Novel Name : Reincarnated! My Parents and Brothers Beg for My Forgiveness

Chapter 752 - Blood Calamity

Chapter 752 - Blood Calamity

Blood Calamity....
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The two of them chatted for a while more before Yu Su left. Before returning to the villa, she even went to see Wu Zhen.
Wu Zhen’s Dharmic powers had all dissipated, and his meridians were broken. It was no longer possible for him to cultivate again. He would not be able to harm anyone in the future.
After seeing that, Yu Su left in satisfaction.
Two days later.
At the dining table, Yu Miao said carefully to Hu Ying, “Mom, I’ve contacted Master Peng to remove the remaining worm poison in your body. Do you have time? Master Peng has already agreed.”
These days, Hu Ying’s mood was very difficult to deal with. She would fly into a rage whenever something didn’t go her way.
Hu Ying was stunned for a moment and suddenly thought of the Daoist priest who was full of immortal aura.
Recently, she had been constipated. She had found several Daoist priests and they all said that this was the side effect of the worm poison. As time passed, she would recover.
However, Hu Ying was unwilling to give up. She went to several hospitals but still could not be cured.
She didn’t expect her adopted daughter to be so considerate and ask Master Peng for help. She was a little touched.
She said slowly, “Of course I have time. You’re still the most considerate.”
Yu Miao heaved a sigh of relief.
She leaned her head on Hu Ying’s shoulder. “I see Mom’s sad face every day. I feel terrible too. Mom, you have to get better quickly.”
When Hu Ying heard these considerate words, she felt extremely comfortable. “It’s a good thing that I still have you by my side. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know what to do.”
She thought of her sons again and became angry again.
She had given birth to four sons, but none of them cared about her!
During this period of time, there was not a single person who called to care about her. It made her too disappointed.
Hu Ying said coldly, “It’s like I didn’t give birth to those four sons at all!”
Yu Miao saw the hatred in Hu Ying’s eyes. She lowered her head and sneered. She said softly, “Perhaps my brothers are all busy. I’ll spend more time with Mom when I have time.”
“Busy? What are they so busy about? I don’t believe it!”
Hu Ying was even angrier. She rambled on for a full two hours.
In the end, when she was tired, Yu Miao asked carefully, “Mom, why don’t I make an appointment with Master Peng tomorrow? I’m afraid Master Peng has something on at the last minute tomorrow.”
“Alright, go ahead!” Hu Ying took a sip of tea and said coldly.
After Yu Miao was done, she asked Hu Ying for another sum of money. Hu Ying transferred a million dollars to her bank card.
In her heart, she looked down on this sum of money, but she accepted it with a smile. Her eyes were filled with tears. “Mom, you’re so good. I’ll definitely take good care of you in the future.”
Of course, Yu Miao knew what Hu Ying wanted. After all, Yu Su had cut ties with her.
After hearing Yu Miao’s words, Hu Ying immediately smiled. “Alright, with a good daughter like you, I can rest assured for the rest of my life. I don’t care about the four of them!”
Right now, she felt like she was alone.
Whether it was her husband, her maternal family, or her biological children, they did not care about her. She needed love very much.
Hu Ying smiled and said, “Ask Mom for more money after you’re done spending it. I still have money here.”
Yu Miao hugged Hu Ying and said sweetly, “I’m really lucky to be your daughter. I must have been great in my previous life!”
Her lowered eyes, however, were cold and even a little disgusted.
When the servants saw this scene, they could not help but purse their lips.
This mother-daughter pair was more fake than any other.
The next day.
When they arrived at the agreed place, Master Peng appeared as promised. He cleansed the remaining poison in Hu Ying’s body cleanly.
After everything was done, Yu Miao handed over the gift. “I’ll transfer the remuneration to your assistant’s card later. This is a small token of appreciation from Mrs. Yu. Please accept it.”
Peng Chan stroked his beard with a smile and said to Hu Ying, “Mrs. Yu, you’re too polite. It’s my honor to help you with the ritual.”
Hearing that Master Peng was giving her face, Hu Ying felt extremely happy.
She smiled and said, “It’s good that you like it. This is just a small token of appreciation. I still have to rely on you in the future!”
Ever since she experienced the pain of the worm poison acting up, she knew the importance of metaphysical masters. She told herself not to offend metaphysical masters.
Master Peng smiled modestly. “No, no. I have to rely on Mrs. Yu. The Yu family is huge. I’m just slightly proficient in metaphysics.”
The two of them chatted for a while more, and the atmosphere was harmonious.
Master Peng suddenly asked, “Mrs. Yu, we’re having a good chat. I’m fated with you. I want to remind you that your biological daughter, Yu Su, is going to face a bloody calamity soon.. You have to remind her!”

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