Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2328

Just as Nana awaited his impending death, the pressure on him suddenly eased.

Immediately afterward, the giant palmprint atop him also. gradually vanished. A figure stood beside
Nana with his hands thrust forward, resisting the enormous palmprint with all his might.

“Mr. Chance, are you all right?” At that moment, Archer and Skyler helped Nana to his feet, and the
man holding out against the giant palmprint was none other than Matthew from Luminous Sect.

“Mr. Campbell, thank you,” Nana expressed his gratitude upon taking in that scene.

Matthew withdrew his aura and said, “You’re too courteous, Mr. Chance. I didn’t expect you to have
entered this place as well.”

“Matthew, are you going to openly oppose Flying Star Sect for this brat?” Wrey’s voice carried a cold
undertone as he addressed Matthew.

“Anyone who tries to harm Mr. Chance is ant enemy of Luminous Sect,” the latter replied firmly.

Just then, dozens of people from the hidden realm’s nine sects rushed over from various directions.
However, many sects had no grudge against Nana, so they harbored no hostility toward him.

Although they didn’t regard Nana with enmity, that didn’t mean they would lend a helping hand to
rescue him. Those people stood on the side, quietly watching the standoff between Matthew and Wrey.

Considering their strengths, Luminous Sect was inferior to Flying Star Sect, but Wrey wasn’t inclined to
clash with Luminous Sect at that instant. If they both suffered devastating losses, it would be difficult for
them to stake a claim in the secret realm.

Despite the usual harmonious coexistence of the sects on the front, the balance was actually backed
by their relatively equal strength. However, if one party were significantly weakened, it wouldn’t take

long for the other sects to swallow it up. Precisely because of that, no serious confrontation occurred
among the nine sects after so many years. After all, none of them was willing to be swallowed up.

Wrey’s gaze shifted to Hugh, his voice dripping with iciness as he questioned, “Hugh, your own son
was killed by Josef. Don’t you have the desire for vengeance?”

If Flying Star Sect and Stormwind Sect joined forces, Luminous Sect could be easily wiped out.

“He did kill my son, but I haven’t thought about revenge yet,” Hugh responded nonchalantly.

Bjorne wasn’t Hugh’s biological son, so the latter couldn’t care less. Besides, he had instructed Bjorne
to undertake the mission with the intention of letting Nana eliminate Bjorne.

“Hugh, the murderer of your son stands right in front of you. How can you stand idly by? If we join
forces, Matthew won’t be able to stop us,” Wrey tried to convince Hugh.

“I may not be able to stop you, but I am willing to self-destruct and take you all down with me!” Matthew
declared, his voice resolute.

“Listen to my command, disciples of the Luminous Sect. If anyone attempts to harm Mr. Chance, self-
destruct without hesitation, even if it means we all perish together!”

“Understood!” All Luminous Sect’s disciples’ auras began to intensify.

Seeing that, Wrey was dumbfounded. Even in his wildest dream, he didn’t imagine Matthew would
make such a choice.

“Matthew, do you think it’s worth it to go to such length for Nana?” Wrey shouted in bafflement.

“Yes!” A determined look spread across Matthew’s countenance.

Members of the other sects were unnerved upon sensing Matthew’s resolve. If he were to self-destruct,
the consequences would be dire.

“Calm down, Mr. Campbell. Don’t be so tense. There’s always room for negotiation.” Isaac stepped
forward and tried to talk some sense into Matthew.

Nevertheless, Matthew paid no attention to Isaac. The latter was a despicable man who had colluded
with the Scorching Heaven Sect to deceive Matthew for many years. It was no surprise that Matthew
harbored deep resentment toward him.

“Mr. Chance, can you still move?”

“Yes.” Nana nodded.

Hearing this, Matthew instantly urged him to flee, saying, “Mr. Chance, leave at once, the farther, the
better. Leave the matters here to me!”

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