Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 3262

Something Terrifying Inside That Cave “I think we shouldn’t go in there, Mr. Jadiel. I feel as though
there’s something terrifying inside that cave!” Genya exclaimed worriedly.

“If you’re that scared, then stay out here. I’ll go in there all by myself!” Jadiel said while walking toward
the cave.

Yorath and Genya exchanged glances before following behind Jadiel. They wouldn’t know what to tell
Behemoth Palace if something were to happen to Jadiel. Not only would that cost them the
collaboration, but Behemoth Palace would also turn against them.

Upon entering the cave, they saw that it was pitch-black. On top of that, there was also a terrifying aura
inside that sent shivers down their spines.

As they went deeper into the cave, they started seeing a light source in front of them. The light grew
increasingly brighter until they could barely open their eyes.

After taking a moment to adapt to the light, they realized they were standing before a nascence beast
the size of a small mountain. The fact that it was glowing brightly made it obvious that they were up
against a nascence beast made out of metal nascence.

Yorath and Genya were both shocked when they saw the nascence beast.

Jadiel, on the other hand, showed no fear whatsoever. His face was filled with excitement as he said,
“This is great! I should be able to comprehend metal nascence after killing this huge nascence beast!”
Jadiel was so caught up on mastering nascence that he didn’t care how powerful that nascence beast

He was about to start attacking when Yorath grabbed him by the arm and said worriedly, “I don’t think
we should attack this nascence beast, Mr. Jadiel. It looks really terrifying. We might not be able to leave

this cave alive if we anger it.” Jadiel shot Yorath a disdainful glare and shouted, “Let go of me! You
cowards can go wait outside if you’re that scared! I’ll handle this nascence beast myself!” Those words
had barely left his mouth when the ground shook beneath them.

The huge nascence beast moved slightly and stared right at the three of them.

They were completely frozen as they locked eyes with the nascence beast.


It wasn’t until the nascence beast roared that the three of them snapped out of it and quickly backed

The nascence beast then got up and started making its way toward them. To their surprise, there were
countless tiny nascence beasts underneath that gigantic one. Soon, a sea of nascence beasts were
charging toward them.

The trio quickly turned around and started running toward the cave’s entrance.

Jared, who was busy slaying the nascence beasts and absorbing the nascence aura, suddenly paused
in his tracks and frowned slightly when he picked up on the commotion. “What’s that commotion?” Miya
tried focusing, but she didn’t sense anything. “What commotion? I don’t feel anything!” “Oh, there’s
definitely something. In fact, it’s a huge commotion!” Jared replied as he started releasing his spiritual

As soon as he did that, a powerful wave of nascence aura came surging toward them like a tidal wave.
Having been caught completely off guard, Jared and Miya were sent flying by the impact.

“That’s such a powerful aura!” Miya exclaimed in shock.

“This is nascence aura, so there must be a powerful nascence beast up ahead.

Let’s go check it out!” Jared said as he started running forward.

He had barely taken two steps forward when the ground shook beneath him, and a deafening roar
echoed through the skies. As the ground continued to shake even more violently, the two saw a sea of
nascence beasts rapidly approaching from afar.

Miya’s pupils constricted the moment she glanced at the nascence beasts. “Why are there so many
nascence beasts? Look at the size of that glowing one in the lead! It’s ridiculously big!”

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