Novel Name : Epic Of Caterpillar

Chapter 2292 Jon, Adamantine, And Adan

Chapter 2292 Jon, Adamantine, And Adan

"So many fresh souls to devour!"
"This is all you can eat buffet!"
"These souls are powerful too, they come from a parallel Earth?!"
"We've hit the jackpot!"
A dozen gigantic Outer Gods appeared above the skies of one of the many cities of the Red Moon, infiltrating through the cracks they continuously created. Scarlet was fighting with everything it had to stop their advance, but with Yog-Sothoth summoning endless amounts of Lesser Gods, it eventually ended having its defenses pierced.
As they loomed above yet another city, inside the city, the people started to notice the giant silhouettes above the sky, beginning to rapidly panic. Yet such commotion didn't move a young man, with short black hair, and three eyes. Each one of his eyes had a distinct color, one was red, the other blue, and the third, on his forehead, was purple.
He was rather tall, with a slender figure and a charming, handsome face, yet his expression always seemed rather distant, on his own world. He was wearing a black suit, reading ancient Abyss Books he had retrieved from the surface long ago.
Sitting inside of his giant persona library, he was drinking a cup of blood while reading in silence, he enjoyed these little moments of peace, as a ruler of the small city of Silver Spire, he was its ruler.
Yet his peace was quickly taken away as his eyes widened, his book fell down into the floor, as he barely managed to grab the cup of blood before it was to fall over his book.
The door of his office was slammed open as a beautiful, yet wild-looking woman entered, with messy long blonde hair, a wild, beast-like eyes resembling those of a lioness, glowing with gold, and wearing skimpy clothes barely covering her chest and her hips, with a lot of golden accessories around her body.
"Hey Jon! What are you doing?!" she roared furiously. "There are giant Outer Gods out there! Noah called us all out and you're the only one that didn't go to the meeting!"
"Oh, Adamantine," said Jon, smiling slightly. "Was the meeting good- What? Outer Gods you said?"
"Yes honey! OUTER GODS! They're out there, hurry!" she said angrily, her Aura quickly growing stronger and larger, resembling a beast made of shadows and darkness.
"Okay I'll take care of it," Jon nodded, placing the book on the bookshelf carefully. "Dear, you can go then."
"You better not slack around, you're my husband after all, so better show off why I chose you!" the wild Vampiress roared, slamming the wall and breaking it open, jumping into the skies.
"Hahhh… Did she had to break the wall?" Jon sighed.
He looked up into the ceiling, his special eyes capable of seeing through all matter. He noticed all the Outer Gods, nodding. If only that book about Vampire Werewolf biology made by an ancient alchemist wasn't so good, he would have found out about this a bit earlier.
"Hm, Noah and the rest are all fighting too…" he nodded, walking across his library-like building, the Silver Spire that gave this city its name was actually his home and the home of his wife, Adamantine.
And his son, Adan.
"Ah, he's already besides his mother, of course," Jon smiled slightly bitterly. "That boy is much more compatible with her than with his boring father…"
Across the skies, two figures overflowing with shadows and darkness emerged, the citizens pointed at the from above, as they quickly trespassed the barrier above the city, which resembled a bubble, and reached the swarm of Lesser Outer Gods.
Adamantine came accompanied by her bratty son, a wild young man with fiery red eyes and long black hair. He had been mostly hunting creatures in the Dungeons of the Red Moon, but the moment he saw this invasion, he couldn't miss the bloodshed.
"Mother are these the Outer Gods that we fought thousands of years ago?" he wondered, smiling defiantly.
His dark aura slowly began to transform into a ferocious three-headed wolf, with countless crimson eyes spread through the entirety of his aura, his figure didn't change, but his presence resembled that of a Wild Beast.
The same as his mother.
Her Aura gave a loud howl, her Vampiric Aura of Shadows was even larger than her son, at least four times as large, taking the shape of a five-headed chimeric wolf instead, with long wings and several tails that ended on the heads of snakes.
"That's right! It seems that the Outer Gods bastards that have terrorized this world before are back!" laughed Adamantine. "And you know what that means, boy! We HUNT!"
"HELL YEAH!" laughed Adan. "Wait… What about dad? He's still reading boring books?!"
"Your father is… Well, maybe, but he said he would help so- Ah, there!"
As the two approached the Outer Gods, Adamantine noticed something.
The Outer Gods drew closer to Silver Spire, their tentacles and eyes gathered void essence, about to tear apart everything and devour the souls of the citizens.
Bright light emerged out of nowhere, as Jon closed his eyes within the Silver Spire, standing right inside of the highest floor. His powers expanded as the skies shone brightly, his immensely powerful Domain expanded, Cosmic Essence, Blood Energy, and Cursed Energy fused together, bringing forth his amazing powers.
"[Clairvoyance Domain]"
First, he expanded his sense of vision within ten thousand kilometers surrounding him, enough to be able to cover the entire skies above him and all his surroundings. Nothing escaped his vision.
And why? Because this was all he needed.
"W-What's that?!"
The Outer Gods glared at the red, blue, and purple light that covered hundreds of kilometers across the entire sky, without leaving almost no place untouched.
And then the light quickly took shape, the shape of eyes, countless, big eyes, with large eyelashes, and bright, colorful irises.
"Eyes? What sort of-"
Before they could laugh at the eyes at all, thousands of beams were fired at all of them at once. Twenty Lesser Outer Gods died within seconds; their entire bodies being filled with countless holes until they exploded into pieces.
"Woah, dad's amazing!" Adan laughed.
"See? I told you that he would join," Adamantine smiled.
However, Lesser Outer Gods continued coming from the cracks, endlessly.
"Now let's take care of those!"

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