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Chapter 1003: Offence

Chapter 1003: Offence....
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She couldn’t help but lend out the second and third, considering she had already lent out one.
Even if they had borrowed the money, their reluctance to return it was evident. They continuously postponed repayment. Could they audaciously demand someone else to return it?
Such actions would undoubtedly offend numerous individuals.
The Tian family had deliberately targeted them, seeking opportunities to find fault. It was an effective strategy.
Mrs. Lin’s worries had dissipated. She engaged in a conversation with the maid on how to spread Qiao Xuan’s reputation…
Meanwhile, Qiao Xuan couldn’t stop thinking about the peony ever since she returned home. After dinner, she inquired with Shao Yunduan if he had any information about it.
After pondering for a moment, Shao Yunduan nodded with a smile. “A few days ago, I heard some news about it.”
Qiao Xuan’s face lit up, and she asked eagerly, “What is happening? Please enlighten me, husband.”
Shao Yunduan felt somewhat helpless. He attempted to recall the details and conveyed them in simple terms.
Just as Qiao Xuan had mentioned, the peony held great spiritual significance for the late Empress Dowager, which made it incredibly valuable to the Emperor. No one within the palace dared to make even the slightest noise about this matter.
Everyone understood that failure to safeguard the peony would result in someone within the palace facing dire consequences.
It was uncertain whether it would implicate the consorts, princes, and princesses.
After all, the Emperor’s wrath was not an exaggerated claim but a harsh reality.
Shao Yunduan’s heart skipped a beat, and he instantly became alert when the thought of Qiao Xuan saving the orchid given by Xie Jingrong crossed his mind. He looked at her with concern and asked, “Why are you inquiring about this? Do you believe you can handle it? It’s too risky!”
Qiao Xuan knew he wouldn’t agree, so she had planned to proceed secretly without informing him.
To her surprise, he had already contemplated the matter after gathering some information.
Deciding not to conceal her intentions, she took hold of his sleeve and gently shook it. “Darling, sometimes you have to take risks to achieve something great…”
“I don’t want you to take such a risk! Don’t talk like that!”
Shao Yunduan was torn between amusement and frustration.
Did he really have to rely on her to venture into the lion’s den?
“Nevertheless, while this task might be extremely challenging for others, I am 80% confident in my abilities. It’s worth giving it a try!”
“Xuan’er, no. If it were any other family, you could go ahead if you wanted. Even if it failed, it wouldn’t have grave consequences. But this involves the royal family. The Emperor is infuriated by this matter. All the court officials, princes, and consorts are on edge, fearing that the Emperor will unleash his anger upon them for no apparent reason. Right now, others can’t wait to keep their distance, and yet you dare to approach him?”
“Not even 99%! Have you considered the consequences if he fails? Have you thought about what the Emperor might do?”
Failure could cost him his life!
His words resonated with Qiao Xuan, leaving her feeling both hesitant and moved. However, she couldn’t bring herself to give up.
“My love, this opportunity is like a rare gift bestowed upon us. If we let it slip away, we will surely regret it. Can’t you trust me just this once? If I didn’t have confidence, why would I be willing to take such a risk?”
“I must go. Help me find a way to achieve a compromise, but please don’t outright reject me! Don’t you realize that Madam Lin is hosting an event in my honor today? Those wives of Hanlin scholars and low-ranking officials are intentionally ridiculing and isolating me. I simply cannot tolerate this humiliation!”
Shao Yunduan furrowed his brow. “What did they do?”
Qiao Xuan smiled. “It’s nothing more than petty and somewhat amusing…”

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