Novel Name : Cupid’s Arrow Hit On Me

Chapter 2486

She could also post online, contact those self-media big Vs to help her post, write short essays, post
them online, use Internet public opinion to put pressure on Camryn, and also damage Camryn’s

A top-level, wealthy family like the Yorks cared about reputation. If Camryn’s reputation was not good,
the York family might not let her come in.

Carrie walked while rubbing her sore buttocks.

There were no taxis available here.

She still had to walk a long distance outside before she could hail a taxi.

She didn’t have a mobile phone, so she couldn’t even call a taxi.

“Camryn, blind woman, just wait; I will repay you twice as much!”

Carrie scolded Camryn as she walked. Thinking of the scene where Callum protected Camryn just now,
she said bitterly, “I’m going to steal your man!”

Before the accident, her mother had planned for her to marry into the York family and become a young

Considering that Zachary was difficult to get along with, Carrie targeted Callum or Kevin. She felt that
these two gentlemen were much better than the serious and cold Zachary.

Then something happened, and all three members of the family went to jail. Naturally, the mother’s
plan came to nothing.

Now that the man she once targeted had become Camryn’s fiancée, Carrie’s hatred for Camryn
deepened, and she even thought about snatching Callum away in the future, leaving Camryn with

As she walked, Carrie felt that her own strength was too weak, and she had to find helpers.

Her younger brother, Trenton, was studying in college away from home and couldn’t help her. Besides,
his younger brother preferred Camryn, the eldest sister.

Carrie then thought of her two eldest aunts and their families.

Camryn caused the two aunts’ families to go bankrupt, so they must have hated her a lot. However,
with the York family protecting Camryn, they had no chance to take revenge yet.

She could find two aunts, and they could join forces to deal with Camryn.

The two aunts couldn’t compete with Camryn because, after all, the aunt had been married for
decades, and the aunts couldn’t do much about her parents’ family affairs.

She was different. She and Camryn were sisters. They were both children of the Newman family. They
were qualified to compete with Camryn for the Newman family’s property.

Thinking like this, Carrie decided to go to her two eldest aunts to discuss strategies.

After walking outside, Carrie borrowed a mobile phone from the security guard, called Mrs. Janzen, and
asked Mrs. Janzen if she knew where her two aunts lived now and if she wanted to find them.

After listening to Carrie’s words, Mrs. Janzen smiled and asked her, “You can’t even get in, can you?”

Carrie was silent and said, “The second young master of the York family is here, and he is helping
Camryn. I can’t get in for the time being, but that’s my home, and I’ll definitely be able to get in in the


“I guessed that you couldn’t even get in. Your two aunts can’t help you now. But if you want to know
where they live, I can tell you.”

After Mrs. Janzen told Carrie the addresses of the Chandler family and the Joyner family’s current
rental house, she reminded Carrie not to contact her until she defeated Camryn. Then hung up the

Regarding Carrie’s predicament, she had no intention of helping.

In what she said to Carrie, if she wants cooperation and high remuneration, she must see if Carrie has
the ability to get high remuneration.

Carrie had thought about asking Mrs. Janzen to help her. Who knew that Mrs. Janzen hung up the
phone after telling her the addresses of the two aunts’ rental houses? What else didn’t she

A few minutes later.

Carrie walked out of the villa area and walked along the road.

Not long after Carrie left, the Newman family’s butler rode an electric bike to the entrance of the villa
area, asked the security guard who lent his mobile phone to call Carrie, and wrote down Mrs. Janzen’s
new number through the call records.

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