Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2206

Everyone walked step by step up the stairs in the majestic hall and soon arrived inside the edifice.

No one knew how many years the ancient ruins of Narcissus Palace had been there, but upon entering
the hall, they noticed everything remained in perfect condition. All the decorations were neatly
arranged, unlike a ruin that had been abandoned for many years.

The crowd was astounded by the cleanliness of the hall. Despite the quietness inside the place,
everyone didn’t let their guard down. Often, the quiet and seemingly safer places were the most

“Stay behind me so as not to trigger any arcane array, all of you.” Avery walked slowly ahead of the
group while holding a geomantic compass.

The geomantic compass flickered with light, projecting a guiding arrow in the air that showed them
where to go.

Just like that, everyone passed through the hall without facing any danger, prompting them to let out
sighs of relief. However, they were somewhat disappointed because although there wasn’t any danger
in the hall, they didn’t find any treasures either. That was their goal of venturing into that place, after all.

After passing through the hall, the party arrived at a long corridor. The corridor was only three to four
meters wide, with rows of rooms on both sides.

The doors to the rooms were tightly shut. Even though many people were curious and wanted to know
what was inside the rooms, none dared to open the doors recklessly.

Not long after everyone stepped into the corridor, the doors to the rooms on their left and right abruptly
opened by themselves. The sound of the doors opening startled everyone, rendering them on high alert
as if they were about to face a great enemy.

“Mr. Chance, I’m afraid a death array has been set up here,” Luol uttered in an undertone beside
Jagoan’s ear.

“Ms. Loulland, pay close attention to what I do later on. If the situation turns south, retreat at once with
me,” Jagoan reminded Skyler.

He had also sensed something malicious brewing behind the deceptive tranquil atmosphere of that

Soon, gusts of cold winds blew out continuously from the rooms, making the already tense crowd even
more nervous.

Avery stopped in his tracks and furrowed his brows slightly. “Be careful, everyone. There might be a
deadly arcane array here, so don’t run around or touch anything.”

Emiliano looked at his few mages, who nodded in agreement. “Mr. Fairchild, practice caution. We also
think that this place is very dangerous.”

Everyone stared warily at the rooms on both sides of the corridor. Avery tapped the geomantic
compass with his finger gently, causing it to emit a dazzling and more intense red light. The geomantic
compass even moved and hovered above everyone’s heads.

“Let’s check the rooms on both sides first and not move forward for now,” Avery uttered loudly.

Right after he finished his sentence, the two elders from Flying Star Sect rapidly rushed into the
nearest room.

Everyone stayed still and watched quietly. They wanted to see if the two elders would encounter any
danger. Right after the two elders dashed into the room, pin-drop silence ensued. The crowd didn’t
dare make a sound as time ticked by.

Five minutes later, the two elders ran out, holding some reddish-brown stones in their hands.

“Mr. Fairchild, we found some blood-stained stones. These are precious items!” the two elders shouted

Those reddish-brown stones exuded a large amount of negative energy. Hence, the others reckoned
the cold wind earlier must have originated from the stones.

“Hurry up and check the other rooms!” After Avery said that, he hastened into one of the rooms too.

“Don’t just stand there and do nothing.” Emiliano immediately instructed his subordinates to look for
blood-stained stones inside the rooms as well.

The cold wind howled with greater intensity as everyone dashed into the rooms on both sides of the
corridor. The chilly sensation caused Jagoan to shudder slightly.

“Fall back!” He frowned and dragged Skyler with him to retreat.

Luol followed closely behind him, making their way out. He sensed the imminent danger almost at the
same time as Jagoan.

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