Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 3230

Jubilante, as if unaware of the discussions around him, stared coldly at Jared and challenged, “Willing
to compete with me?” “Why not? It’s just that I’ve never crafted this Aksum Pill before. Show me the pill
recipe,” Jared replied confidently.

“You want to see the pill recipe?” Jubilante was taken aback.

“Of course. I don’t know the ingredients of this pill, so I need to take a look at the pill recipe. Just a
glance will do,” Jared said impatiently.

Although Jubilante’s expression darkened, he reluctantly handed over the pill recipe to Jared. After all,
his opponent had never crafted this type of pill, and just a glance at the pill recipe would not give Jared
any advantage.

Witnessing Jared’s audacity to compete without prior experience in crafting the Aksum Pill, the
onlookers nearly fainted.

This was a high-stakes challenge, and Jared seemed to be sharpening his blade at the last moment. It
would be a miracle if Jared managed to outdo Jubilante, for the Aksum Pill was the latter’s specialty.

Though Cade, who was standing aside, knew close to nothing about alchemy, he had never seen
anyone who would check out the pill recipe right before a match.

“This guy has some skills, but he’s boasting a little too much this time. Crafting the Aksum Pill without
prior experience… He might not even be able to successfully craft it, let alone win the challenge.” “I
wonder what’s going on in his head. Succeeding in the crafting of the Aksum Pill takes months of
practice, and here he is, agreeing to take on Jubilante’s challenge.” “This is hilarious. He’s taking his
life so lightly. If he can win against Jubilante with this last- minute attempt, I’ll submit to him and pledge
to be his apprentice!” The crowd was buzzing with discussions about Jared’s seemingly audacious
move. Meanwhile, Jubilante, observing the way Jared was solemnly reading the pill recipe, snorted.

“All right, I’m done. We can begin.” Jared handed the pill recipe back to Jubilante. “Are you sure about
competing like this?” Jubilante asked again, eyeing his opponent with skepticism.

“Of course, A man doesn’t go back on his words. Since I’ve made my promise, I’ll keep it,” Jared
confidently answered.

“Very well. Maybe today’s the day I’ll teach you what humility is!” With that, Jubilante waved his hand to
gesture to his subordinates to bring out two cauldrons. However, Jared shook his head after a glance at
them. “I have my own cauldron; I don’t need this.” “Lad, I’m providing you with a high-quality cauldron
which will greatly increase your success rate of crafting the pill. Are you sure you don’t want to use it?”
Jubilante questioned, puzzled.

“This young man is just making a fuss! The cauldrons Jubilante has provided are all high- quality
goods. I’d like to see what cauldron this guy has that he won’t even use the high-quality cauldron
Jubilante prepared.” “He’d better reveal something good, or else he’d be embarrassing himself.” The
people were whispering their remarks to each other. “What kind of proper pill can your worn-out junk
produce? Of course, I won’t need it,” Jared said with disdain.

Jubilante, angered by Jared describing his cauldron as “worn-out junk,” retorted, “Fine. Let’s see what
kind of cauldron you have, then.” With that, he had one of his subordinates carry away one of the
cauldrons. “All right, show us your cauldron!” Jubilante said, sounding like he was ready to witness a

Everyone fixed their gaze on Jared, eager to see what kind of cauldron he could produce. Without
rushing, Jared calmly reached into his Storage Ring and pulled out the Divine Cauldron.

The moment the Divine Cauldron manifested, the surroundings became filled with an ancient and
sacred aura.

“This… Is this the Divine Cauldron?” At the reveal of the Divine Cauldron, Jubilante’s eyes widened. He
was utterly stunned. The others were equally mesmerized, their eyes bulging, mouths hanging open,
some even drooling.

“Good lord, it’s the Divine Cauldron! That’s an ancient specialized cauldron…” “No wonder this guy is
so confident. He’s got the Divine Cauldron in his hands.” “Comparing it to the Divine Cauldron, the
cauldron Jubilante just presented really is just like a piece of junk.” The crowd erupted into a frenzy,
buzzing with excited discussions.

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