Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2221

The two of them were sent flying by the light before they even realized what was going on.

The disciples of Stormwind Sect and Flying Star Sect, however, had their bodies impaled by the light
and died on the spot.

Emiliano and Avery looked incredibly gloomy. Not only did our combined attack fail to kill Jagoan, but
he even managed to kill so many of our men in the process!

Jagoan shot the two of them a menacing glare. “I gave you guys a chance to walk away, but you all
insisted on fighting me instead. Don’t blame me if you all end up dying here!”

The corner of Avery’s and Emiliano’s eyelids were twitching at that point. Neither of them had expected
things to turn out like this.

It had become clear to them by then that they could not defeat Jagoan, but they didn’t want to just give
up and walk away either. That resulted in them being caught in a dilemma.

Right as Emiliano and Avery were at a loss, someone burst out laughing from behind.

“Hahaha! To think that Emiliano from Stormwind Sect and Avery from Flying Star Sect would be scared
of a nobody from outside the hidden realm… This would probably be the joke of the century if word got
out about this!”

Everyone turned around and saw a few powerful individuals dressed in similar clothing making their
way forward. They were all at least Level Three Martial Arts Gods.

“Scorching Heaven Sect?”

Emiliano and Avery both froze in shock when they realized who those people were.

The look on Luol’s face changed instantly.

“Elgado!” he called out while running toward the man leading the group.

Elgado frowned slightly in surprise when he saw Luol. “Luol? You’re alive? I can’t believe you made it
all the way here!”

“I was captured alive because I wasn’t powerful enough to be deemed a threat…” Luol replied
nervously with his head held low.

He didn’t dare tell them that he had made it this far because he had submitted to Jagoan. Although
Jagoan had fed him a poisonous pill, Luol didn’t dare take his side in the slightest at that moment.

“Go hide in the back, you worthless piece of trash!” Elgado said with a disdainful glare.

He then flashed Emiliano and Avery a smile. “Hello, Mr. Lindt and Mr. Fairchild. It’s been a while, huh?”

Elgado was acting as though he knew them very well.

Emiliano and Avery both fell silent, their faces contorted.

Eventually, Avery was the first to break the silence. “Didn’t Scorching Heaven Sect go missing for many
years? What are you guys doing here today?”

Elgado let out a hearty chuckle. “Go missing? We were never gone, mind you. We have been in
Kazillion Mountains all this while.”

“Are you guys here for the ancient ruins of Narcissus Palace?” Emiliano asked.

Elgado decided to take the initiative and suggested that they work together. “Huh! Isn’t that obvious?
What else would I possibly be doing here? I don’t mind helping you two kill this punk, though. The three

of us can split the Spirit Connecting Fruits afterward.”

Scorching Heaven Sect practiced Demonic Cultivation, and Emiliano had teamed up with Avery. If
Jagoan were to attack Elgado with them, they could very well kill all of Scorching Heaven Sect’s men
with ease. As such, Elgado decided to capitalize on the conflict between them and Jagoan and quickly
form an alliance.

As it was forbidden for sects from the hidden realm to work with Demonic Cultivators, Avery and
Emiliano were hesitant about allying with Elgado.

“Emiliano! Avery! You two are members of hidden realm sects. Everyone will come after you if you guys
work with Demonic Cultivators!” Skyler warned them.

Jagoan and I are going to be in huge trouble if they team up!

Elgado burst out laughing. “Hahaha! Don’t even bother trying to talk them out of it! We have been
working with hidden realm sects for quite some time now. Alchemical Sect has always been our ally,
and we own a huge portion of Luminous Sect’s resources as well!”

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