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Chapter 1332 Anyway-you’re not allowed to wear this swimsuit out (2000 words)

1332 Anyway-you’re not allowed to wear this swimsuit out (2000 words)....
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Mumu was a pure and innocent little man, but he was so shocked to see nainai that he kept talking to her, not knowing what he was talking about.
lie probably wanted to tease le nainai, but she rolled her eyes instead.
Then, he was so anxious that he didn’t know what to do. His forehead was covered in sweat.
Feng Yan turned around to look at Ji Chenzhou, who had followed them.
“1 invited you here?” He directly asked without any trace of politeness.
“I’m here uninvited!” Ji Chenzhou shrugged his shoulders indifferently. In this day and age, those who were beautiful would die with a big face, while those who were ugly would die with a small face.
Han Bing really wanted to give Ji Chenzhou a shameless thumbs up.
Although it was already past nine, Ji Chenzhou still volunteered to cook noodles for everyone.
Other than Feng Yan, who had eaten without a care for his food that night, the rest of them did not eat much.
Hence, Ji Chenzhou’s not-so-delicious noodles were all eaten.
“I told my father that my cooking skills have improved, but he didn’t believe me!”
Ji Chenzhou said in satisfaction when he saw that everyone’s bowl was almost empty.
Gu Jue’s cooking skills were also excellent now. He stayed at home all day to study how to make delicious food.
Chu baiqing, little seven, and little nine ate well.
Sometimes, Feng Xi felt that she could no longer keep her position as the chef King.
Chu baiqing praised Gu Jue’s cooking skills to everyone he met.
Ji Chenzhou was also practicing his cooking skills in excitement. Fie was bound to surpass his father.
“Haven’t you heard of the saying, even dog shit smells good when you’re hungry!”
Feng Yan’s words made everyone roll their eyes at him.
The next day.
Bai Hexun’s butler brought Yin shinian and nainai’s things over.
Yin shinian still couldn’t help but ask about Bai Hexun’s situation.
The Butler said that he had left early in the morning, and no one knew where he went.
To be honest, Yin shinian didn’t feel good when he heard this.
Because she knew how lonely Bai Hexun had been all these years abroad.
He was all alone, and he could not let anyone know that he was still alive.
She could only live her life day by day with a different name …
She thought that this was probably the reason why Feng Yan had forgiven her.
lie knew how lonely he was.
lie couldn’t say that he wouldn’t be able to return to China for the rest of his life.
lie wouldn’t be able to go back for at least ten to twenty years. After all, he was a dead man.
Yin shinian prayed for him in his heart, hoping that he would meet a woman who could accompany him for the rest of his life.
They loved each other, so he was no longer lonely.
When Feng Yan told Yin shinian that he wasn’t going back to the country and was going on a trip, the ice broke.
Because this meant that he had to protect her closely.
He had thought that he would be able to go back to China and see Mo Chen.
He was quite excited, but this bucket of cold water poured on him, chilling his heart.
No one was happier than nainai and Mumu about this trip.
Because what Mumu was looking forward to the most was skiing.
Yin shinian didn’t have any objections to the child’s happiness. It was true that she had never brought nainai on a trip before, not even in the country, let alone abroad.
This time, Ji Chenzhou did not ‘come uninvited’ but ‘followed’ like a shadow.
No matter what Feng Yan said to him, he wouldn’t listen and boarded his private jet.
Their first stop was Switzerland, to satisfy Mumu and nainai’s passion for skiing. (Please automatically ignore seasons, required for plot)
However, they had clearly overestimated their ability to resist the cold.
Yin shinian was extremely afraid of the cold, so she stayed in the hotel and did not go out.
She had no choice, Feng Yan had to accompany her.
Mumu and nainai were indeed a match made in heaven. Even the cold couldn’t stop their enthusiasm.
It was hard on Han Bing and Ji Chenzhou.
That night, the two of them were so tired that they lay on the bed like corpses.
However, Mumu and nainai were exceptionally excited.
For the next few days, Yin shinian kept protesting, because Feng Yan said that if she stayed, she would stay. She might as well exercise.
However, this wasn’t the right way to exercise. How could one not get out of bed after exercising every day?
However, the result was that the protest was invalid.
When the children finally had enough of playing in the snow and wanted to move to another place, Yin shinian felt that he was finally going to be liberated.
She suggested going to the Pink Beach in Bahama, which she had seen in a magazine before. It was very beautiful. (Please automatically ignore seasons, required for plot)
She thought that she must go and take a look if she had the chance in the future. This time, she could go and take a look.
The Pink Beach was very beautiful. This time, Yin shinian finally understood what a vacation was.
She was wearing a swimsuit that she had designed and was about to go out when she was pulled back by Feng Yan.
“What are you wearing?” Feng Yan looked at the bikini Yin shinian was wearing and asked with a gloomy face.
Yin shinian looked at what he was wearing and saw that there was nothing wrong with it. He wasn’t wearing it upside down either. Why was he looking at her like this?
“This is a swimsuit!”
“How can you call these two pieces of cloth clothes?”
Feng Yan looked at Yin shinian’s perfect figure, which was completely revealed.
Most of her skin was exposed. I low could he allow her to go out dressed like this?
“Don’t all swimsuits look like this?” Only then did Yin shinian realize why Feng Yan’s face had darkened.
Ever since they got back together, Yin shinian realized that Feng Yan’s possessiveness was even stronger than before.
This was not allowed, that was not allowed. In any case, it was all kinds of orders.
look, look, it’s exposed here, it’s exposed here too, and here, here …
Feng Yan used his finger to point at the various exposed parts of Yin shinian’s body, his tone getting more and more aggressive.
The flames of desire slowly burned in his eyes.
“Feng Yan, look at those women outside. Which one of them is wearing a swimsuit that only shows their eyes?”
Yin shinian couldn’t take it anymore. This was a swimsuit that she had designed. It wasn’t revealing at all. Who wouldn’t wear a swimsuit when they came to the beach to play?
According to his movements, her entire body would only be exposed to her eyes.
“Why would I look at them? I’m only looking at you. Since you’re not allowed to wear it out, why don’t you just stay here? look at how sunny it is outside. Let’s continue to exercise!”
Feng Yan was about to kiss Yin shinian as he spoke, but she avoided him.
“Feng Yan, do you know when to stop?”
Yin shinian was really angry. It was fun to do intimate things, but they had agreed to go on a vacation. Who would stay in bed and exercise every day?
“Haven’t I been doing it twice these days? I’m not controlling myself!”
Feng Yan sounded rather aggrieved when he said this. He had been vegetarian for two years, and now that he finally had some meat to eat, he had to be fed.
Feng Yan, that’s twice in the day and twice at night. Sometimes, you even do it once in the wee hours of the morning. Is this called self-control?”
They had been traveling for more than half a month. Who could stand this every day?
He felt aggrieved and was really furious.
Aiyo, I thought young master Feng would do it seven times a night. I didn’t expect it to be five times a day, and he even has to split it!
Ji Chenzhou’s surprised voice came from behind Feng Yan, and he was full of smiles..

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