Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2801 Jackpot

Meanwhile, Yuven was amused by the sight before him. He couldn't believe the great overlord of
Dragon Sect would end up fighting in the arena for money.

If he hadn't been exiled from Imperial Beast City, he would definitely have stopped Jared from doing
something like that. In fact, he could even have given the latter a billion spirit coins with a snap of his

“I'm the first one. Let me go first...”

A cultivator at First Level Body Fusion Realm who looked skinny handed over a million spirit coins
before rushing up the arena.

“Hey bro, you're only at First Level Body Fusion Realm. Are you trying to get yourself killed?” someone

“Just because I'm at First Level Body Fusion Realm you think I have a death wish? This guy might very
well be tired, and I can just kick him out of the arena with a slap!”

The thin cultivator strode forward confidently.

Jared was speechless to see the wafer-thin man standing before him.

This guy is clearly willing to sacrifice his life in the pursuit of money! Is he even aware that he could
lose his life in the arena?

“Let the next one come up,” Jared ordered Viola after giving the thin man a look.

“What's the meaning of this, kid? Are you looking down on me? I'm standing right here, and we haven't
even started to fight yet! By allowing the next person to come up, you're—” the thin man complained
with a scowl on his face.

Annoyed, Jared gave the man a slap before he could finish, throwing him more than ten meters away
and out of the arena.

Fortunately for the man, Jared didn't go all out. Otherwise, a corpse would have been all that was left of

The turn of events caused everyone to burst into uncontrollable laughter. After all, it was a joke for a
cultivator at First Level Body Fusion Realm to try his luck under such circumstances.

Soon, a cultivator at Second Level Body Fusion Realm came into the arena and launched an attack at
Jared without any hesitation.

However, without even looking, Jared cried out, “Next...”

The moment he finished, the cultivator was also thrown out of the arena with a single slap.

Just like that, Jared launched more than ten men into the air with one slap after another.

Everyone fell silent when the truth dawned upon them.

“D*mn it, that guy has been trying to trick us by pretending to be weak. There's no way he's just a
cultivator at Second Level Body Fusion Realm.”

“We have made a mistake. No wonder he's confident in challenging everyone with a bet of a million
spirit coin.”

“Thank goodness I didn't take him on. It would have been humiliating to be slapped into oblivion like

Everyone stopped accepting Jared's challenge.

Seeing that no one was coming up to fight him, Jared shouted, “Five hundred thousand. All you need
for the challenge is five hundred thousand! I'm exhausted from fighting the entire time now, so this is
your chance!”

Jared panted heavily as he pretended to look drained.

The way he pretended was so comical that Viola couldn't help but laugh.

It had never crossed her mind that the usually ruthless Jared had such a humorous side to him, one
that intensified her affection for him.

On top of that, Jared's skills in bed always left her wanting more.

“All right then, since no one dares to come forward, I'll be packing my valuables.”

Jared put the fifty million spirit coins and his other supplies back into his Storage Ring.

“Looks like you've hit the jackpot today, Mr. Chance!” Ghaylen said with a smile.

“Indeed. We can now afford to buy a mansion. You don't have to squeeze in a small room together with
King Yuven anymore,” Jared said smugly.

Under the envious gaze of the crowd, Jared and his companions left with their spirit coins and

However, before they could get far, someone suddenly blocked their way.

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