Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 3067 A Piece Of Junk

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3067-“You’re right, Mr. Sparrow. I was indeed a bit too petty in this
matter. I won’t pursue it anymore henceforth,” Thunderhawk swiftly promised.

Right then, he was at a total disadvantage. If he were to object, he might even lose his life.

“All right, then. Since you’re in agreement, this matter is now closed. But remember this, if you pick
trouble with Jared again because of it, don’t blame me for showing you no mercy. After all, I’m the
mediator in this,” Hester asserted, his voice abruptly turning icy.

“I’d never do that, absolutely not!” Thunderhawk. promised with a hasty shake of his head, wiping the
sweat off his forehead.

“You may leave now.” Hester proceeded to wave a dismissive hand. Thunderhawk did not dare tarry at
all. He flew off with his hundreds of Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks right then and there.

At that moment, an airship slowly approached in mid-air. It was none other than Stellaris Sect’s airship,
there to pick Cloud up.

After bidding the few men farewell, Jared, Yuven, and the others headed toward the airship. Tyrone
climbed out of the airship, responsible for picking Cloud up this time.

However, Cloud’s face went as black as thunder the instant he caught sight of the airship in front of

The airship was somewhat small and could only accommodate a dozen people. Worse still, it looked
old and rickety.

As the heir of Stellaris Sect, he felt utterly humiliated to be picked up by such an airship.

“What’s going on here, Mr. Stone? Why are you picking me up with such a piece of junk?” he
questioned, his expression downright glacial.

Jared and the others were also puzzled. Cloud was the heir of Stellaris Sect, so it stood to reason that
he deserved a better airship. The airship this time was undeniably a bit too shabby. In fact, Jared was
worried that the airship might break down midway and crash in mid-air.

“Stellaris Sect doesn’t have any available airships presently, Mr. Seizon. It’s already fortunate that I
could find this one. Let’s board first. I’ll explain things to you on the way,” Tyrone replied with
helplessness written all over his face.

“No available airships? Is business so busy recently?” Surprise showed on Cloud’s face. There’s no
major festival now. Why is the usage of airships so great?

Usually, few people took airships unless there was something important since spirit coins were needed
to board one.

Some wandering cultivators had little resources, so they would never spend spirit coins on taking
airships. They would rather walk.

“Mr. Chance, this airship is simply too decrepit, but please make do with it for a while,” Cloud said to
Jared in much embarrassment. “Taking an airship is far better than traveling on foot. Let’s get in.”

With that said, Jared took the lead and stepped in. Both Quinley and Aislin were noticeably excited as it
was their first time on an airship.

When they had all gotten into the airship, it slowly took off and flew toward Stellaris Sect. Wearing a
chilly expression on his face, Cloud ordered Tyrone, “You should now explain things to me.”

Tyrone cast a glance at Jared and the others, seemingly hesitant to speak.

“Spit it out! Mr. Chance isn’t an outsider!” Cloud barked.

Such fear struck Tyrone that he trembled. He quickly answered, “More than half of Stellaris Sect’s
airships are gone, Mr. Seizon. Right now, all airships have gone to the Night Sea.”

Immediately, Cloud shot to his feet. “What? Half of the airships are gone? What happened? And why
have they gone to the Night Sea? Isn’t that a no-fly zone?”

“Most of the airships have been stolen by Cosmic Sect, and a portion crashed into the Night Sea. The
Night Sea has been turbulent recently. Rumor has it that many magical items were washed up, and
someone was lucky enough to scoop some up. Thus, many people are rushing over. Old Mr. Seizon
added a route to the Night Sea, but those from Cosmic Sect crossed into our territory and ambushed
our airships, causing many of them to crash and end up stolen away. Old Mr. Seizon boarded the rest
of the airships alongside some men to seek justice. For that reason, there are no available airships at
Stellaris Sect at the moment. Hence, I used this old and shabby airship to pick you up, Mr. Seizon,”
Tyrone explained in detail.

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