Novel Name : Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System

Chapter 1176 Rainy Day

Chapter 1176 Rainy Day

"A forest…." Kana pursed her lips. She looked up at the darkening sky and frowned. "No magic…. I can feel a powerful seal sealing my magic, but my strength is still there. So I can only fight with a sword and fists. At least she did not restrict me from talking to my babies and Handsome Husband."
Kana could smell the moisture in the air, which meant it would rain soon. She had to first find some shelter. "Need meat too…" Kana mumbled as she began walking through the forest. With the dark clouds blocking the sunlight, the area around her was becoming very dark, but Kana could still see clearly, thanks to being a dragon girl.
She walked for almost three hours before finding a large tree sitting over a mound that was kind of dug out that seemed like it would at least give her some cover from the rain. It had two large roots covering the entrance, but the space between the roots and the dirt wall was not much. She would not have much room to move around unless she dug it out more.
"Well… Since I have nothing better to do at this moment, I will need a few days to adjust to this place. Which means I will need to see what kind of monsters I am up against, so having a resting spot is not too bad of an idea." Kana mused as she walked over to the roots and stuck her head inside. "Hmmm, not as bad as I thought. I only need to dig out a little bit to make enough room to rest for the night." Kana was not one to waste time. She went right to work. She found a big sharp rock and began digging. By the time she was halfway done, the rain started coming down. Heavy bands of rain drenched the ground. If it was not for the fact that Kana was on a slope, the small inlet she found would end up being flooded. All the dirt she was digging out was being tossed down to form a small barrier, just in case. Because she did not know anything about the world she was on, she did not know if she would end up being stuck in a rainstorm for days on end or if it would just pass by quickly. With how she had yet to see any monsters, she wondered if they all went into hiding.
Kana's worries about the weather were not unfounded. A while later, the wind began to pick up, and rain started to move sideways. The trees began to bend almost to their breaking point as Kana walked through it. Looking for the perfect tree. Soaked head to toe, Kana finally stopped at a tree that was about to break and punched it dead center at the middle of the bend. A loud cracking sound was heard, and the whole top of the tree fell to the ground. "This will do. Now to cut a bed out of this and dry it off."
Kana's poor sword was being used for things it should never be used for. Kana cut the thick trunk that was five Kanas wide into a block of wood before moving it into the now dug-out she had created. With the roots as a shield, Kana placed the wooden block she planned to use as a bed in a dry spot and laid down on it. Kana did not plan to sleep, but she did wish to lounge around. She would not do much more than she already had with this temporary abode, but it was enough to get through the storm, or at least she hoped.
The rain kept coming down, and the sounds of trees and limbs breaking could be heard echoing through the forest. But the wind and rain howled, seeming not to want to stop until the entire area became flooded. There were still no sounds of monsters anywhere. But Kana did not mind. She would wait out the storm and then go pick a fight with some monsters. Just how many days it would take was another story. "I guess I will see what Creige is up to." With a wave of her hand, a window opened up showing, Creige in a hot bath relaxing. Kana's eyes squinted as she licked her lips. "Hubby, you look very good right now."
"Then come and join me." Creige teased back. Kana pursed her lips since she knew this man knew she could only contact and talk to them. "You know I can't. But at least this is the last trial. When it is done, we will be in the new realm. Whether that realm is where we stop or not is another story. I only know that for now, I just wish to settle down in a small town someplace and rest with all of you. The last trial took a lot out of me and made me realize that mortal lives are precious. They live merely around one hundred years and then pass away. The people they meet and befriend are precious especially if they are friends who you can trust. I finally know what it is like to grow up from a young age with two loving parents. Creige, I want another baby." Kana wanted to have more kids. But she also knew that it would not be good to do so until she knew how the realm she was heading to was. "Umm… After we settle down in the new realm for a few years." Kana added, which made Creige give her an approving nod. While he loved Kana and would never say no to her wanting more children, he also knew that once they reach this new realm everyone except for Kana will need to hurry up and become more powerful. He was the one with the biggest target on his head since Kana's past life's husband seemed to want her back no matter what. This was something he would never allow as long as he was alive.

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