Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2398

Observing how anxious Hadad was, Jared refrained from uttering another word. He deftly drew back
the bowstring and aimed it toward the dark sky.

Whoosh! Releasing his grip on the bowstring, Jared shot the glistening arrow into the sky. The arrow
instantaneously detonated in the air, clearing up the darkness and revealing the clear blue sky.

Underneath the azure sky, a black hole gradually emerged. It was enveloped by a tremendous
gravitational force that sucked everything in its vicinity. Upon seeing the black hole, all the phantoms
floated slowly toward the sky and were subsequently sucked into the hole.

“Hurry! Leave!” Hadad urged Jared as the black hole appeared. Jared was about to say something
when Hadad abruptly shoved him and sent him flying toward. the black hole. The suction force
engulfed Jared, pulling him inward.

After Jared completely vanished, Hadad waved his hand, causing the black hole in the sky to gradually
dissipate. He gazed up at the sky and murmured to himself, “As expected of the son of a dragon.. He
could pull the Divine Bow so effortlessly”

Just as he finished speaking, Hadad frowned and his expression swiftly changed. He cast a fleeting
glance in the distance before transforming into a streak of light and vanishing without a trace. Shortly
after Hadad’s departure, more than a dozen beams materialized directly at the summit of the mountain.

The group of people that emerged on the mountaintop beheld their surroundings. To be exact, they
were not humans, but beings with animalistic heads and human-like bodies. “Your Majesty, the Divine
Bow is missing. Someone must have pulled it!” a rat-headed individual said to a lion-headed figure.

“Who could it be? The person actually managed to draw the Divine Bow and even killed the giant
phantom,” spat the lion-headed figure viciously as its gaze glinted coldly.

The rest remained silent. After a while, it waved its hands. “Chase after the culprit! I must find the
person who managed to draw the Divine Bow!”

Soon, these monstrous beings with animalistic heads and human-like bodies transformed into beams
of light and vanished without a trace.

Meanwhile, Jared, after being engulfed in impenetrable darkness, found himself once again in the
valley. Emerging from the cave’s mouth, he discovered that the valley had already become overrun by

Trapped behind the sealed gates of the valley, the phantoms could not escape. “Who the f*ck dared to
seal these gates? Do Wrey and the rest not want me to leave?”

Jared knew that Wrey and the rest were the culprits upon seeing the sealed gates. Yet, since there
were so many phantoms surrounding him, Jared was in no hurry to leave. Instead, he planned to first
kill the phantoms and replenish his Ultimate Force.

However, he refrained from using the Divine Bow in the valley. The Dragonslayer Sword alone proved
more than sufficient for dealing with ordinary phantoms. Gripping the Dragonslayer Sword tightly, Jared
embarked on a relentless massacre, his excitement mounting with each life taken.

Meanwhile, in the abyss outside the valley, Wrey and the rest were diligently practicing the techniques
bestowed upon them by Yona. After numerous days of arduous training, they finally mastered the
intricacies of the technique.

“No wonder so many would choose to pursue Demonic Cultivation despite being condemned. The
Demonic Cultivation techniques are indeed formidable, though they’re a bit brutal and violent,” Wrey
exclaimed excitedly upon mastering the techniques.

“In this society, strength reigns supreme. It is a world where the weak succumb to the strong. It doesn’t
matter how brutal the techniques might be. Let’s unseal the gate and release the phantoms. I already
can’t wait!” said Hugh..

“Very well. Let’s open the gate. After so many days, there must be quite a lot of phantoms inside.
However, we’ll be the only ones killing. the phantoms. The other disciples can just scavenge our
remains,” declared Wrey.

No one dared to defy Wrey when he spoke. The disciples from the other sects possessed no authority
to object, either. Wrey and his companions then stepped forward, combining their strengths to open the
gate to the valley.

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