Novel Name : Checklist J, K, L

Chapter 11

That single, relatively simple scene of a flogging followed by fucking could have kept her content for
quite a while. At most, she and Grif usually saw each other twice a month, so she’d learned to hoard
the feelings of satisfaction, to keep her going through the times when she lay alone in her bed.

But they were only a few hours into their first night together. There was plenty more time to play.

That was both thrilling, and terrifying, because she couldn’t unring a bell, and couldn’t go back to
ignoring the depth of her feelings for him.

“Still doing okay?” His lips flittered over her cheek, just below the blindfold he’d put on her so he could
set up the next scene without her knowing what he was planning.

Davina inhaled as she arched her back, hoping to tempt him to play with her breasts. She was naked,
and sitting on the table where they’d had their relationship meeting, her legs spread the width of the
table. She swung her feet idly, enjoying simply being in his presence.

“And with that…” There was a thump. “We are ready.”

“Can I look?”

“Ah ah, my minx. Not yet.”

She heard him approach, reached out for him as he came close. He didn’t reprimand her or order her
to put her hands down. Each moment they spent together where she was submissive to him in that way
she’d dared not be, and he didn’t react or behave the way Vance had, was a balm over an old wound.

He guided her hands to his shoulders, then grabbed her hips, sliding her to the edge of the table.

“Hold tight,” he commanded.

She wrapped her arms and legs around him. He picked her up, fingers digging into her ass as he
carried her towards whatever delicious thing he had planned.

“You know,” she said in his ear. “I used to fantasize about you planning some sexy mystery scene that I
didn’t know anything about.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because it was a fantasy, and so often the fantasy isn’t worth it. And I like planning scenes, I really

“You’ll still plan scenes with me, but not while the collar is on. This is still a partnership.” He set her ass
down on something narrow. She clung to his shoulders until she found her balance. “But now it’s a
partnership where we’re a little more honest about what we need, and how we feel.”

She didn’t quite manage to hide the wince his last words caused. If she were honest about how she
felt, she’d tell this man who had been her sex buddy for years, but whom she’d seen outside the club
only once, that she was in love with him.


Grif must not have been looking at her face, because he didn’t comment. Instead he was busy helping
her get into a slightly odd position. She was kneeling with her legs spread, and leaning back just
enough to prop her ass against the narrow thing he’d first seated her on. Straps came tight over her
calves and ankles, confirming the feeling that she wasn’t kneeling on the floor or a solid surface, but on
some sort of padded platform.

“I know you like, need, tight bondage, but I want you free to move around once I have you prepped, so
I’m going to put you in a sleeve, but I promise it won’t be for long. Arms back. Brace them on the bench
behind your butt.”

“Rope bondage and tight bondage made it easier for me to find my serenity. Now that…” she wanted to
chicken out and use a euphemism, but she forced herself to speak the truth. “Now that you’re my
master, not just my top or my partner, I think it’s going to be a lot easier.”

She smelled baby powder in the moment before he started to sprinkle it on her arms. His big hands
smoothed the powder along her skin.

“You no longer like tight bondage?” Though he asked the question, he didn’t stop his preparation for
putting her in the sleeve. That sent a little thrill of arousal through her—that he was going to do what he
wanted to her, no matter what she said, was wonderful in all the right, perverse ways.

There was the tacky, plastic sound of a latex or vinyl fabric being shaken out, and then he pressed her
wrists together. The sleeve—a single piece of fabric that went around both arms, forcing them together,
was wrapped around both arms. She heard him buckle the starter restraints in place, then felt the
tugging as he started to draw the laces tighter. She rolled her shoulders back, trying to draw her
shoulder blades down, almost as she would in yoga, which would allow her elbows to come closer

He took advantage of that, tightening the sleeve until her wrists and forearms were entirely touching
and her elbows almost completely together.

“How are your shoulders?”

“Okay, for now.” It wasn’t exactly comfortable but it wasn’t meant to be; it was a stress position, but one
she could hold.

“You will tell me if they start to hurt.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Damn it, Minx, you’re going to make my cock hard again.”

She hummed her appreciation for that, well aware that with her knees spread and arms back, both her
pussy and breasts were on display.

“That hardly seems like a problem.”

“It wouldn’t be, if I didn’t have other plans for your pussy.”

That sounded promising. “You could fuck my ass, or my mouth.”

“And I intend to do both.”

He yanked the blindfold off, and she blinked a few times before focusing on his face. Grif was looming
over her, standing between her spread knees, his eyes dark and intense with desire.

Davina licked her lower lip, then let her mouth fall open as she exhaled.

Grif growled, cupped the back of her head with his hands, and kissed her hard and deep. His kisses
were like a drug, a pleasure so intense she could drown in it.

