Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2584 Someone Else

The people of Rock Village panicked when they heard Francois' threat. They knew for a fact that
Francois was a man who would follow through with his threats.

Even so, no one would give up Jared's location without Antonio's permission. They simply continued
stalling for time.

Francois' face turned red with anger when he saw how stubborn the villagers were.

“Very well, then. Since you guys refuse to tell me what I want, then I shall kill all of you. Let's see if
Jared will show up!” Francois said as he raised his hand and brought it down in the direction of the

A terrifying wave of energy in the shape of a gigantic palm appeared and slowly descended upon them.
They felt as though they were about to be crushed by a mountain.

Right as the villagers were about to be crushed by that gigantic palm, a bright light came from the
horizon and struck the gigantic palm, causing it to disappear instantly.

“What? Who did that?” Francois exclaimed while glancing about anxiously.

Sigurd, too, frowned and tried to find out where the attack came from.

Given our power levels, we would surely have known if someone was approaching! The fact that we
were unaware of this person's presence until he attacked just goes to show how powerful he is!

“The people from Emerald Cauldron Sect are supposed to help others, and yet, you two are killing

innocent villagers...” said an elderly man who slowly came into view after the white light disappeared.
He had a monk and a nun following closely behind him.

“Shut up, old man! You're in no position to criticize us! Who are you anyway?” Francois yelled at the
elderly man angrily.

Sigurd, who was standing next to Francois, however, was utterly terrified. He shuddered in fear when
he saw Francois insulting the elderly man.

“I apologize for Francois' ignorance, Abbot Infinides. Please don't take his words to heart!” Sigurd said
and shot Francois a fierce glare. “You b*stard! Hurry up and apologize to Abbot Infinides on your

Francois was so scared when he found out about Abbot Infinides that he fell to his knees instantly.

“Please forgive me, Abbot Infinides! I didn't know you were coming here!”

His forehead was drenched in sweat. Everyone in that area knew about Infinides all too well.

Because of how powerful Infinides was, some people even wondered if he was an immortal.

The villagers of Rock Village fell on their knees when they found out that the elderly man was Infinides.

They had all heard of Infinides; they had just never seen him in person.

“Why are you two massacring these innocent villagers?” Infinides asked coldly. “You two have gone too

“You may not know this, Abbot Infinides, but one of our own has been killed by the people of Rock
Village. We only came here to get our revenge!” Sigurd explained.

“These villagers killed one of your guys? How is that possible?”

Infinides knew exactly what the villagers were capable of. It was simply impossible for them to kill a
sect disciple.

“It's true, Abbot Infinides! There is a villager named Jared Chance. He's incredibly powerful but has
kept his abilities hidden all this while. He caught our guy off guard and killed him! I suspect he's a
Demonic Cultivator and is hiding in Rock Village. The sudden increase in demonic aura here is proof of
it! The fact that these villagers have been helping Jared means they are helping the Demonic
Cultivators. We should kill them all!” Sigurd said.

Infinides nodded. “I, too, came here to have a look because of the demonic aura. It's been a long time
since I've sensed this much demonic aura.”

“We caught a Demonic Cultivator here in Rock Village, Abbot Infinides. She has also admitted to it
herself,” Francois said while dragging Ira to her feet.

Infinides shot Ira a glance. “She is indeed a Demonic Cultivator, but she no longer has her demon
bead, so there isn't much she can do. The demonic aura must be coming from someone else here in
Rock Village.”

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