Novel Name : The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 5320

On the other hand, the Yefteros’ analysts had observed the battle for the past few months.

They had also come up with ways to defeat James in the next round.

At the same time, James’ prize pool had doubled again as he managed to eliminate his opponent in his
recent battle.

"By the way, can Forty-nine use the sword that he’s offered as his bet to fight?"

Lemuel looked at Latrusse and asked.


Latrusse explained, "Now that he has so many treasures in his prize pool, Forty-nine can take back the
items he offered as bets in the very beginning.However, he is not allowed to take away any of the new
treasures in his current prize pool.He can only do that when he declares he’s done with the fight and
wishes to leave the arena.All of the items included in Forty-nine’s prize pool would be his to claim."

"I see."

Lemuel grinned broadly.

"The real fun hasn't started yet, then."

Previously, Lemuel had witnessed how James had taken on a Great Celestial Rank cultivator by using
the Supremusse Sword when he was only in the Sovereign Third Rank.

James’ last opponent had only reached the early stage of the Petit Celestial Rank.

"He won again."

"Forty-nine already gained so many treasures in his prize pool.He’s probably going to choose to stop

"He has to! He’s pretended to be weak for the first few rounds.During the last battle, he used all the
skills he knew and won by ambushing his opponent repeatedly.If he chose to continue fighting, he
might lose his life and all those treasures this time."

"It's still too early to tell.Forty-nine hasn't used the sword yet.He can take back the sword now that his
prize pool is big enough.That sword is a superb weapon.Forty-nine should be able to unleash powerful
attacks by using the sword."

"Mhm.That’s the Supremusse Sword that originated from the Central Plane’s Supremusseum found
outside the Dark World.I heard that the sword was produced from the Genesis Paths of countless
planes of existence by a genius cultivator of that region.With Forty-nine’s abilities, he should be able to
fight a Petit Celestial Rank cultivator at the peak of the rank’s late stage."

Most of the cultivators in the Dark World paid little interest in the events happening on the various
planes of the outside world.However, some of them had heard about the Supremusse Sword since the
weapon garnered a lot of fame and attention in the past.

"We can't have him win the next round." Clotilde began, "Send in a member who's achieved the peak of
the late stage of Petit Celestial Rank into the arena."

"Ms.Clotilde, aren't you overestimating this man’s abilities?"

"The sword is his trump card.Now that he has won the inter- rank battle, he can take back the sword
and use it for the upcoming battle.With the sword’s powers, he might even be able to defeat someone
at the peak of Petit Celestial Rank."

With her experience as a Martial Celestial Rank cultivator, Clotilde could sense the immense powers
contained within the Supremusse Sword.

"Have Bareilly enter the arena,"

Clotilde instructed in a monotonous voice.

"Bareilly Yeftero?"

Clotilde’s guard was slightly taken aback upon hearing that name.

Meanwhile, James sat on the floor of the arena and concentrated on healing his injuries and
replenishing his powers.

A few moments later, a middle-aged man in a black robe materialized in the arena.

He carried a huge sword on his back.

"Bareilly Yeftero?"

"He’s a Petit Celestial Rank cultivator at the peak of his powers."

"Bareilly is the strongest amongst the Petit Celestial Rank cultivators belonging to the Yeftero Race.The
Yefteros only dispatch him when they want to bring down exceptionally difficult contestants."

"What's more, Bareilly’s sword is a rare weapon produced by the Yefteros.Its powers are not inferior to
the Supremusse Sword's."

"It seems the Yefteros have no intention of letting Forty-nine walk away with all the prizes."

"Let’s place our bets as soon as it opens.You'll lose your chance if you're too slow."

"I'm sure the Yefteros will offer treasures equivalent to Forty- nines prize pool as their bet first to win
back all the treasures they've lost so far."

Almost all the cultivators in the audience were watching James’ arena closely to get ready to place their

Inside the arena, James was looking at Bareilly.

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