Novel Name : Wooing My Ex-Wife

Chapter 820 The Mobius Ring

Whitney fell silent, knowing that her meager income was something he would look down upon.
Especially considering she hadn’t even finished her probation period yet, the assets she held were
pitifully small.

“Sleep on the bed tonight.”

Charles knew she would sleep on the sofa whenever he didn’t return to their bedroom.

Whitney stared at him, puzzled as to why he seemed so different that night compared to usual.

After taking a bath, Whitney was hesitant to come out of the bathroom. She felt very nervous.

Will Charles also be sleeping in bed tonight?

After a long while in the bathroom, Whitney finally emerged, only to find that Charles was nowhere to
be seen.

He must have gone to rest in the study again.

In the aftermath of her relief, a faint sense of loss lingered in her heart.

In truth, she shouldn’t have harbored such expectations. However, human nature was inherently
greedy. and one often yearned for more even after receiving a little.

After standing by the bed, lost in thought for a while, Whitney finally climbed into bed and lay on the

After what felt like an eternity, she finally drifted off to sleep.

At daybreak, the bedroom door opened, allowing the faint light from the hallway to seep in. The
silhouette on the bed was barely visible. The man, who had just finished work in the study, stood by the

door for a bit, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

She finally listened this time around.

In a state between sleep and wakefulness, Whitney felt a dip in the bed next to her. Groggily, she
reached out and embraced whatever was next to her. It felt warm.

She was under the illusion that she was actually hoping for Charles to share a bed with her in her

Even if it was just an illusion or merely a dream, she wanted to indulge in it for now.

Like a curled-up kitten, she snuggled up to him. Charles’ back stiffened.

A sudden surge of warmth rushed to his lower abdomen.

It made him gasp for breath.

This uncontrollable feeling was making Charles irritated. He threw off the blanket, went to the
bathroom, took a cold shower, and left.

Early the next day, Whitney was awakened by her alarm clock. She stretched lazily.

That night, she slept incredibly soundly, even dreaming of an intimate encounter with Charles.

With these thoughts, she couldn’t help but blush a little. Quickly gathering her things, she headed out to

She carefully kept all the roses Charles gave her. She planned to preserve these roses as dried flowers
to keep them forever.

After her birthday, their relationship gradually took on a subtle change. The man, who was usually cold
toward her, surprisingly began to take an active interest in her work.

Once her internship period was over, she could become a full-fledged employee of Newton Group and
work alongside him.

Even though their statuses were worlds apart, for Whitney, it was enough.

Whitney didn’t receive any messages from Charles on her phone that day. After work, she went back to
the Newton residence on her own. She planned to cook dinner for him that night to express her

No sooner had she returned home than Isaac arrived with a beautifully wrapped box.

“Mrs. Newton, Mr. Newton has some matters to attend to tonight and will be back late. He has asked
you to rest early and not wait up for him. This is something he asked me to give to you.”

Taking the box from Isaac’s hand, Whitney wanted to ask something else, but Isaac had already left.

The box in her hand was exquisite. It was adorned with a sky-blue gem. Whitney carried the box
upstairs and opened it.

It was a pair of rings!

Both rings were designed in the style of a Möbius strip. The women’s ring was adorned with a circle of
tiny diamonds around the edge, while the men’s ring was devoid of any additional embellishments but
maintained a simple and dignified aesthetic.

The Mobius strip symbolizes endless love!,

Whitney was stunned..

Does he understand the meaning of the ring’s shape?

Whitney’s heart raced. She was tempted to call him and ask what he meant.

After a moment of calm, she regained her composure. Perhaps this matter was delegated to his
subordinates and doesn’t necessarily represent his thoughts.

Even so, she was delighted because he took her words to heart.

After taking two deep breaths, she slipped on her ring, which, to her surprise, fit perfectly.


It seemed she had never told Charles her ring size, and yet he knew.

She took a picture of herself wearing the ring and sent the one she was most pleased with to Charles.

Whitney: Thank you, Hubby.

Charles, who was in the middle of a meeting, noticed a flash on the screen of his phone on the table.
He picked it up immediately and saw the photo she had sent.

In the photo, she was seen with her hand raised to her cheek, her smile blooming like a flower.

The text she sent instantly lifted his previously gloomy mood, and a smile involuntarily spread across
his face.

The people in the meeting room widened their eyes in disbelief when they saw the smile on his face,

Did Mr. Newton just smile during a meeting?

The rule set by Charles was that no one was allowed to use their mobile phones during meetings. Of
course, he was an exception.

What they couldn’t believe was that Mr. Newton had received a message that made him smile so

During the meeting, he scolded everyone, filling the entire conference room with a heavy atmosphere.

Sensing the gazes of these people on him, Charles abruptly withdrew his smile and put down his

Everyone held their breath once again, waiting for his forthcoming reprimand.

“This concludes today’s evening meeting. If anyone dares to make such a basic mistake again, pack
your things and get out of Newton Group. We do not tolerate idlers.”

Upon hearing those words, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The challenging time had finally passed.

By the time Charles returned home, it was already the wee hours of the morning.

A night light was still glowing by the bed as he pushed open the bedroom door. Whitney had already
drifted off to dreamland, her breathing steady and even.

The box containing the ring sat quietly by her bedside. She was still smiling sweetly in her sleep.

For reasons unknown, seeing her smile actually made Charles happy.

Just inexplicably happy.

Washing away all his fatigue, Charles lay beside her and fell into a deep sleep.

On the morning of the next day, he left before Whitney woke up. Whitney had no idea that someone
had slept next to her during the night.

Days like these continued for a while, and Whitney found that her sleep quality had improved. Every
night, she slept soundly.

Sitting at her desk, Whitney couldn’t help but savor the sweetness of her dream, her cheeks flushing

While she was lost in her daydreams, Queenie suddenly posted a message in their group chat. There
was a meeting at three in the afternoon, and everyone was expected to attend.

The newly appointed chief was an older woman. She was serious and didn’t indulge in idle chatter
laughter. She was known for her diligence and commitment to her work. It was said that she had ог
previously worked at a branch of the Newton Group, and due to her outstanding performance, she had
been selected to serve as their chief.

Queenie was very decisive and efficient. As soon as she arrived, she assigned clear and specific tasks
to everyone. This left no opportunity for Lana and the others to make things difficult for Whitney.

Hence, Whitney’s work had been relatively easy and smooth sailing.

At three in the afternoon, all members of the logistics department arrived punctually.

Lana and the people around her whispered among themselves. “Why does the new chief have to hold.
meetings every other day? Just how many important matters are there to discuss? When the previous
chief was in charge, there weren’t as many issues.”

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