Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2499 No Longer Useful

When Jared observed his surroundings, he realized that the scene had undergone a complete
transformation. It was no longer the familiar landscape of Divine Quest Sect's secret realm.

When Quindon and the others heard Feenix's words, they were shocked too.

Despite their long-held dreams of the restoration of spiritual energy, there was an unexpected sense of
unease and apprehension among them now that it had truly happened. The recovery of spiritual energy
brought with it a deep sense of crisis, casting a shadow over their initial excitement.

With the restoration of the spiritual energy and the collapse of the secret realms came another issue—
their loved ones were exposed to the mundane world, and they had no idea what chaos would ensue in
the mundane world.

“Why did this turn out this way? Why? I failed to stop the restoration of the spiritual energy. But... I don't
see any signs of the Spiritual Energy Restoration Formation being activated.”

Jared was puzzled by the situation. The Spiritual Energy Restoration Formation showed no signs of
activation. He and Skylar were part of its activation process, but the two of them had been engaged in
a fight until then, so how was the Spiritual Energy Restoration Formation supposed to activate?

Jared was nothing but lost. Turning to Tanner, he noticed that Tanner was still floating motionlessly in
the air, half visible and still expressionless.

Jared's brow furrowed deeply as alarm bells rang in his head. Something did not add up. Tanner had
invested considerable effort in restoring the spiritual energy in the mundane world, but there was a
conspicuous absence of excitement or satisfaction on his face.

“Hahaha! The spiritual energy has been restored! Jared Chance, you're no longer worth keeping
around, so I'm going to put you six feet underground today!”

It was only then Skylar realized that the Divine Quest Sect's secret realm had disappeared and that the
mundane world's spiritual energy had been restored.

Now that the spiritual energy had been restored, Jared was no longer of any use to Tanner. In other
words, Skylar could kill Jared without worrying about Tanner's disapproval.

Skylar's body shuddered as five drops of blood essence erupted from his forehead and shot toward the
black hole. Tremors rippled through the void, and suddenly, thunderous roars reverberated as five
colossal demon beasts emerged from the depths of the black hole.

Like the monoceros demon beast, the demon beasts were all Manifestor demon beasts.

Jared narrowed his eyes. Skylar had summoned six Manifestor demon beasts, and it was a stressful
situation for Jared. Although he had Feenix by his side, and though Feenix was much more powerful
than those demon beasts, they were only two beings against seven.

“Jared, I'm going to have the beasts swallow you whole!”

With that said, Skylar instructed the monoceros demon beast to dash toward Jared as the rest of the
demon beasts surrounded Jared.

At that, Quindon and the members of Divine Smithing Sect moved to lend Jared a helping hand, but
before they could do so, the members of Evil Heart Sect stood in their way.

With another twirl, Feenix transformed into a blazing phoenix with majestic wings before positioning
herself protectively in front of Jared.

At the same time, Zelda turned into her human form to shield Jared with a magic sword in her hand.

“Jared Chance, it doesn't matter if you still have tricks up your sleeve. In the face of absolute power,
they mean nothing,” Skylar arrogantly said.

Without uttering a word, Jared activated the draconic essence on his chest, causing it to emit a radiant
golden glow. In an instant, a brilliant beam of light soared into the sky, piercing through the heavens.

A beat after the beam of light reached the sky, a tremor shook the earth. Promptly, a giant golden
dragon descended from the sky.

With a thunderous roar, the golden entity emanated an aura that sent shivers down the spines of all
those present.

The dragon, the phoenix, and the sword spirit crowded around Jared, shielding him from the imminent

When the demon beasts Skylar summoned saw the dragon and the phoenix, they began quivering and

Both the dragon and the phoenix that encircled Jared were celestial beasts, emanating an aura of
immense power that surpassed that of ordinary demon beasts.

Hence, no matter how angrily Skylar tried to urge the demon beasts to move forward, they refused to

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