a phantom image, hot tears burst out from Jagoan’s eyes.

In utter disbelief, he asked, “Is this real, Jagoan? Are you real?”

“Yes. It’s real…” Tears of joy streaked Jagoan’s face too.

The long-separated lovers had finally reunited with each other. Even though they had many questions,
none of them could form coherent sentences at this moment.

Jagoan’s eyes fixated on Jagoan’s tear-stained face. He had longed to see his lover for a long time.
Ultimately, he could no longer resist the urge to kiss her on the lips.

Jagoan returned his kiss passionately.

Nothing else in the world mattered to them other than the other party. They were so deeply engrossed
in their kiss that they disregarded everything else.

Their kiss lasted for a while, only ending after Jagoan had breathing difficulties and Jagoan let her go.

She looked at the darkened sky, finally remembering that she was here to forage for food.

“Oh, no. I forgot I was here to search for food. Melanie must still be famished now,” Jagoan stated

“Melanie? Do you mean Melanie Woodlands? She’s around this place too?” Jagoan asked, shocked.

“I’ll explain it to you later. Why don’t you help me seek edibles? Then, we can talk as we walk back…”
Jagoan urged Jagoan along.

Soon, both found some wild vegetables and fruits before returning to Melanie’s side.

As they walked, Jagoan recounted the story to Jagoan. That was when the man finally found out that
Malphas had abducted both Renee and Melanie into this secret realm.

Jagoan’s interest was piqued when he heard about the book Arthur gave to Melanie.

How did Mr. Sanders know that Melanie and Renee would run into me?

Was it in his prediction that these two women would be kidnapped by Evil Heart Sect, and abandoned
here in the secret realm?

Besides, what is the true motive for abducting them?

The circumstances were shrouded in mystery, and it bothered Jagoan.

Quickly, Jagoan and Jagoan arrived at their destination.

Before them, Melanie was lying weakly on the ground while Renee stayed beside and caring for her.

Detecting movement near her, Renee lifted her head. She was stunned the minute she saw Jagoan.

Then, the woman immediately jumped up from the ground. “Jagoan! It’s you… I never thought that I
would really meet you here…”

Meanwhile, Melanie heard Renee’s excited screams. She tried to raise her head to determine the
cause of the latter’s joy. When Jagoan’s face appeared before her, she felt her body injected with
energy, and she got up right away.

The group exchanged pleasantries joyously, letting Melanie consume some wild fruits to replenish her

Just then, Melanie took out the book Arthur gave her. “Mr. Sanders told us to pass it to you so we
haven’t flipped through it.”

Jagoan took the aged and worn book, feeling a bizarre aura from it.

Frowning, he peered at Jagoan. “Jagoan, have you ever laid your hands on this book before?”

“Yes, I did. But I didn’t open it.” Came Jagoan’s reply.

“You felt that strange aura coming from it?” Jagoan probed further.

“No. I felt nothing at all. It was just an ordinary book to me.” She shook her head.

“That’s odd.” Surprise gripped Jagoan.

He proceeded to flip the book open.

Everyone was stunned when they saw the content, for there were no words in it. The pages were left

“W-Why isn’t there any content in this book?” Renee gaped in astonishment.

“Jagoan, could this be a magical book we must unlock to view its subject matters?” Jagoan suggested.

Jagoan nodded. “It’s possible…”

Then, he transferred a flow of aura into the book.

No visible changes were made, though. The book was still empty.

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