This is what it feels like to be kissed by the man you love.

He pulled back, but not far, his mouth trailing down the line of her neck to her collarbone, which he
nipped gently. Lower again, and now he was licking and nipping her breast, his breath hot on her skin.
He teased her, touching her everywhere but her sensitive nipples.

For one horrible moment she wondered if he was going to use those nipple cages again. It would be a
punishment, a kind of torture, when she so longed to have him touch and play with the tips of her

Finally he kissed each nipple, a chaste brush of lips before straightening. “Why aren’t you wearing your
nipple bars?”

“I was hoping…I was hoping if I didn’t have them, then you would play with them more.”

He cupped her breasts, lifting them. “Have I neglected your nipples in the past?”

“No, Master. At least, not until last week. I hated the nipple cages.”

“Thank you for telling me. How long can you go without having jewelry in before they close up?”

“A day or so, Master.”

“And how long ago did you take them out?”

“Just before I left the Subs’ Garden.”

“Then we’ll leave them off for now. It works well with what I have planned.”

Grif walked away, back to the velvet covered table he’d been standing at when she first walked in.

Now that he was occupied, she looked down at herself. She was bound to a spanking bench, but
instead of face down, she was facing backwards, with her butt braced on the edge of the torso support,
knees and lower legs on the kneeler pads.

A low stool was positioned between her spread knees, and she really hoped that was where Grif was
planning to sit. It would put his head level with her pussy.

The man’s tongue was a gift to women, and several times in the past she’d thanked whatever generous
soul had taken the time to train him how to eat pussy properly.

Grif came back, shirtless, all muscles and those lovely freckles she liked to kiss.

Her own shoulders were starting to ache, but that was forgotten when he took a seat on the stool
between her legs.

“You’re smiling,” he said.

“I’m excited,” she murmured. “This seems promising.”

He grinned, then let out a low chuckle that did things to her insides. He was a sexy man with a sexy

“I have a present for you,” he said. “Custom ordered, not something from the stockpile in the Den.” He
stretched out one leg and started digging in his pocket.

“Jewelry?” The trepidation she felt was present in her voice.

His head snapped up. “You okay?”

She nodded.

“Oh no, no. Talk to me.”

“I just…I’m scared it will end like it did last time.”

“It won’t because now we know what we’re doing. If you start to go too deep, I’ll pull you back.” He
drew his hand from his pocket, then turned it palm up, showing her the small collection of items.

“What are they, Master?”

“A set of labia clips, clit cuff, and a nipple chain.” He picked up what she’d thought was a costume
jewelry necklace, showing her the ends, which had loops of thin twine and beads in place of a jewelry
clasp. Between those was a gold two-strand necklace set with a dozen evenly spaced dark rhinestones
that looked almost like black diamonds.

She was assuming it was costume, because if it wasn’t, he was holding six figures’ worth of gems.

“You had that…custom made for me?” She asked.

“Yes. Though it’s not exactly what I wanted, it’s what I could get rush shipped in time.” He laid the
nipple chain over his knee, then held up the labia clips, which were simple jewelry clips rather than
clamps—similar to what was used for clip on earrings—and would hug rather than compress. A two-
inch gold chain connected them, set with a stone that matched the nipple jewelry.

“And this is for your sweet clit.” He held up the final piece. A large black stone dangled from a tiny gold
cuff. If you didn’t know better, you might think you were looking at an ear cuff with a single-stone
pendant attached to it.

“Have you ever worn clit jewelry?”

“Not like that, Master. Some clamps—”

“Ah yeah, I was there for that.”

“—some of those ones that look like tuning forks that you slide over, but nothing like that.”

“Then let’s start with the good stuff.” Grif closed his hand, the labia and clit jewelry hidden in his fist,
then he leaned in, pressed his mouth against her pussy, and went to work.

Her body, still wonderfully tender from the two orgasms she’d had, reacted to the first sweep of his
tongue as if she’d been struck with a cattle prod. She jerked and gasped, her thigh muscles straining
with the instinctive need to close around his head and hold him there.

He sucked her clit into his mouth, his nose buried against her mound, his chin wedged between her
labia. He pulled back, her clit sliding between his lips, every millimeter of sensitive flesh stimulated by
the soft touch of his mouth. Fingers were wonderful, but there was something about the softness of a

man’s mouth against her pussy that she found wildly erotic. As if it was only now, when he used his
mouth to pleasure her, that he was able to match the softness of her body with his own softness,
instead of the invasive hardness of fingers or erect cock.

He licked gently, not flicking the way some did, but rubbing his tongue up and down.

Her toes curled, her pussy clenched and then…

He pulled back.

