Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2448 Impossible

“In Divine Smithing Sect, there's a sacred lake called the sword-cleansing lake. Every sword forged
within our sect must be submerged in the lake, where it is nurtured by the spiritual energy within the
water, gradually giving birth to a sword spirit. But not every sword is capable of manifesting a sword
spirit. Some swords, when placed in the lake, might suffer irreversible damage, rendering them
useless. To repair or upgrade your Dragonslayer Sword, it must be immersed in the sword-cleansing
lake before I can apply my blacksmithing skills to it,” Hammerhead clarified.

“So, all we need to do is go to the sword-cleansing lake to restore my Dragonslayer Sword, isn't it?”
Jared asked.

Hammerhead stared at Jared as if he were a fool. “We're currently in the mundane world, and the
sword-cleansing lake is in the Ethereal Realm. How are we going to get there? Furthermore, my power
has been greatly suppressed because I've been here for years. I can no longer tear through space and
time to establish a pathway between the mundane world and the Ethereal Realm.”

“It seems quite challenging to reach the Ethereal Realm,” Flaxseed chimed in.

Jared, on the other hand, remained silent. After deep contemplation, he turned to Hammerhead and
asked, “Master Hammerhead, if I'm able to open a pathway from the mundane world to the Ethereal
Realm, can you take us to the sword-cleansing lake?”

“Are you saying you can open a pathway from the mundane world to the Ethereal Realm?”
Hammerhead looked at Jared in disbelief. “Don't pull my leg. Even though your power is formidable, it's
simply impossible to open such a pathway.”

He felt that the latter's words were based on nothing more than wishful thinking.

“Master Hammerhead, can you take me to the lake if I'm capable of opening a pathway?” Jared asked
with a serious expression.

“Of course, I can. It has been many years, and I also yearn to return. If I really can return to the
Ethereal Realm, I will not leave again, even if it means being captured by the disciples of Fire
Incineration Sect.” Hammerhead nodded affirmatively.

“Jared, do you truly have the ability to open a pathway to the Ethereal Realm? Don't joke around. If
your power is insufficient, yet you attempt to open a pathway to the Ethereal Realm forcibly, you might
suffer severe consequences for your actions,” Flaxseed warned Jared.

“Let me give it a shot. I should be able to succeed,” Jared replied and took out the Divine Bow.

As soon as the Divine Bow appeared, Hammerhead was dumbstruck.

“T-This is the Divine Bow, the treasured divine weapon of the Ethereal Realm. How did it end up in your
hands? I heard that the Divine King's Bow was sealed in the Valley of Death, and many people who
tried to obtain it returned empty-handed. How did you come to possess the Divine Bow? What exactly
has happened? Who are you?” he questioned.

Hammerhead was left utterly bewildered the moment his gaze fell upon the Divine Bow. He simply
could not fathom the sight of a treasure from the Ethereal Realm appearing in the mundane world.

Hammerhead was left utterly bewildered the moment his gaze fell upon the Divine Bow. He simply
could not fathom the sight of a treasure from the Ethereal Realm appearing in the mundane world.

“I obtained it by chance.” Jared struggled to find an explanation.

Without hesitation, Jared firmly gripped the bowstring, and the Ultimate Force within him surged forth in
a torrent.

With the Divine Bow being pulled back, countless specks of light from the surrounding area started
gathering toward it at an astonishing speed.

The bow emitted an immense suction force, seemingly absorbing all the surrounding energy.

The brilliance converged and swiftly coalesced into a radiant arrow, casting a dazzling golden light that
adorned the entire sky.

Gradually, the golden radiance of the arrow dimmed, transforming into a translucent crystalline form.

The aura emanated from the arrow filled Flaxseed and Hammerhead with a sense of terror, as they had
never experienced such a formidable aura before.

Jared clenched his teeth, gripping the bowstring tightly. Beads of cold sweat had formed on his
forehead and were trickling down continuously.

Despite his trembling legs, Jared steadfastly held onto the bowstring. He was unsure whether the arrow
would create a pathway to the Ethereal Realm, so he was determined to give it his all.

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