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Chapter 1443 You Want to Die? How Can It Be That Easy?

Chapter 1443 You Want to Die? How Can It Be That Easy?....
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Everyone turned around to look.
A handsome young man walked out with a gratified smile on his face.
When Zhou Changqing saw him, he was surprised and happy. “Mr. Ye? Why are you here?”
“Passing by.” Ye Feng looked at him in satisfaction.
Zhou Changqing would rather shoulder a huge debt of millions than tell others about the exploration team’s mission. Just this sense of responsibility was worthy of admiration.
The moment Ye Feng appeared, the shop owner and Lady Boss’ expressions changed drastically, they looked at each other and exchanged glances.
Ye Feng slowly walked to the pile of ceramic fragments, he picked up two pieces and looked at them. “This is the vase that your mother broke?”
He was obviously asking Zhou Changqing.
Zhou Changqing looked ashamed. “My mother was careless. Don’t worry, Mr. Ye. I will definitely compensate them. I won’t cause any trouble for the exploration team.”
Ye Feng smiled, he turned to look at the two shop owners. “You said that this vase is worth more than three million?”
The lady boss’ expression was a little unnatural, but she still came forward. “That’s right. I have an expert appraisal report here. How can I lie to them?”
Ye Feng took the report and glanced at it, he could not help but laugh. “What bullsh*t expert? Even a chamber pot can be identified as a treasure.”
“In my opinion, this vase of yours is worth at most 200 yuan. Are you trying to extort people?”
As soon as he said this, the scene immediately erupted.
Zhou Changqing also walked over excitedly. “Mr. Ye, is what you said true? Is this vase really only worth a little more than 200 yuan?”
“You don’t believe me?” Ye Feng had a confident smile.
Zhou Changqing nodded excitedly. “I believe you, I believe you.”
Although Mother Zhou did not know Ye Feng’s identity, from her son’s attitude, he should be someone whom her son respected.
Since the other party said that the vase was worthless, her heart was finally at ease.
The shop owner Wang Defa looked at Ye Feng unhappily. “Young man, what do you mean? Are you saying that we’re deliberately extorting his money?”
Ye Feng shook his head. “It might not be money.”
Wang Defa sneered. “Since we’re not trying to extort money, why did we set him up?”
Ye Feng’s gaze swept across the two of them, and he chuckled. “It could also be for something else, for example… Exploration information.”
When he said the last two words, it was obvious that the two of them were panicking.
Evidently, their plan had been seen through by Ye Feng.
The two of them looked at each other, and their faces revealed a vicious expression. A short blade suddenly appeared in each of their hands, and they quickly rushed toward Zhou Changqing and his mother.
They knew that Ye Feng was very strong, so they purposely avoided him and chose the two weaker ones.
As long as they could control the mother and son, they would be able to force Ye Feng to be cautious, they might even have a chance to escape.
However, Ye Feng was already prepared, just as they were about to attack, he suddenly raised his hand and threw out two silver needles.
“Clang clang clang…”
Two silver needles silently pierced into the acupuncture points on their wrists.
The shop owner and the lady boss felt their wrists go numb, and the daggers in their hands fell to the ground.
The two of them lowered their heads and saw a silver needle as thin as a cow’s hair. Their faces immediately revealed fear.
This silver needle would bend if one wasn’t careful, but it could actually be used as a hidden weapon?!
This kind of control over strength had probably already reached the peak of perfection, right?
An unprecedented fear immediately surged.
The shop owner and the lady boss immediately made a judgment.
Ye Feng was too strong, even if the two of them joined forces, they might not be his match.
The two of them quickly exchanged glances, the lady boss suddenly charged towards Ye Feng without any regard for her life, while the shop owner charged towards the door.
It was obvious that they wanted to sacrifice one person to protect the other.
How could Ye Fan not see through their wishful thinking? He just smiled disdainfully.
In the face of absolute strength, all schemes and plots were useless.
At this moment, the lady boss had already rushed forward and punched his temple.
Judging from the strength and speed of her punches, she was at least in the middle stage of light force.
Ye Feng looked at her ferocious expression and smiled lightly.
He raised his right hand and grabbed the lady boss’ wrist.
The lady boss’ attack came to an abrupt halt.
Before she could react, an extremely terrifying force swept over her. The lady boss felt like a lone boat in the vast ocean, and her body was completely out of control.
Next, Ye Feng exerted his strength.
The lady boss’s body flew backward and crashed heavily into the boss who was about to escape. The two of them rolled together.
Only then did the surrounding crowd react and flee.
After running for six to seven meters, the crowd stopped and continued to watch.
Everyone looked bewildered.
They didn’t know what exactly happened.
At this moment, the boss and the lady boss had already gotten up from the ground.
They knew that they could not escape, so they picked up the daggers on the ground and pounced on Ye Feng.
Both of them were in the middle stage of light force. If they joined forces, they could fight against a master at the late stage of light force.
In their opinion, at Ye Feng’s age, he was at most at the later stage of light force.
As long as the two of them joined forces, they might still have the strength to fight.
However, in Ye Feng’s eyes, their actions were extremely laughable.
He only attacked when the two of them were near him.
His right hand shot out like a poisonous snake. Due to its speed, it left after images in the air.
In the next moment, he had already grabbed the owner’s wrist that was holding the knife and flipped it gently.
With a light crack, the boss’ wrist was broken, and the dagger fell to the ground again.
At the same time, he reached out his other hand and grabbed the lady boss’ wrist, doing the same thing.
In the end, he quickly kicked the two of them back.
The two middle-stage light force experts could not even withstand a single blow from Ye Feng.
The boss and the lady boss both had terrified expressions on their faces.
The young man in front of them looked to be in his twenties, but his strength was already so strong.
According to their judgment, Ye Feng had at least the strength of the initial stage of internal force.
A 20-year-old’s internal force was simply inconceivable!
Although the spectators did not know what was the middle stage of light force, they saw Ye Feng easily defeat two criminals who had daggers.
Moreover, his actions were clean and neat, without any hesitation.
Many people couldn’t help but want to cheer, but in the end, they held back.
Everyone looked at Ye Feng’s back in a daze, secretly guessing his background.
The boss and the lady boss looked at each other, and a trace of ruthlessness flashed across their faces. They were about to bite the poison bag hidden in their teeth.
But Ye Feng had already appeared behind the two of them without anyone noticing. He suddenly made a move, pinching their chins and twisting them slightly.
With two cracking sounds, their jaws were dislocated.
“You want to die? How can it be that easy?”

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