Davina opened her mouth, ready to say something snarky, to chide him for teasing her. The collar at
her throat, the gentle but insistent pressure of it, stopped her. She would have her time to tease him, to
banter and demand, but not now, not when he was her Master.

Grif spread her pussy lips with two fingers. “Are you ready, Minx?”

“Yes, Master.”

He positioned the cuff above her clit at the apex of her labia, then slid it down onto her clit. The
diameter was small enough that once he had it in place, around the widest part of her clit, there was no
space between the metal and her flesh. The open edges dug in to the base of her clit just enough to be

“This will hurt,” he warned.

She didn’t have time to ask what would hurt before he was pinching the cuff, squeezing it tighter onto
her clit. She cried out, tears stinging her eyes.

“Well done,” he murmured. “Beautiful, my minx. Beautiful.”

She took a breath, and realized that it didn’t hurt any longer, but she could feel the added pressure. It
was an unfamiliar sensation, but far from unpleasant. It made her aware of her clit in a way she
normally wasn’t, even when aroused. She shifted her weight from knee to knee and the jewel dangling
from the clit cuff tapped against her labia.

“That is so fucking sexy,” he growled. “I want to see all of it.”

Grif tugged on her left pussy lip. There was a snapping sound, and a slight pinch. He pulled on the
other lip, attaching the remaining end of the labia jewelry to that side. She strained her neck to get a
look at her pussy.

“Trust me, you look good.” He flicked the jewels that were now nestled in her pussy. He positioned the
labia clips so that jewel on that chain hung just below the one dangling from her cuffed clit.

“And now for these.” Grif surged to his feet and looked at her breasts. “Have I mentioned how lovely
your breasts are?”

“Not in the past hour or two, Master.”

“Remiss of me.” He leaned down and sucked on her left nipple. This time he didn’t stop, but sucked
and nipped, bit and tugged.

Arousal shot through her, setting nerve endings ablaze. Her captured clit pulsed with need, the cuff
wonderful and infuriating all at once.

He lifted his head, his dark gaze watching her.

“Use me, please, Master.”

His nostrils flared, his face stark with desire. He positioned the loop of twine over her nipple, then
slowly drew the bead up, tightening the loop until it squeezed her nipple. He let the chain dangle from

that breast while he sucked and teased the other. The weight of it was delicious and foreign.

He applied a loop to her other nipple, pulling it tight, and then took a step back.

Last time the chain jewelry had made her feel submissive, had put her into that headspace she both
needed and feared, yet had also left her erogenous zones mostly unstimulated, especially her nipples.
Tonight the jewelry he’d placed on her both highlighted and stimulated her breasts and pussy, while still
making her feel deliciously submissive.

Grif walked around behind her and started loosening the sleeve. When he took it off completely, he
massaged her arms and supervised as she rolled her shoulders. Next her legs were freed from the
spanking bench restraints.

She wobbled a little, clinging to his forearms, as she finally stood on her own.

“How does it feel?” His voice was low, his cock visibly hard inside his jeans.

“New, different, good.” She rocked her hips side to side. “The one on my clit is…I don’t know if I like it
or hate it.”

He leaned in. “You want to know a secret?”

Her nipples, forced to stay hard thanks to the nipple chain, tightened just a little bit more in response to
the sexy menace in his tone. “Yes, Master.”

“Love it or hate it, that cuff is staying on your sweet clit until I take it off.”

Davina closed her eyes in bliss. This was bliss. This was what she needed.

“Now then, I think we should go show off your new jewelry.” Grif offered his arm.

Davina slid hers through his, and, nipple chain swaying, walked out of the conclave and into the heart
of the club with her Master.

* * *

Grif pressed his thumb into the arch of Davina’s foot. She moaned in pleasure, a sound not unlike what
she made when she orgasmed. Grif smiled and continued massaging her left foot.

He was sprawled on one end of a leather couch in the Library, Davina stretched out next to him. Her
left leg lay on the seat of the couch, foot on his lap. Her right leg was, at his command, lifted and
hooked over the back of the couch, keeping her sweet pussy both visible and accessible.

Her arms were over her head, resting on the arm of the couch, which kept her lovely breasts on

It was Saturday afternoon, and he’d once more put the clit cuff, labia clip, and nipple chain on her. He’d
put silver nipple rings through her nipples last night before they went to bed, to make sure the holes
didn’t close up, and now the anchor loops of the nipple chain were secured behind the ball ends of her
regular gold nipple bars.

He lifted her foot to his mouth, kissed her toes. She raised her head and smiled at him. Her expression
was a study in lazy contentment.

