Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1511

A Life Debt Repaid -Everyone waited patiently for the final outcome.

Quinn’s eyes were welling up with tears, threatening to gush if she so much as blinked.

She did her best to hold back her tears-to be strong!

A long while passed, and it felt like a century for Quinn when she finally heard him say, “Yes.”

Quinn’s tears started falling in happiness as Sam declared loudly, “I’ll marry you, Quinn-it’s what I’ve
always wanted to do! I won’t let you go even if you regret it eventually! You only get to be with me, and I’ll
never let any other man claim you! I’ll become very overbearing… eventually!”

“I won’t regret it,” Quinn said, determined.

She certainly would not regret marrying him!

Zoe walked up to them with perfect timing just then, and Sam did a double take.

He finally remembered that Zoe was the host of this luncheon and was going to leave with Quinn when
Zoe whipped out a small red velvet box.

“You know what’s in here, don’t you?” Zoe asked.

Sam’s heart skipped a beat. He certainly did-it was the ring he would propose to Quinn with.

He had certainly made an effort with it, as it was made by an internationally renowned designer.

It was a ring like no other.

“Take it,” Zoe said as she handed him the box.

Sam’s fingers were shaking even as he took it, and slowly opened.

Everyone could see the 5-carat diamond ring right then, and it was so dazzling it could blind them.

As Sam drew it out, he and Quinn were looking into each other’s eyes as he went down on one knee.

Quinn clasped a hand over her mouth, worried that she would cry out loud as the scene she used to
imagine appeared so clearly before her now.

“Quinn…” His voice was choking with tears. “I used to be a bastard, but I swear I’ll change.”

“I’ll be a good husband, and…” He paused for a moment before continuing, “And a good father!”

He would accept the baby even if it was not his-he would accept everything about Quinn!

“Yes,” Quinn nodded repeatedly, her tears unstoppable.

“Will you marry me?”

“Yes,” Quinn said without hesitation, and held out her hand in front of Sam.

He started to slide the ring on her finger… until it got stuck.

Sam frowned-that was impossible!

He had measured Quinn’s finger in secret. This was the right measurement!

Why did it not fit?!

Sam pushed a little harder just then, and- “Ow…”

Sam flinched and promptly pulled away, stammering gibberish. “I’m sorry, but I was… why is it small…
What happened?”

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