Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 3013: Greater Trap

Jared was even more puzzled after listening to the old man’s explanation. Since that was the
unbreakable rule, why did the most recent chief of the Archaic Body cultivators spread the news of the
treasure land? Not only that, I was given the real key to the treasure. He clearly wants me to find it, but
why? Also, Jipsdale’s countess was the one who asked me to retrieve the Ice Soul Pill. What’s going

As Jared pondered the situation further, he came to the realization that he had fallen into a much larger
and more intricate trap. The countess of Jipsdale, the chief of the Archaic Body cultivators, and Mason
from the Tall family… they’re all connected!

Initially, the chief of the Archaic Body cultivators claimed to reveal the treasure’s location to stir up
chaos in the far north, with the primary aim of preventing the Tall family from seizing the Archaic Body
cultivators’ territory and resources.

However, after spending time at the Tall residence, I’ve come to realize that they aren’t actually hostile
toward the Archaic Body cultivators. Moreover, there seems to be some kind of connection between the
Archaic Body cultivators and the Tall family. Since the Ice Soul Pill can reconstruct one’s body, the
countess of Jipsdale must be planning to use it to regenerate her own body.

Now, the big question is, how did the countess of Jipsdale learn about the treasure’s location and the
Ice Soul Pill? How did she know that the other half of the emerald badge was needed to form the real
key to the treasure? What is the relationship between the countess of Jipsdale and the Archaic Body
cultivators? How did she become aware of the Ice Soul Pill’s existence among the treasure? And
finally, what role does the Tall family play in all of this? I’m utterly baffled…

“Since the Archaic Body cultivators have a rule forbidding its members from revealing the location of
the treasure, why is it still leaked anyway?” inquired Jared.

The elderly man answered resignedly, “Do you really have to ask me that? When you entered the place
with the emerald badge, I knew what was bound to happen had occurred. Ultimately, the descendants
of the Archaic Body cultivation clan wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation and would reveal the
secret. Didn’t you come for the Ice Soul Pill because one of the Archaic Body cultivators mentioned it to

He asked that because only someone of clan leader level would have knowledge of the treasure land
containing the Ice Soul Pill.

“Um… No, not really. A woman told me about it.. She treats my friend’s illness, so in return, I’m helping
her to obtain the Ice Soul Pill,” answered Jared truthfully. Now that things had progressed to this point,
he didn’t have the nerve to hide anything anymore.

“Woman?” The elderly man frowned. “Women sure do bring trouble.” Jared was still in the dark about
the true connection between Jipsdale’s countess and the clan leader of the Archaic Body cultivators.
Hence, he didn’t dare to reveal too much information.

Jared and the elder chatted as they walked forward. After an indefinite amount of time, they stumbled
upon a palace. Everyone was appalled when they took a good look at the palace. Jared frowned and
grew tense as well.

This was the same palace that Jared’s group had seen when they first entered this space and also the
place where they encountered that old villain. The elder grinned knowingly as he observed the crowd’s
reaction. “Are you all scared to see this place?”

Although Jared didn’t say a word, his thoughts. were clearly reflected in his expression. Then, the elder
strolled forward, pushed open the towering bronze door, and stepped inside the structure. Seeing the
old man enter, Jared gritted his teeth and followed suit.

The others stood there, dumbfounded. None of them dared to enter the palace again. They didn’t want
to relieve the experience as the murderous scene was still fresh on their minds. Just as the crowd
hesitated about what to do, the door suddenly slammed shut.

“Mr. Chance!”


Cloud, Sunny, and the others rushed forward, forcefully pushing the door but failed to make it budge.
Jared stared at the closed door and suddenly became anxious.

Warily, he fixed his gaze on the elderly man, worried that the latter would turn out to be that old villain.

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