His heart thudded in his chest. He would do anything for this woman, and knowing he’d put that look on
her face satisfied him in a way he’d never experienced before.

Over the past twenty-four hours, they’d gone hard, testing and pushing this new dynamic of their
relationship. He’d set her on the table while he ate dinner, his plate between her splayed thighs so he
could look at her sweetly decorated pussy. He’d turned her over his knee for a spanking, plugged her
ass, and then fucked her mouth, all while the gems dangled and tugged on her clit and nipples.

Back in their room, he’d bent her roughly over the side of the bed and fucked her pussy with the plug
still in her ass. The force of their fucking yanked the labia clips off her pussy lips, but he’d been able to
feel the clit cuff against his balls every time he buried himself deep.

Before bed he’d put her into a warm bath, only then removing the nipple and clit jewelry, plucking her
nipples and rubbing her clit to help with the ache.

When they finally fell into bed, he’d debated taking her collar off. In the end, he’d not only left it on, but
attached two of those thin jewelry chains to the tiny O ring, and then clipped the other end of each to
the recently inserted nipple rings. She’d sighed in contentment and fallen asleep with her arms raised
on the pillow, her knees spread just enough that he could easily touch and fondle her sweet pussy.
He’d played with her a bit before laying his head down—tugging the chains, parting her pussy lips to
gently touch her clit, tracing the path the collar made around her neck.

When they woke late this morning, the first thing he’d done was to roll her over, shock her awake by
inserting a nice fat plug into her pretty ass, and then shoved a pillow under her hips so he could fuck

Within moments she’d been begging him to let her come, calling him Master in that sweet way he
couldn’t get enough of.

Davina wiggled her toes and laid her head back down. “I like this, Master.”

“Having your feet rubbed?”

“Just…being here, with you. When we’re Master and sub, I mean.”

“Agree,” he murmured. “I would be content just being with you.” He wasn’t sure if that sentence made
sense, and he was slightly embarrassed by the emotion it revealed. Yes, fucking her, topping her, even
being topped by her, were all wonderful, but if Davina decided tomorrow to swear off sex for life, he’d

still want to be with her. He would just spend a lot more time jacking off in the shower, using memories
of this past day as fodder.

Once more, Davina looked up, a slight frown marring her face. Before she could say anything, Grif’s
stomach rumbled, loud enough for the whole damn room to hear.

Davina blinked. “Is that your stomach?”

“Yea.” It rumbled again. “We haven’t eaten since brunch.” Given how late they’d woken up, they hadn’t
had time for more than one meal, and most people at the club ended up eating around lunchtime, a late
dinner as the second meal, and then a nightcap and snack in the wee hours before calling it a night.
“Time to go get some food.” He held out a hand, and when she grabbed it, he pulled her into a sitting
position, her leg sliding off the back of the couch as she moved.

“You know what I want?” Davina mused. “Fish tacos and a margarita.”

“Oh yea? I know a great place in Pacific Palisades. Do you want to go out?” The words were out before
he thought them through. The food at Las Palmas was always five star, catered by a local restaurant,
but it wasn’t going to be fish tacos.

Davina stilled. “Are you asking me out on a date?’

Damn it. Grif hid his wince and pushed to his feet, using the movement to avoid looking at her. “I’m
sure there’s a blender somewhere behind the bar. I’ll work on that margarita.”

Davina caught his hand. “Grif, are you asking me out on a date?”

“Sorry, I’m tired. It just slipped out, I know that’s not—”

“Because if you are, the answer is yes. I’d like to go out with you.”

His heart lurched in his chest, stupid, stupid hope blooming within him. He looked back and down. She
was sitting on the edge of the couch, one arm outstretched to hold his hand, the other curled in a loose
fist on her knees.

Don’t be stupid. She doesn’t mean she wants to date you.

“You want to take our new Master and sub show on the road?” he asked carefully.

“No.” Davina squeezed his hand and let go. “That’s never something I’ll want. I need to keep D/s play
here. With my past…compartmentalizing in order to make sure I don’t fall too deep into my serenity is

“Then you…you’ll go on a date with me?”

Davina pushed to her feet, pressed her fingers to her cheeks. “I think this conversation would be better
if we weren’t like this.” She motion to her naked, bejeweled body.

“Okay.” Grif wasn’t sure he entirely understood what she was asking, and he wasn’t going to assume
and make an ass of himself. He pushed away his insecurities, reminding himself that as long as she
wore that collar she was his. She belonged to him.

“I’ll take you to the Subs’ Garden, and remove your jewelry. Once I do, you go in, get dressed, and
meet me by the front door.”

Davina’s shoulders relaxed. “Yes, Master.”

He tugged her against his chest for a quick, hard kiss, and then led her out of the


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