Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2217

However, the tunnel in front of Jagoan soon branched out. Three identical passages emerged, causing
him to fall into a dilemma.

Evidently, one of the three identical passages was safe while the other two would be fraught with
dangers. Yet, he had no idea which was safe.

Jagoan scrutinized the three passages carefully. Not only was there nothing on the smooth rock walls,
but their shapes were also identical. It was a tough choice to make.

Just when Jagoan and the others were hesitating, Avery and Emiliano had already caught up. They
were stunned when they saw the three passages in front of them and did not know which way to go.

“What should we do?” asked Emiliano with a frown.

Everyone ignored him. When Jagoan closed his eyes slightly, three bolts of spiritual sense rushed out
of his body and zoomed toward the three passages. However, the passages were so long that
Jagoan’s spiritual sense did not spot anything different among the three of them even after traveling for
multiple miles.

At that moment, Avery took out the geomantic compass. He bit his finger and let a drop of blood fall
onto it.

Soon, the geomantic compass glowed red. The compass needle on it trembled vigorously. It slowly
stopped and pointed at the passage on the left.

Avery kept the geomantic compass and said to Jagoan with a smile, “Jagoan, the passage on the left is
the right one. Would you like to come with me?”

When he did not get any responses from Jagoan, he led his subordinates into the leftmost passage.

Emiliano quickly rushed after them when he saw that.

“What are you doing, Emiliano?” demanded Avery coldly when he saw him.

“Avery, if we stick together, we can take care of each other if something happens. Don’t worry! I’ll let
you have the first pick if we find the magical items,” said Emiliano appeasingly, humbling himself in
front of Avery.

He knew that no matter how powerful he was, he would remain trapped if he did not know magecraft in
a place like this. The mages whom he had brought along were nothing but pieces of trash. He had no
choice but to tail behind Avery so subserviently.

When Avery heard that, he did not say anything else and continued leading Emiliano and the rest

“What should we do, Mr. Chance?” asked Skyler anxiously when she saw Jagoan still standing there
while Avery and Emiliano had left.

“There’s no hurry. Let’s wait for while more…”

Jagoan stood there quietly. Although he had already withdrawn his spiritual sense, he did not hasten to
make any decision. No one could read his mind.

After a while, he strode toward the passage in the middle directly. Upon seeing that, Skyler and Luol
had no choice but to follow him.

They trudged forward for ages.

Just when they were on the verge of breaking down, they saw light finally appear in the far distance.
There was an exit.

When they saw that, they rushed forward excitedly.

Everything became dazzling for a moment as they stared at the scene in front of them in surprise.

Flowers were blooming all over, accompanied by the chirps of birds and the leisurely flowing stream. It
was as if they had entered another world. Except for the fact that there were no humans staying there,
everything else was identical to the image of the Immortal Village that Luol had conjured.

“This place is gorgeous…” exclaimed Skyler as she took in the scenery in front of her.

However, Jagoan did not stop to appreciate the scenery. He walked toward the stream and touched the
water gently.

Immediately, a look of excitement spread across his face.

The stream water was identical to that of the Spring of Regeneration. Perhaps the water from the
Spring of Regeneration came from this stream.

Jagoan decided to look for the source of the stream. He wanted to find out what exactly gave the water
its special function. However, just when he and the others were prepared to head upstream, they saw
Avery and Emiliano walking over.

Judging from their expressions and injuries, it was evident that they had just emerged from a huge

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