Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2227

Skyler nodded. At some point onward, she started to trust Jagoan’s words unconditionally.

Emiliano and the others watched from afar. None of them dared to get closer, and the dragon merely
circled the Spirit Connecting Tree, not attacking any of them. However, when Jagoan and Skyler
approached closer, it let out a roar as if to stop them from getting near.

Skyler followed closely behind the man, and they finally made their way under the Spirit Connecting

“Let’s go…”

Jagoan pulled her in and leaped into the air. At the sight of this, the dragon unleashed a scorching
breath at them.

It was so powerful that it shook the air around them. Even Emiliano, who stood hundreds of meters
away, could feel how intense it was.

The dragon directed its breath at Jagoan and Skyler.

Seeing this, the man gritted his teeth, and his body glowed with a golden light. He knew he only had
one chance.

Right before the dragon’s breath reached Jagoan, a ray of light shot out from his chest. The draconic
essence within his body exuded the Power of Dragons.

The power from the dragon’s breath was instantly neutralized. Jagoan and Skyler successfully made
their way up the Spirit Connecting Tree and were face-to-face with the dragon.

“Stay here and don’t move, Ms. Loulland. I’ll deal with the dragon…”

Jagoan leaped up and ran toward the creature. However, he jumped on the dragon’s head instead of
attacking it. He reached out for its horns and finally stood on its head.

The dragon had surprisingly become docile. It let out a series of noises that made it look as though it
was trying to please Jagoan.

Skyler couldn’t bring herself to believe the sight. Emiliano and the others were just as shocked as they
watched Jagoan stand on top of the dragon.

A cold smirk appeared on Jagoan’s face as he said to Skyler, “Ms. Loulland, pick all the Spirit
Connecting Fruits from the tree. I’ll stop those people over there.”

Once he was done speaking, light emitted from his hands and entered the dragon’s body through its
horns. Then, it let out a deafening shriek and headed straight down the Spirit Connecting Tree.

Skyler didn’t dare to delay any longer and immediately started to pick the Spirit Connecting Fruits.

Naturally, Emiliano and the others became furious at the sight of this.

“Stop! Those belong to us!”

Burning with rage, Emiliano, Avery, and Elgado rushed toward Skyler.

Jagoan charged at them as he rode on the dragon. With the dragon’s breath, they were sent flying
away instantly. They watched as Skyler picked the Spirit Connecting Fruits one by one, and their eyes
turned bloodshot from anger. Nevertheless, there was no way they could get closer to her at all since
Jagoan was blocking their path with the dragon.

The dragon wasn’t one of Jagoan’s illusions after all, and it was extremely powerful too.

“Oh, gosh! What should we do? Are we supposed to just watch as they take all the Spirit Connecting
Fruits away?” Emiliano yelled anxiously, but no one dared to step forward to stop Jagoan.

Skyler was about to collect all the Spirit Connecting Fruit soon, yet no one could stop Jagoan.

Elgado glared at Jagoan with a cold look in his eyes. Waves of black mist seemed to fill the air as he
did so.

“I know how we can kill the dragon and retrieve the Spirit Connecting Fruits,” he said.

“How?” Avery and Emiliano asked at the same time.

“You’ll know in a while…”

With that, Elgado turned toward the disciples of Scorching Heaven Sect. “The time for you to offer
yourselves for Scorching Heaven Sect has come. Your spirits will live forever.”

After saying that, he began performing hand seals. Black tendrils appeared from the ground and
entangled themselves on the disciples’ bodies.

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