Novel Name : Son-In-Law Madness

Chapter 997

Son In Law Madness -“What on earth is this? It’s so ugly.”

The item that Eileen gave to him looked like a puppet, only the size of a palm.

The image of the rag doll was quite cartoonish, but Donald couldn’t figure out what animal this toy was
supposed to be.

Maybe it’s a cat, but there’s also a slight resemblance to a tiger.

The funniest part was that the rag doll even had “Monnay” sown on its forehead.

Perhaps it was because she knew her work wasn’t refined.

With a blush on her face, Eileen said to Donald, “This is just something I made when I had some free
time. Anyway, you should accept it, consider it a gift to commemorate our acquaintance. Even if you
don’t like it, you’re not allowed to throw it away!”

After stuffing the item into Donald’s hands, Eileen picked up her suitcase and walked ahead.

Donald chuckled, casually tucking Eileen’s small gift into his pocket.

The reason Donald wanted to buy a first-class ticket was simply to have a good rest and get some

He initially thought that going to the grassland was just to relax a bit while also overseeing Weston and
the team’s work.

Who would have thought that he would end up slaying a monster while visiting the grassland?

Even though that monster was taken care of without much effort on his part, Donald did personally
handle it, after all.

Since Donald chose a relatively good flight, the seats in the first-class cabin were quite comfortable.
There were rows of red chairs resembling massage chairs.

Donald was adjusting his chair to a lower position, preparing to recline and sleep.

Just then, he felt a kick to his seat.

Donald got up and looked behind him, only to find a little boy holding a toy gun, staring at him.

That kick just now was his doing.

Seeing Donald turn his head to look at him, the little boy immediately felt the thrill of having
successfully pulled off a prank.

Not only did he see no issue with his actions, but he also raised his gun and aimed it at Donald, pulling
the trigger.

The toy gun made a clattering sound, followed by a burst of music.

The sounds of this simulated battlefield might be entertaining for children, but for adults like Donald, it’s
just noise.

Just as Donald was about to speak, a young woman dressed in a white low-cut blouse with lace
trimmings walked over.

“Rufus, the plane is about to take off. Don’t run around. Hurry back to your seat.”


Rufus Sheen was still holding the gun, aiming at Donald, making a “da-da” sound from his mouth as if
he was about to shoot the man down.

Donald raised an eyebrow. “This kid really lacks discipline.”

“All right, Rufus. Stop pointing the gun at others. There are plenty of bad guys out there. We don’t want
to stir up trouble.”

Hearing the young woman speak like this, Donald felt his mood worsen even more.

Your son is the one pointing a gun at me, yet you have the audacity to call me the bad guy?

Donald looked at the young woman and said, “You’re aware that the plane is about to take off, right?
Can you please manage your child? If you can’t, then I’ll help you do it.”

Hearing Donald’s words, the young woman gave him a contemptuous glance and led Rufus back to his
own seat.

In the eyes of this young woman, Donald was simply an insignificant person, not at all on the same
social level as them.

Therefore, she reckoned a person like Donald had no right to speak to her.

Donald understood what the young woman was thinking, but he didn’t take it to heart.

He had encountered too many people like this young woman, who considered themselves superior, but
in reality, they were nobody.

After the young woman took the child away, Donald simply lay back down, ready to sleep.

However, less than ten minutes after takeoff, something fell straight from above, narrowly missing
Donald’s face.

Had Donald not instinctively reached out to catch that object, his face would have surely been hit.

Donald looked at the object in his hand, his expression growing somber.

Is this the gunstock of a toy gun?

Did that little boy throw this over?

The thought ignited a fire within Donald that he could no longer suppress.

Just as he turned his gaze toward the young woman, she was in the midst of an argument with the air
stewardess in charge of first class.

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