Novel Name : Blind Date Turned Proposal

Chapter 910 Not Playing The Role Of Lovers

Josie made no comment. She was tired from standing, so she shifted her stance, lowered her head
slightly. and said, “Mr. Carter, I will assist him.”

This statement clearly took both of them by surprise. Arnold looked up, the reflection of the light
dancing in his eyes.

“He won’t end up like you.” She glanced at the handcuffs.

Edward’s face changed. This woman seems extremely defiant and hard to tame.

“After all, he doesn’t have any children yet, and it seems that Summer is not willing to have children for
him. If he falls on hard times in the future, he won’t have the good fortune like you do, having a son to
lend a helping hand.”

Josie spoke, her smile broadening. She did not show the slightest hint of fear.

“That is disrespectful!” Edward slammed his fist on the bed frame, but due to the handcuffs, his
movements were severely limited.

“Take her away! Take this woman away from me!” He roared at Arnold, his eyes filled with rage.
“Unfilial son!”

Arnold squinted his eyes, tightly gripping Josie’s wrist. He said in a low voice, “You’ve gone too far.”

Josie gave him a deep look and shrugged him off. “I’m not here to play the role of your perfect lover.”

After she finished speaking, she was the first to leave the ward. Arnold didn’t follow her, but she could
feel his gaze was not friendly.

Edward’s voice, filled with anger, was still echoing. The door closed, and Arnold seemed to be pacifying

Josie was ready to leave, but just as she stepped out of the corridor, she saw a figure stumbling out of
the elevator, running toward him.

She saw it clearly. The man had a scar on his face. It was Scar.

“Hey.” She sidestepped, blocking his way. “What’s the rush?”

Scar was taken aback. Upon recognizing her face, he stuttered, “M-Mrs. Carter?”

Ignoring the formalities, Josie noticed his evasive and panicked gaze, “Looking for your boss?”


“He’s busy with something. You can tell me anything.” Josie casually sat on the chair in the hallway.
gesturing for him to sit as well.

Scar was panting heavily, hesitating momentarily. “This.. isn’t a good idea, is it?”

Josie flashed a radiant smile. “You called me Mrs. Mrs. Carter, so what is it that you can’t tell me?”

Scar swallowed, leaning against the wall as he sat down I’ll wait for Mr. Carter.”

Stretching out her long legs, Josie played with her phone for a while, then casually asked, “How old are
you. this year?”


“How old were you when you became a thug?”


Scar had been hustling in society since his early teens, notorious for his ruthlessness in fights. This
was what caught Arnold’s attention. However, after all these years of tough living, he found himself.
surprisingly intimidated by the seemingly gentle and obedient Josie.

“Do you have a girlfriend yet?”

“Yes.” But he quickly shook his head and changed his answer. “No.”

People like him never keep a woman by their side for long. “Haven’t you ever thought about getting
married, like your boss? It would be so much better.”

Scar’s expression looked worse than if he had been crying. “He doesn’t seem to be very happy

Josie finally reacted and laughed. He is right. Arnold probably isn’t going to be very happy when I’m
Mrs. Carter.

Scar was apprehensive. He stared at the hospital room door as if he could bore a hole through it with
his gaze.

“What do you need him for, this late at night?”

A little matter at the country club. It’s not a big deal.”

“Well, tell me about it. Perhaps I can help solve it.”

Scar remained silent, appearing quite troubled.

“I get it. You don’t trust me.” Josie averted her gaze from her phone and stared at him.

Scar was on the verge of tears under her gaze. “Boss has instructed for me to not tell you.”

“Why would I be involved? I have no vested interest in the affairs of the country club. Could it be that
this matter is related to me?” she asked without taking her eyes off Scar.

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