Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2396

Jared had lost count of the phantoms he killed with Dragonslayer Sword atop the unnamed mountain.
At that point, he had already acquired eight marks on his body. One more, and it would be completed.

Unfortunately, regardless of how many phantoms he killed, the last mark simply. wouldn’t appear.
“Does attaining the last mark require something special?” Jared was feeling rather dejected. If killing
phantoms can’t give me the final mark then there is no point in slaying more of them.

As he looked down at the humongous phantom over a dozen meters tall, he grew restless and
wondered out loud, “If I kill that big guy, will the ninth mark finally appear?”

In the end, he leaped from his spot and dove toward the giant phantom. I’ll give it a try right now. I have
the Divine Bow, anyway. There’s nothing these phantoms can do to me. If I can’t win, I’ll just run back
to the peak.

He swung Dragonslayer Sword twice, cutting. open a path for himself. Then, he swiftly arrived before
the giant phantom. The humongous phantom growled in frustration when it spotted Jared because
none of the other phantoms could do anything to him even though it had been days.

Evidently, it was pissed off. Without wasting time, Jared swung his sword in the direction of the giant
phantom. Sparks flew when Dragonslayer Sword made contact with the phantom’s tough armor.

Unfortunately, the weapon was still incapable of shattering the phantom’s armor or causing the
phantom any harm. The giant phantom roared and attempted to slap Jared forcefully. Jared was agile
enough to evade that attack instantly.

Facing the giant phantom before him, Jared thought he should find its weak spot. A second later, he
noticed a spot on the phantom’s neck that he could stab the Dragonslayer Sword into. Hence, he
leaped. toward the phantom’s neck with the glowing sword in hand and thrust the weapon into its

Jared succeeded in piercing the phantom’s neck, and the sword actually penetrated it completely. He
was overjoyed upon witnessing that, thinking that was enough to eliminate the phantom.

To his utter surprise, the giant phantom didn’t seem affected at all. That attack merely served to enrage
it further. It howled as it tried to slap Jared again with both of its hands.

Terrifying lethal intents transformed into tornados, sending Jared flying into the distance. After he
crashed onto the ground hard, he expeditiously rose and waved his hand, summoning Dragonslayer
Sword back into his palm. Without delay, he bolted toward the mountain peak.

Sitting at the mountaintop, he peered at the phantoms below him and cursed at them. He was currently
no match for the humongous phantom. Can I even kill that thing? Thank goodness for the Divine Bow.
Otherwise, I would’ve been swarmed by phantoms. But still….

“Godd*mmit! Why can’t I just pull this stupid bow?” With the ranged weapon in his hand, he furiously
attempted to draw the string again. Surprisingly, he succeeded that time. A golden arrow appeared on
the weapon in a blink of an eye as he pulled the bowstring back.

Excitement danced in Jared’s eyes as he stared at the Divine Bow. I can’t believe I managed to draw
the bowstring! As soon as he achieved that feat, the phantoms below the mountain turned around in
fear and sprinted away.

Even the giant phantom desperately dashed away from Jared’s line of sight. Without hesitation, he
aimed the bow at the giant phantom and released the bowstring.

Whoosh! The golden arrow zipped through the air. In a blink of an eye, it pierced through the giant
phantom. It couldn’t even shriek before it dropped to the ground and morphed into a gust of lethal intent
that flew straight toward Jared.

The minute that aura entered his body, his ninth Ultimate Force mark finally lit up.

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