Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2162

Empty Handed

“You’re truly asking for it, you little sh*t!” Emiliano thundered as he swung his weapon once more.

His sword emitted a blinding light that spread across the entire area and enveloped Jared.

Jared leisurely raised his Dragonslayer Sword, and the thunderous roar of a dragon could be heard.

A gush of sword energy was radiating from the tip of his sword, and the sword energy swiftly turned
into a golden dragon that soared into the sky.

Soon after, the dragon’s body disintegrated into a shower of golden light that fell to the ground.

The light that Emiliano’s sword was emanating was instantly overpowered, and one of the rays of
golden light was piercing through the air and heading straight for Emiliano.

A look of surprise flitted across Emiliano’s face as he hurriedly maneuvered his weapon to block the


Emiliano felt as if his body had been struck by an asteroid. The massive force made his limbs go numb
and his legs knee-deep in the ground.

The onlookers widened their eyes in shock as they watched the battle unfold. None of them expected a
Martial Arts Saint to hold that much power.

“That’s a spiritual sword he’s holding. No wonder he had the guts to fight a Martial Arts God,” Tucker
commented, looking at the sword in Jared’s hand.

The crowd fixed their gazes on Dragonslayer Sword as soon as they heard that.

“Ah, no wonder a Martial Arts Saint could unleash such great power. It turns out he has a spiritual
sword,” Nedley chimed in, his eyes glistening with naked ambition.

The other elders were also blinded by greed. They, too, felt it was a waste for a magic sword to be in
the possession of a Martial Arts Saint.

If the magic sword was in any of our possessions, I’m sure it would be much more powerful!

Jared scoffed upon hearing their remarks.

“Since you all seem to think that my power came from the magic sword, I won’t use the sword for my
next attack.”

He flicked his wrist once more, and Dragonslayer Sword vanished from his palm.

Then, Jared clenched his fists as a golden hue burst forth from his body.

By the look of it, he was planning to go against Emiliano empty- handed.

An empty-handed Martial Arts Saint going up against a Martial Arts God who’s brandishing a weapon?
Is he tired of living?

To the onlookers, Jared was simply courting death.

Emiliano was burning with rage over the sheer humiliation he felt from Jared’s cockiness. His sword
was glinting a bright crimson red as his aura surged through his entire being.

Whether or not he managed to kill Jared with this attack, Emiliano knew that he had already been
utterly humiliated.

He had never imagined that a Martial Arts Saint like Jared could withstand not one but two attacks from
himself. Not only that, but Jared even seemed to be gaining the upper hand.

The crowd was silent with anticipation. They were waiting with bated breath for Emiliano’s final blow.
Over everything else, they were the most excited to see how an empty-handed Jared would defend
himself against Emiliano’s attack.

Letting out a furious bellow, Emiliano swung his sword once more.

An endless stream of red light stained the sky crimson while Jared leaped upward. His fists glowed
brightly as he broke through the scarlet clouds and aimed straight for Emiliano.

“Sacred Light Fist!”

Jared resembled an otherworldly being as his body was surrounded by a golden light. He hadn’t landed
yet but his aura itself was already crushing Emiliano.

“No!” A look of terror manifested on Emiliano’s visage as he used his sword to block the incoming


Jared’s punch landed squarely on Emiliano’s sword.

A loud and crisp snap echoed in the air. Following that, Emiliano’s sword broke cleanly into two.

Emiliano himself was thrust into the ground from the force of Jared’s punch.

When the dust slowly settled, a shocking scene was revealed— Emiliano was lying in the crater,
coughing up blood.

He lay there, disheveled, as he stared at Jared in disbelief.

Emiliano was a true Martial Arts God. He had not undergone any genetic modifications, and his power
stemmed from his own efforts in cultivating.

Alas, he was defeated by a lowly Martial Arts Saint.

The crowd stared at Emiliano in shock, taking in his pathetic appearance.

They were just calling Jared out for depending on his magic sword.

However, in the blink of an eye, the man had defeated Emiliano and left the latter lying in the crater with
nothing but his bare fists.

There was no room for them to doubt Jared’s capabilities.

All of a sudden, the air seemed to have stilled as the onlookers wore similar, astonished expressions
on their faces.

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