Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2332

“Yes, it’s highly possible. Let’s not be deceived by Jared. If he still had enough strength to easily kill us,
he wouldn’t have let us leave.” Grant, too, came to that realization. “Come, let’s go back and take a
look.” With that, the two turned around and returned to the previous location, but Jared was nowhere to
be found.

“D*mn it, we’ve been deceived. Let’s go after him!” Grant exclaimed with a grim expression, grinding
his teeth. They immediately unleashed their spiritual senses to search for Jared, knowing that he could
not have gone far. Once they sensed Jared’s whereabouts, they swiftly pursued him.

Meanwhile, Jared was still relieved that he had managed to deceive those two individuals. However,
soon enough, he was startled by two spiritual senses enveloping him, prompting him to accelerate his
pace. The two men chased after Jared from behind, while he desperately ran ahead.

Jared seethed with anger, feeling utterly frustrated as he was relentlessly chased by disciples from the
hidden realm. He could not help but express his annoyance, running through the mountains while
cursing under his breath. This is so embarrassing!

“Who the hell created this d*mn secret realm and suppressed my strength with Heavenly Law? If I find
out who’s behind this, I’ll curse them for the rest of their lives!” Jared cussed as he continued his

Had it not been for the overwhelming power of the Heavenly Law within the secret realm, his current
situation would not have reduced him to running around like a hunted animal.

“Be careful with your words. That old monster might hear you and come after you!” Ranzoph’s voice
emerged all of a sudden. Jared could not help but wonder if the elderly man knew who the creator of
the secret realm

was. The creator must be someone from the Ethereal Realm because no one from the Eight Major
Secret Realms or the mundane world has the power to create a secret realm! Not even Tanner from the
Evil Heart Sect possesses such abilities. Otherwise, he would have simply created his own realm
instead of searching for ownerless ones. Taken aback, Jared asked, “Do you know who created this
secret realm?”

“Of course, I know the creator. He deliberately crafted the secret realm to summon my spirit back.
Otherwise, an entrance wouldn’t have appeared in the middle of the ocean! It’s all your fault because
you took my skull. Otherwise, I would have completed the summoning and returned to the Ethereal
Realm!” Ranzoph complained.

Jared felt embarrassed. He had taken the skull because he noticed a treasure map on it and wanted to
obtain it. He had not anticipated that his actions would cause such a significant delay in the old man’s

It was clear that Ranzoph was no ordinary individual. The fact that someone had gone to the extent of
creating a secret realm specifically to summon his spirit back to the Ethereal Realm spoke volumes
about his importance.

“Who are you exactly? Someone actually went through the trouble of creating an entire secret realm
just for you. That’s quite impressive. Who is the person who created the secret realm? Tell me, I’ll give
him a piece of my mind. Or when you return to the Ethereal Realm, help me convey my frustration to
that person. And why did he create a secret realm that’s governed by the Heavenly Law? No other
realms are suppressed by the Heavenly Law. Is he deliberately showing off his power?” Jared
grumbled in dissatisfaction.

Suddenly, Ranzoph burst into laughter. “How dare you curse that old monster? He might actually hear
you. You’ll meet a miserable end, mind you.”

“Whether I scold him or not, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m going to die, so why not give him a piece
of my mind? I’m already being chased like a prey.” Jared vented his frustration.

Just as Jared finished speaking, a wave of immense danger swept toward him. Acting on instinct, he
swiftly dove forward and rolled on the ground, narrowly evading the attack.

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