Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2671 The Pursuit

Now that his subordinates had been massacred by Jared, there was no way he was going to let the
latter off.

Sensing Faiyar's threatening aura, the frowning Jared tightened his grip on Dragonslayer Sword as
anxiety swelled up within him.

With the previous attack exhausting all his power, Jared grew worried, for he wouldn't be able to
survive Faiyar's subsequent attacks.

Right then, two figures suddenly approached from afar.

“Faiyar, I can't believe you're still alive.”

Ghaylen's voice echoed from some distance away.

His appearance, with Viola by his side, caused Faiyar's expression to drastically change.

“Mr. Samoll, do you know him?” Jared asked curiously.

He had no idea how Ghaylen could be acquainted with a Demonic Cultivator.

“Of course, I do. Back in the day, Emerald Cauldron Sect was responsible for hunting Demonic
Cultivators like him down. He was supposed to have been killed back then, so I don't know how he
managed to survive,” Ghaylen explained.

Upon hearing Ghaylen's words, Jared deliberated upon them. “Who told you that Faiyar was dead, Mr.


“Ebenez. He said that he had killed Faiyar with his own hands.”

Jared suddenly felt as if a cloud had been lifted over him. He finally understood why Faiyar was out to
kill him despite the absence of bad blood between the two. In fact, they had never even seen each
other before. Hence, Faiyar must have been under orders to take his life.

Considering the fact that Jared had only arrived in Ethereal Realm for a short time, he had few
enemies, and even lesser men wanted him dead.

The only person who wanted to kill him could only be Ebenez.

“It seems that Ebenez has lied. He didn't kill Faiyar at all. Instead, he kept the latter hidden for his own
purposes, and today, Faiyar has been sent to kill me in revenge. That explains why he wants me dead
even though I've never seen him before,” Jared flatly remarked.

Ghaylen immediately turned toward Faiyar. “Faiyar, was it Ebenez who saved your life and sent you to
kill Mr. Chance?”

“Hmph, what makes you think I'll tell you anything?”

Faiyar let out a snort before waving his hand to unleash a fiery inferno that soared into the sky.

While Jared and Ghaylen backed off to evade it, Faiyar seized upon the opportunity to flee.

The latter was cognizant that he stood no chance against the trio before him.

“We can't let him escape,” Jared asserted before pursuing with his sword in hand.

He was immediately followed by Ghaylen and Viola.

As long as Faiyar was captured, Ebenez would be exposed for hiding Demonic Cultivators. By then,
Ebenez would be killed by Emerald Cauldron Sect without Jared having to lift a finger.

After all, the greatest crime in Ethereal Realm was to hide and cooperate with the hated Demonic

Meanwhile, Faiyar was fleeing at breakneck speed, as if he had thrusters at the bottom of his feet.

However, Jared and Ghaylen were no pushovers. Both of them pursued vehemently like the wind.

It was the poor Viola who couldn't catch up due to the gap in strength.

She was soon left far behind in the dust, a fact that quickly concerned her.

Now that she was left alone by the other two, she was worried about running into someone else. If the
disciples of Emerald Cauldron Sect recognized her, she would be in big trouble, for Hosen would never
let her off the hook.

Just as Viola gritted her teeth and desperately tried to catch up, Jared returned to her side and grabbed
her hand.

It had crossed his mind that it was dangerous for Viola to be running alone.

“Hold on tight. I'll take you with me.”

With that, Jared cast Tornado Flight, allowing his feet to speed rapidly across the grassy plain.

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