Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2456 Grateful

“Jared Chance?” mumbled Emily before asking, “Where are you from, Jared? You're so skilled.”

“I—” Jared opened his mouth. However, for a moment, he didn't know how he should answer the
question. It's not like I can tell her I'm from the mundane world. After all, she might not even know
where or what the mundane world is.

“I'm someone from Greenoxen Peak,” he answered upon recalling the location of Divine Smithing Sect.

“Greenoxen Peak?” Emily's eyes widened in shock. “That place is so far away, though. I didn't expect
you all to originate there. It'll be a long journey before your group will arrive at your destination. I have
some beast meat with me. Take it. You can use it to replenish your energy during your trip. “

As she spoke, she handed them a bag full of sliced beast meat.

The meat was actually pretty useless to Jared and the others. However, it was extremely valuable to
Emily because she could sell those for money.

Considering that she was willing to offer such a precious item to Jared, it was obvious she was an
appreciative woman and not a greedy person.

In that case, it could be said that not all humans in the Ethereal Realm were selfish.

Jared accepted the bag of meat and casually kept it in his Storage Ring. Then, he withdrew a jade
pendant and injected a little Power of the Dragons and Phoenixes into the accessory.

After that, he handed the jade pendant to Emily. “I'll gift you this jade pendant, Ms. Emily. If you wear

this, you'll find it easier to hunt demon beasts in the future.”

The Power of Dragons and Phoenixes he injected into the pendant earlier possessed the strength and
aura of divine beasts. Therefore, if the demon beasts she faced in the future weren't too high level, they
wouldn't dare approach her when she had the pendant on her.

While she tried to refuse the present, she still accepted it in the end.

After bidding goodbye to Emily, Jared and the other two resumed their journey to the sword-cleansing
lake. As for Rock Village, Jared didn't mind it too much and treated it as an insignificant encounter.

Unbeknownst to him, in the not-so-distant future, that small mountain village would save his life.

After days of trekking, Jared and his group finally arrived at the foot of Greenoxen Peak.

Hammerhead teared up as he gazed at his home. It's been over a decade since I laid my eyes on this
familiar place.

“I wonder if Divine Smithing Sect still exists after so many years.” Sighing, he trudged up the mountain.

Jared and Flaxseed followed closely behind because they were afraid of being separated from
Hammerhead. They weren't familiar with the Ethereal Realm, after all. If they got lost, they might be
reduced to mere beggars.

Not long after, the trio arrived at a towering stone door. Its surrounding was brimming with various
weeds and enough trees to make a forest. However, the stone structure was still standing.

The words “Divine Smithing Sect” were engraved on the door. Even though the carving appeared aged,
those three words could still be clearly seen.

After the trio stepped past the stone door, they saw rubble everywhere on the ground. The place had
clearly been abandoned for a lengthy period and no longer resembled its original appearance.
However, based on what could be observed from the rubble, Jared imagined the home of Divine
Smithing Sect must've once been a glorious sight to behold.

As Hammerhead stared at the scene before him, he dropped to his knees and began sobbing.

Jared and Flaxseed remained silent while watching Hammerhead cry.

After all, who could suppress their sorrow when they saw their sect in utter ruin?

Hammerhead wept for a long while before wiping his tears away and bringing the other two inside.

Soon, they arrived at a bone-chillingly cold and deep lake.

Even though the place hadn't been tended to for years, the water remained crystal clear without any

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