Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2943 Demon Seal Alliance

“Okay, stop messing around. You two need to focus on your cultivation. With your current strength, you
won't be able to move around in the Ethereal Realm. Since the Tall residence is still relatively safe, you
should hurry up with your training. I've got a few heavenly thunder fruits here. Each of you can have
one. It should give you a significant boost,” Jared said, handing over two heavenly thunder fruits to

“Heavenly thunder fruits? Aren't those only found on Thunderhawk's heavenly thunder tree?” Feenix
asked in surprise. “Master, how did you get your hands on them? Thunderhawk treasures them dearly.”

“You're familiar with heavenly thunder fruits?” Jared was slightly taken aback. How did Feenix know
about heavenly thunder fruits?

“Master, have you forgotten that I originally belonged to the Ethereal Realm? After making a mistake, I
was banished to the mundane world, so of course I know about heavenly thunder fruits,” Feenix

Realization dawned on Jared and he said, “I picked a few while Thunderhawk was away. They're quite
tricky to get.”

“Feenix, Jared's right. We need to focus on our cultivation. With our current strength, being with Jared
will only hold him back.” Aislin spoke up.

Feenix nodded. “All right, I'll go cultivate now...”

The two girls went off to cultivate with their heavenly thunder fruits, while Jared started restoring his

strength by entering a state of cultivation.

He needed to make a breakthrough as soon as possible. Otherwise, even if they found the real
treasure, he was afraid he wouldn't be able to obtain the Ice Soul Pill.

Jared first absorbed the ice soul fragments given by Mason, calming his mind and immersing himself in
refining the ice soul fragments.

His absorption speed was quite fast, so this refining process didn't take long.

While Jared and the girls were engrossed in their cultivation, hundreds of kilometers away from the Tall
residence, a towering ice mountain collapsed.

In its place, a golden door adorned with runes was revealed, exuding a mysterious aura.

Gathered around the door were many cultivators.

“This must be the real treasure trove. There's no doubt about it. Didn't you see the missing emerald
badge that is supposed to be on the door?”

“Just from the aura alone, I can feel that it's definitely a treasure trove!”

“Who would've thought that the treasure trove would be beneath the ice mountain? If it weren't for its
collapse, we might never have found it.”

Everyone was discussing animatedly.

However, due to the protective arcane array on the door, only the emerald badge could unlock it.

“I have the key to open the treasure trove. Is there anyone willing to cooperate with me?”

Suddenly, a Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator spoke up.

This person was Beau, whose life had been saved by Jared. He also had an emerald badge, claiming it
was the key to the treasure trove.

Upon hearing that Beau had the key, everyone gathered around.

Since many had attempted to forcibly open the door to no avail, they were all eager to see if Beau's key
would work.

“Back off...”

As people closed in on Beau, a stern voice suddenly rang out, which instantly aroused the displeasure
of the crowd.

The crowd quickly turned to see five figures approaching. They were dressed in black robes with dark
gold insignias embroidered on their sleeves.

Seeing these five individuals, the discontented cultivators dispersed in an instant. It was evident that
they knew these five people and were afraid of them.

Among the five, a middle-aged man at the forefront spoke. “We are the Five Slayers of the Demon Seal

Alliance. I am Typhon Yellow. Now hand over the key to the treasure...”

Beau looked at the middle-aged man before him, his expression tense. His face turned pale. Cold
sweat instantly trickled down his forehead.

He hadn't expected to encounter members of the Demon Seal Alliance in the far north.

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