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Chapter 1375 Gathering Chaos Divine Treasures!

1375 Gathering Chaos Divine Treasures!....
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Then, “He” began to think about a problem.
Where should “He” put this supreme divine tablet?
Soon, “He” made a decision.
“It’s really a waste for us God Spirits to enjoy such a good divine monument alone.”
“Let existences below Legendary-Tier take a look.”
“What if there’s a genius among ‘Them’ who can understand laws below the Legendary-Tier level?”
Zhou Zhou muttered to “Himself”.
“He” could do it if “He” wanted to.
With a thought, “He” saw the Myriad Dao Monument transform into a stream of light that flew out of the Divine Kingdom world and arrived in the sky above the Divine Kingdom.
Then, the supreme divine tablet quickly enlarged.
1,000 meters… 10,000 meters… 100,000 meters… one million meters… 10 million meters!
When the Myriad Dao Monument reached a height of 10 million meters, Zhou Zhou made it stop growing.
As such… Such a huge Myriad Dao Monument should be able to let more people see it.
However, this was not the end.
Zhou Zhou used the ‘All The Land In The World Belongs To The King’ nomological domain and set a rule within a radius of ten million square kilometers with the Myriad Dao Monument as the core.
[Those who view and comprehend the Myriad Dao Monument must be Subjects of the Blazing Sun Empire. Furthermore, they must not reveal the existence of the Myriad Dao Monument. Other than the Subjects of the Blazing Sun Empire, no one else can be seen or heard.]
“That’s good.”
Zhou Zhou chuckled after setting the rules.
“He” could be infinitely generous to “His” Subjects.
However, “He” didn’t want to give a single cent to a Subject who wasn’t under “Him” but wanted to take advantage of “Him.”
Moreover, if “He” set such rules, “He” could temporarily hide the news that the Myriad Dao Monument had fallen into “His” hands and not let the other ten thousand races know.
This way, all the factions of the myriad races would think that the one exchanging for the Myriad Dao Monument was the Azure Emperor of the Mortal Empire and not “Him” the Common People’s Regal.
Not long ago, when the Myriad Dao Monument had just refreshed in the sixth day’s product.
All the factions of the myriad races had also seen the existence of the Myriad Dao Monument.
After seeing the effect of the Myriad Dao Monument, the eyes of all the races, including the Original Spirit Race, turned red.
“This Myriad Dao Monument can help races create endless God Spirits, True
God-Tiers, and even Master God-Tiers!”
“The Supreme Will actually has such a treasure?! And he’s even willing to take it out as a reward for the Lords’ activities? I’m jealous. He’s really nurturing the descendants of the Lords as his successors!”
“I wish I was also a Lord of All Races! Why am I the leader of our race!”
“50 million Obscure Lord Shop Points. Who do you think will be the first to exchange for it?”
“The greatest possibility is naturally the Azure Emperor of the mortal empire.” ‘”He’ already has Venus? He still dares to ask for this Myriad Dao Monument?” “Even ‘He’ dares to ask for Venus. Do you think ‘He’ doesn’t dare to ask for the Myriad Dao Monument again?!”
“…That’s true.”
“I wonder what the Common People’s Regal is doing? Is ‘He’ really not participating in this event?”
“I don’t think it’s that simple. Do you think there’s a possibility that the Azure Emperor is just a puppet pushed out by the Common People’s Regal to stand on the stage? When the puppet has obtained enough benefits, the Common People’s Regal will stand up and take over everything of the Azure Emperor?” “If you were the Azure Emperor, would you willingly hand them over?”
The Lords of All Races discussed the Myriad Dao Monument.
As for the leaders of the top bloodline races and high bloodline races, they were also crazy about this Myriad Dao Monument.
“I must exchange this for this Myriad Dao Monument. I can’t let the Azure Emperor exchange for it again!”
“This Myriad Dao Monument is far more important than Venus! We can’t obtain Venus, but we have to obtain this Myriad Dao Monument!”
The leaders of the myriad races were all going crazy over this universal race divine artifact.
