Novel Name : Death… And Me

Chapter 2696 Destroy!

Chapter 2696 Destroy!

As mentioned before, The Purple Crystal allowed the twins' group cultivation to reach a level similar to the Semi-Celestials. As long as they are in this world, they won't be weaker, at the very least. Yet, Roan was making quick work of that Wonder Beast, something that Sansara and Black Locust had to join forces to achieve the same result.
Why? That's because Sansara and Black Locust refrained from using their Semi-Celesital powers of controlling and changing the laws. Only when the Semi-Celestials are in that state would they similar in strength to Roan. Obviously, Roan doesn't need nor can he change the laws, but his Chaos Cultivation definitely made up for that.
Meanwhile, Sansara finally spotted the twins' group, focusing on Kafan in the distance. "Kafan, help me!"
Kafan wanted nothing more than to kill the guy, though. After all, he was bringing five Wonder Beasts to them. Yet, he knew that ignoring this issue would be worse, so he immediately attacked. Seeing the strength of the Wonder Beast Roan was fighting, he didn't hold back and used his merged energies from the start.
'Death Energy Domain!'
His Domain spread, getting in contact with the Wonder Beasts behind Sansara. Yet, those Wonder Beasts were indeed much stronger than the ones outside. Although Kafan's Death Energy Domain did cause some effect, it was minimal. "Sansara, hold one of them back, we will take care of the other four."
Sansara nodded, relieved. With Kafan, Celis, Kentucky, and Rean, they had five cultivators, the same number of Wonder Beasts. Sansara immediately turned back as Kafan passed for him and attacked the rightmost Wonder Beast.
The other three didn't wait and quickly went after Sansara. However, Rean, Kentucky, and Celis weren't any slower. Their Chaos Cultivation circulated as they ponced at those three, one each.
'Kawa Blade Domain!'
Countless Blade Feathers, covered by Spatial Power, Chaos Laws, Chaos Energy, and Light and Dark Elements spread all around. 'Vine Assault!'
Celis's roots also shot from everywhere, piercing the Wonder Beast he was fighting from all sides.
'Life Fire, Flame Emperor Sword!'
Rean's Light and Fire Elements merged together as his Chaos Laws, Chaos Energy, Sky Energy, and Weapon Aura created a sea of White Fire that descended upon the Wonder Beast he chose to fight. They didn't know how Sansara managed to get so many Wonder Beasts after him, but there was no guarantee there weren't more of them coming. That said, his group didn't hold back from the very start.
One of Kentucky's Blade Feather managed to hit the Core of the Wonder Beast he was fighting, showing him where to attack. Kentucky's body suddenly lit up with Light and Dark Flames, those flames then converged on ten specific Blade Feathers from his body. Spatial Power and Chaos Cultivation also covered them, emanating a powerful sensation.
'Yin Yang Sky Feather Blades!'
This was a new attack Kentucky created while fighting the Wonder Beasts. His most powerful attacks relied on his making contact with the enemy with his beak or talons, like the Kawa Divine Thrust or the Divine Bird Strike for example. Yet, from the start, making contact with these Wonder Beasts wasn't a good option, so Kentucky came up with this one type of ranged attack.
Those ten feathers were hundreds of times more powerful than the countless Blade Feathers created by Kentucky's Domain. However, they also had their down side. Kentucky used his Regal Minokawa Bloodline to make them this powerful. Or, to be more specific, to make them strong enough to hold all that power inside. Just like in the past, it would take Kentucky some time to recover that lost bloodline, so he had to be careful when to use it.
Those ten feathers then detached from Kentucky's body and flashed in the Wonder Beast's Direction. It, as always, completely ignored everything as it tried to get to its target. If not because Kentucky's Domain Blade Feathers were barring its way, it would have reached Sansara already.
*Swish, swish, swish, swish...*
Kentucky used all those ten feathers to strike at the same time, using the normal blade feathers to continue to pinpoint the Wonder Beast's Core.
*Crack, crack, crash!*
The Wonder Beast's Core immediately broke apart, not being able to resist Kentucky's feathers. Yet, Kentucky wasn't happy with the result as he used his Divine Sense to warn the others. 'Its core resisted the first six strikes of my Yin Yang Sky Feather Blades, breaking only when the seventh struck. It's not only the Chaos Laws and Energy within these Wonder Beasts that are strong. Their Cores seem to be extremely resistant as well.'
Celis's vines managed to hit the core of the Wonder Beast, but even with their strength, Celis failed to break the Wonder Beast's core. Hearing Kentucky's Divine Sense only confirmed what he was experiencing. 'Kentucky is right. It completely resisted my Vine Assault.'
On the other side, Rean's body flashed as his sword shined with Dark and Light Elements.
'Death Style, Stellar Piercer!'
Rean's first attack covered a wide area, which helped him find the location of the Wonder Beast's Core. He them repeated the Flame Emperor Sword... and failed to break the core, just like Kentucky. It wasn't a problem, though. Rean switched to the Stellar Piercer, which had a powerful single-point attack. When it came to overall strength, the Flame Emperor sword was definitely stronger since it also used more energy. But for a concentrated attack the Stellar Piercer was still the best he had.
*Puft! Crack, crack... bang!*
The Wonder Beast's Core also broke, bringing the Wonder Beast down with it. Rean narrowed his eyes in response. 'So hard! And these Wonder Beasts' Chaos Laws and Energy are truly highly concentrated. I had to be careful to not stay close for long as the sheer amount of Chaos Laws and Energy were able to slowly surpass my Chaos Cultivation Barrier.'
Roan then appeared on his side like a shadow. Since he was the first one to start to fight his Wonder Beast, he obviously was the first to finish it as well. 'It is still manageable.' He then looked at Celis. 'Need help?'
'Hmph!' Celis definitely didn't like that question. 'No need.'
*Crack, crack, crash...*
As soon as Celis answer, the Core of the Wonder Beast Celis was fighting crumbled... devoid of energy! 'You guys underestimate too much the power of the Absorption Laws.'
Roan faintly smiled. 'So it seems. Let's help Kafan and Sansara then.'

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