Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2682 Bring Him To Justice

“I'm here to look for Ms. Viola. I was overcome with emotion when I learned she was still alive. I know
you're looking for an opportunity to take over Emerald Cauldron Sect from Hosen. That's why I came to
see if there's anything I can do to help,” Ebenez said frankly.

That response left Ghaylen somewhat taken aback. He had not expected Ebenez to be so open and

“Why are you helping me, Ebenez? I know my disciple killed one of yours, so I'd already be counting
my lucky stars if you didn't hate me. Why would you still help me? On top of that, you were secretly in
contact with Demonic Cultivators and used them to kill my disciples. Now, you turn around and say you
want to help us. How am I supposed to trust you?” Since Ebenez had been so forthright, Ghaylen did
not beat around the bush and immediately brought up the fact that Ebenez had been communicating
with Demonic Cultivators.

“I think you've misunderstood, Ghaylen. I'm not helping you, but Ms. Viola. If she wasn't alive, I'd still
view you as a thorn in my side and still hunt Jared down. But now, it turns out that she's alive and well.
Our previous lord took us both under his wing, so we must help her. I can't stand Hosen anymore. After
becoming the sect's leader, he has been arrogant and never treated us as humans. He hits and scolds
us whenever he wants. I've had enough!” Ebenez ranted angrily.

After listening to that, Ghaylen started to trust Ebenez a little. After all, he had witnessed Hosen
slapping him in public. No one would believe that Ebenez doesn't feel the slightest resentment toward
Hosen after getting slapped. After all, he's Emerald Cauldron Sect's second elder, yet Hosen didn't
show him any respect and hit him. I have to say that was a bit too much.

After seeing how enraged Ebenez was and how he cursed at Hosen, Ghaylen started to believe him.

Meanwhile, Viola looked at Ghaylen, not quite knowing what to do. She was unaware of what had
happened as she had been unconscious for the past few years. She had no idea whether what Ebenez
said was true or false and could only observe Ghaylen's reaction.

“Since you know about her identity and still came here secretly, you must have a plan, right? Hosen
used poison to kill the previous lord. Fortunately, Ms. Viola escaped death and woke up after being in a
coma for a few years. Now that she has regained consciousness, she's determined to make Hosen pay
for his actions and wants to take Emerald Cauldron Sect from his hands. What do you have in mind?”
Ghaylen asked.

“You've been staying here alone all these years, so you don't know much about the sect's affairs. Many
have been complaining about Hosen's dictatorship, so if Ms. Viola steps forth at this time and lays bare
his evil deeds, I believe many will stand by her. There's a sect meeting in a few days. We can have her
attend the meeting in disguise. She can reveal herself and expose his crimes there. Then, the two of us
can voice our support for her, shutting out Hosen once and for all. After that happens, everyone will
condemn Hosen as a low life, and she can easily take back Emerald Cauldron Sect. She can even
bring him to justice and avenge the previous lord,” Ebenez said, breaking down the situation carefully.

Ghaylen pondered over his words, then said, “Are you being serious?”

“Of course. Do you think I'd harm Ms. Viola? If that was my intention, I would've exposed her identity on
the day the medicinal pool opened,” Ebenez replied, his expression solemn and his tone serious.

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