At this moment, something happened that shocked all the leaders of the races. The Myriad Dao Monument that was in the sixth day’s list just now had actually disappeared?!
After being stunned for a moment, a name appeared in the minds of all the leaders.
The Azure Emperor!
“It must be ‘Him’! It must be the Azure Emperor! Only ‘He’ can exchange for the Myriad Dao Monument so quickly at this stage!”
“That’s right! It must be ‘Him’!”
“First, it was Venus! Then, it was the Myriad Dao Monument! Azure Emperor actually has two supreme treasures on him! Azure Emperor, oh Azure Emperor! This time, you have to die even if you don’t want to!”
“If anyone can obtain the treasures of the Azure Emperor, not only can they become a top-notch bloodline race in the future, but they can even surpass the Original Spirit Race and become the number one race in the myriad worlds!” “Azure Emperor… is really a heart-stirring enemy!”
After the leaders of the myriad races guessed that the Azure Emperor had exchanged for the Myriad Dao Monument again, the killing intent accumulated in their hearts was finally no longer concealed. They all wanted to destroy the Azure Emperor and obtain these two race divine artifacts to achieve their race’s great undertaking.
Speaking of which, Zhou Zhou realized that there were no longer any time-limited items after Zhou Zhou exchanged for the Myriad Dao Monument. Obviously, it was impossible for top-grade divine artifacts like Venus and the Myriad Dao Monument to appear again.
At least for the time being, it would not appear again.
Then, “He” checked to see if “He” could buy all the other goods.
After realizing that he couldn’t, “He” stopped thinking about it. Instead, “He” sat in the Shrine and ordered Zhou Win and Saturday to attack today’s Chaotic Divine Demons. Then, “He” watched from inside the Shrine.
After conducting the Chaos Dao Worship Ceremony on Dao Worship Peak, a Chaotic Divine Demons with a divine body that was about the size of an ordinary person walked out of the Chaos Vortex.
“Hello, everyone.”
“I am a Chaos Illusion Godfiend. You can call me ‘Illusion’.”
Illusion said very politely.
Then, “He” looked at Zhou Win and Saturday and grinned. “I wonder why you woke me up?”
“I’ll kill you and take the Chaos Divine Treasure.”
Zhou Win said.
“Then come and kill me.”
Illusion nodded and did nothing. “He” did not even summon the duplicate soldier. “He” looked like “He” was waiting for death.
Zhou Win nodded subconsciously and was stunned.
“What did you say?”
“Kill me.”
Illusion waved “His” hands and said nothing.
“Aren’t you going to resist?”
Zhou Win was surprised.
“What’s the use of resisting? My first two friends were easily killed by you.”
“I’m not much stronger than ‘Them’. Resistance is useless.”
“In that case, I’ll be killed by you.”
“In any case, I’ll be alive again before long. It’s not like I’m really dead.” Illusion said.
Zhou Win scratched his head.
It makes sense.
“Brother, you’re open-minded.”
Saturday gave “Him” a thumbs up.
Illusion nodded indifferently and said:
“Your Di Huang should be carrying out the advancement of the Divine Kingdom, right?”
“Let me give you a piece of advice.”
“The enemy that ‘He’ will encounter is very strong.”
“That’s the only existence that can fight Di Huang equally.”
“Be careful.”
“Why do you look like you’re still standing on our side?”
Sunday felt strange.
“That guy looks like ‘He’ is second to Di Huang every day. I’ve long disliked ‘He’.
If you can defeat him, I’ll be very happy.”
Illusion said with a smile.
Then, “He” came in front of “He” and destroyed the other party’s core with a single strike. After sending the other party into destruction, he extracted the Loots and successfully obtained four Chaos Divine Treasures.
“He” flipped “His” right hand and saw the other eight Chaos Divine Treasures appear in “His” hand. They were placed together with the four newly obtained Chaos Divine Treasures.
“I’ve gathered all the Chaos Divine Treasures.”
“I can finally upgrade my kingdom.”
“And then…”
“We can build a Divine Kingdom!”
Zhou Win muttered to “Himself”.
Then, “He” led the army back to the Blazing Sun Empire..

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