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Chapter 932 – Federation’s 7th Fleet

Chapter 932 – Federation’s 7th Fleet

932 – Federation’s 7th Fleet
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This was a star, a life-forbidden zone!
Just like the trepidation of returning home after a long absence, truly facing it had the greatest impact on him. He was deeply worried about what to do if they couldn’t find Nana on the star. His mind became increasingly chaotic. He couldn’t imagine his feelings if Nana could not be found. Especially after what Nana had said to him. Was she really his mother?
At that moment, a large hand fell on his shoulder. Lan Xuanyu turned to see Mr Le’s tall figure beside him.
“Don’t worry, we will find her. We will bring her home.” Mr Le’s eyes were gentle, but there was an extraordinary determination deep within them.
“Mm.” Lan Xuanyu nodded vigorously.
Mr Le’s words were like a shot of confidence, quickly dispelling all his negative emotions.
The warship hovered in space. They had arrived at the designated coordinates and now had to wait for the arrival of the space fleet.
Admiral Yu Muchen also came to Lan Xuanyu’s side, “According to our database, the temperature and size of this star place it in the middle range of yellow giants. It’s not the worst scenario, but it’s not the best either. The gravity is very strong.”
“Mm.” Lan Xuanyu had reviewed all the data as well. According to the Federation’s recommendation, for safety and time considerations, the search could be conducted three times, each session not exceeding three hours of home planet time. If they didn’t find anything in three attempts, the fleet would have to return. After all, every space fleet carried crucial missions, and this was the maximum support the Federation could provide.
Wang Tianyu also approached the porthole, looking at the star outside. He said in a deep voice, “Teacher Nana was able to hold off Tianlong for such a long time, indicating her cultivation might be at the pinnacle of true god level. With her ability to control fire elements, there’s a good chance she survived. Xuanyu, rest well and maintain your best condition.”
“Yes, thank you, Pavilion Master.”
Waiting was often the hardest part, especially in a situation like this. But some things could be avoided, and some could not. When avoidance was impossible, what choice was left? Staying strong!
Lan Xuanyu’s mindset was evolving through this ordeal. Without experiencing the storm, one cannot see the rainbow. Cultivation could be achieved through hard work, but the tempering of the mind often required enduring the most painful mental anguish. Unknowingly, the boy was growing up. Even though he never wished for such growth.
The two days passed slowly. Even in meditation, time seemed to drag on. Until an alarm suddenly sounded, jolting everyone awake.
Lan Xuanyu was the first to spring up from the ground. The alarm didn’t signify danger. With six god-level powerhouses on board, the safety of the warship was assured even in space.
When Lan Xuanyu rushed to the porthole, his whole body trembled, and an indescribable emotion spread through his heart. For the first time in his life, he felt immense gratitude toward the Federation, a powerful sense of warmth, and shock.
Although he had seen the space fleet on screens many times, witnessing it in space was an incomparable experience, far beyond anything he had seen on a screen.
Outside the porthole, the first thing he saw was a colossal entity, as vast as a city.
A massive warship, stretching over ten thousand meters, presented a unique form. The warship was irregular in shape, predominantly rectangular with a rounded bottom, and at the front, there was a huge sphere with a diameter exceeding five hundred meters. Various lights flickered across its surface. Even in the vastness of space, it hovered like a cosmic behemoth.
A mothership—this was a space mothership! The pinnacle of the Douluo Federation’s military power. Each mothership required almost the entire resources of a resource star to construct. Aboard a mothership, over a hundred thousand soldiers worked. It was essentially a floating city.
This was humanity’s ultimate weapon, the most terrifying entity. Its main cannon could easily obliterate a planet. Its shield was impenetrable, even by a super god-level powerhouse. It embodied the pinnacle of human ingenuity.
With such formidable entities, the Douluo Federation could continually conquer, expand its influence, acquire more resources, and facilitate human migration and better survival.
Surrounding this gigantic mothership were four relatively slender, but still massive warships, each over four thousand five hundred meters long. The most notable feature of these warships was the multitude of menacing gun turrets. Like giant dragons, they bared their fangs without restraint.
Lan Xuanyu had never seen such warships before—Dragon King-class frigates. In a space fleet, these were the second-tier warships, existing to protect the mothership.
Four Dragon King-class frigates could combine forces with the mothership, forming an indomitable unit. As long as one frigate remained, the mothership would not be directly attacked. Anything attempting to approach the mothership would be shredded.
Beyond the four Dragon King-class frigates were twelve warships, each between two thousand and four thousand meters in length, known as War God-class warships. These were the main warships of the space fleet. Typically, a large fleet with one War God-class warship as its core, accompanied by Meteor-class attack ships, Meteor-class scout ships, supply ships, transport ships, and other warships, could be considered fully equipped.
At this moment, these twelve warships could only form the outer defense of the mothership.
In addition to these seventeen massive warships, there were countless Meteor-class attack ships and Meteor-class scout ships. Even in space, as Lan Xuanyu gazed through the porthole, they seemed to blot out the sky. It felt as though they obscured the light of the star.
This was the space fleet. No man could resist the allure of these warships, or the desire to become a warship commander. This had been Lan Xuanyu’s childhood dream.
This was the ultimate power! The most formidable strength of humanity!
“The Federation’s Seventh Fleet. It’s the newest fleet in service, boasting the best equipment among the seven fleets. It incorporates all the latest technologies, the culmination of countless scientists’ efforts. The fleet’s commander is General Bai Ling, who was my teacher in the Star Wars Command Department. It was only after securing his agreement that I proposed this rescue mission to the Federation. General Bai Ling highly values the crucial intelligence you brought back and volunteered to assist in this rescue mission since his fleet is the closest to this star.” Even as an admiral and a top military official, Yu Muchen still felt his blood boil when he saw the space fleet outside.
“Kid, individual power is ultimately insignificant. Even with our level of cultivation, we’re still small in the face of such a massive space fleet. So, your choice is correct. Becoming a warship commander is the ultimate goal for a man.”
“General Yu, isn’t it a bit inappropriate to poach our people right in front of us?” A cheerful voice interrupted.
Hearing this, Yu Muchen turned his head somewhat helplessly. “Am I wrong?”
The one who spoke was not from Shrek Academy but Meng Fei, the head of the Tang Sect’s Battle Hall, a middle-aged man who appeared very gentle and unassuming.
Meng Fei chuckled, “No, you’re not wrong. When I was young, I also had the urge to become a warship commander. But the military is a tangled web of intricate relationships. Each of the seven fleet commanders has their own sphere of influence. Moreover, the Federation doesn’t allow graduates from Shrek Academy’s inner court to join the military. If you can solve that issue, then you can try recruiting our Xuanyu.”

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