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Chapter 1868: Combination Technique and Home for the New Year (4)

Chapter 1868: Combination Technique and Home for the New Year (4)....
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“That would be best.” Xu Tui smiled and glanced at Ullr, who was nodding vigorously. He shook his head in his heart. Ullr was really as he had judged.
Ullr’s thoughts were, “IfI really discovered the combination ofdivine power, how could I take the initiative to say it? I definitely won’t say it. I won’t even use it easily. This combination of divine power will become my greatest trump card. I would be a fool ifI said it.”
Xu Tui was speechless. It was exactly as he had expected. However, now that he had his psychic mind reading, Ullr would be a fool to do this. Currently, he still needed Ullr’s ability. However, Xu Tui would remember Ullr’s past, present, and future actions. He had to settle the score with him one day in the future.
Xu Tui would not easily tell anyone about his combination divine power. It was relatively difficult for him to use the psychic mind reading, or rather, it took up too much of the position of a new star. The two auxiliary new stars, especially the spiritual resonance, were not very useful in actual combat.
In the later stages, every superb individual would activate a genetic ability chain of mental perception. However, they basically did not condense a star with a mental perception genetic ability chain.
There were too few positions. However, the most important thing was that his psychic mind reading was too abnormal and disturbing. As long as someone who had obtained the ability of his psychic mind reading stood in front of you, your mind would not be guarded. There would be no secrets or privacy.
This was too terrifying!
He would even become the public enemy of humanity under the guidance of public opinion. After all, modern humans paid more attention to privacy.
Therefore, Xu Tui did not plan to talk about it for the time being. In the future, if there were suitable candidates, he would only consider letting them cultivate the combination ability of psychic mind reading.
Although Xu Tui had already told the Blue Star Expeditionary Force that met the requirements, no one, including Ullr, immediately tried to find a combination ability.
Such a cultivation opportunitv was once in a blue moon. Whoever put down their cultivation and did something else would be a fool.
Xu Tui was not a fool. Therefore, he began to cultivate at high speed again. This time, he chose to cultivate the mental perception nova, which was in the mid-stage of fourth star halo. Under the enhancement of a portion of the novas, it reached the sixth star halo and obtained such a combination divine power.
Xu Tui felt that he had to normalize this combination ability. It would be more useful in the future. Especially when fighting the enemy, its role was more important.
Otherwise, he would have to mobilize other novas to enhance his mental perception nova when he fought the enemy. This would be equivalent to being distracted during the battle. It would be very fatal.
Therefore, Xu Tui had to cultivate his psychic mind reading to become normal. Only then could it play a greater role in the battle and the future. After all, the key thought in many people’s hearts was actually fleeting. It would be a little too late if Xu Tui obtained the psychic mind reading at the last minute.
Xu Tui’s predatory cultivation speed was much faster than others. In just half a day, he had strengthened his mental perception nova from the mid-stage of the fourth level to the early-stage of the sixth level.
Xu Tui tried it out. The mental perception nova in the early-stage of the sixth star halo and the spiritual resonance nova in the mid-stage of the fourth star halo, when combined, would form the psychic mind reading.
This ability was completed. However, the cultivation did not end.
On the 4th of February, Year 2142 of the Blue Star Calendar, Xu Tui stopped cultivating when 10% of the underground earth vein of Asteroid 699 was left.
Xu Tui’s Mountain Nova also became the third nova in his body to break through to the seventh level. Before this, there were only the mind power main planet and the Vajra secondary main planet.
A few minutes later, because of the depletion of energy, everyone from the Blue Star Expeditionary Force looked at Xu Tui. At the same time, Xu Tui’s voice sounded.
“Brothers, in three days, it will be the Chinese New Year in Huaxia! Do you want to go home for the New Year?” “Yes!” Excited cheers rang out..

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