Novel Name : The Secret Heir Return To Wealth And Love

Chapter 2053

The accident was horrific, their bodies shattered upon impact, their planned plane tickets and itinerary
overlooked in the chaos.

Penn was oblivious to the fact that his birthday gift wasn’t just a birthday cake stained with blood, but
also a planned family trip.

“That night, I cried all the tears I had in my lifetime,” Penn told Rosalynn, his eyes rimmed with redness
but his gaze steady. “I spent two days at home, not eating not drinking, before I took a flight to H
Country on the third day, to see Natalie for the second time.”

When he dropped everything to see Natalie, Penn sensed her anxiety. Natalie had no intention of
hiding it from him

“Wayne found out about his lineage, Natalie’s voice trembled. “When he confronted me, I was so
scared. I couldn’t help but stap him c2

“Penn, you know, right? My oldest son… I drove him to his death. I thought I could change it, and I
could raise a normal child. But now I realize, I’m the abnormal one. I’m scared… scored that Wayne will
follow in his father’s footsteps! Medical advancements have come a long way since then, Penn, Can
you tell if what your father said about genetics was true? For years, I’ve worried about this, so I had
someone covertly investigate my own family’s lineage…”

A deep fear surfaced on Natalie’s face. She discovered that at least four of her close relatives had
developed mental illnesses over the past decades, which led to their deaths

Before that was a period of war and chaos, so there was no way to trace back further

Penn knew that Natalie was not looking for comfort, and he should not lie.

Before he came here. Penn used a key from his briefcase to open his father’s safety deposit box at a
bank. Inside, he found Ayden’s medical records and files, including genetic maps of Ayden and Natalie.

He spread the map out in front of Natalie, and carefully explained the latent imperfections in Ayden’s
genes, “Therefore, perhaps there were issues with your parenting, but genetic defects are an objective
factor too.”

“Penn!” After a long pause, Natalie suddenly grabbed Penn’s hand. “You’re studying this now, you’re
even better than your father. Can I entrust you with something? I’m getting old. I don’t know when I’ll
die. The Silverman family are all heartless, once I’m gone, Wayne will be all alone.” Natalie’s hands
trembled, her eyes welling up with tears “You need to help him. If one day he ..

“You helped my father, and you helped me. It’s only right that I do the same. If that day ever comes, I’ll
do everything I can to cure him.” Penn replied.

“But since Natalie entrusted you with this, why did you never appear in Wayne’s life? Even when
Wayne was hospitalized due to my fake death, you only visited him through Olivia Whaley? Rosalynn
asked with a stern voice.

“The possibility of Wayne going mad cannot be discovered by anyone. You should know very well that
there were threats lurking around Wayne during those years. If I were to frequently appear in the
Silverman family, someone would inevitably trace it back to who my father was. No secret can be kept
forever. No matter how well Natalie covered it up, as long as someone determinedly investigates, they
will find clues about Ayden’s cause of death….

It’s like a domino effect. Once Ayden’s cause of death is revealed, it’ll set off a chain reaction

Once someone realizes that Wayne could potentially follow in Ayden’s footsteps, and that I am the key
to curing him, Ms. Jared, do you think I would still be alive today?” Penn paused for a moment, his

expression became somewhat sorrowful. “As for later… I did visit Natalie, but she no longer recognized
or remembered me.”

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