Novel Name : Love at First Novel by Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2708

He took Hayden’s hand and said, “After you come back from Farrell’s house tonight, you are not
allowed to work anymore and go to bed early. Hugh is too relaxed. Give him more work.”

Hayden said, “His abilities are there, and he has taken over everything that can be done for him. What
doesn’t let him take over is that he doesn’t have the ability yet. His head is not that big, so he can’t be
allowed to wear such a big hat.”

Hayden suddenly smiled and said, “Let Hugh know that you asked me to increase his workload so that
he can jump up.”

Hugh was not bad. Compared with Hayden, he was always inferior.

Moreover, the Queen Enterprise has been under the control of Hayden for several years, and she has
accumulated more experience than her brother.

Kevin said, “I’m afraid he’ll jump up. It makes me feel bad to see you so tired every day. He spends a
lot of time with different types of confidantes every day, going shopping, having dinner parties, and
living a carefree life.”

Hayden said, “I’m used to days like this. If one day I really stop and don’t have to do anything, I won’t
be used to it. Maybe I was born to work hard.”

“Where is Sister Liberty?” Hayden asked.

Kevin said, “Wait at the Fortress Hotel and we go over to meet her, or should we let her go to Farrell’s
house first and we go directly from your company to Farrell’s house?”

Hayden asked, “You didn’t agree?”

Kevin: “We have a deal.”

“Now that we’ve agreed, don’t change it, so that Sister Liberty won’t have to wait in the hotel in vain. If
you had told us to leave earlier, I wouldn’t have to wait so long.” Kevin smiled and said, “I didn’t think
carefully enough. I thought it would be safer for Sister Liberty if we went together.”

Hayden said, “Since Sister Liberty dares to come here, she has made all kinds of psychological
preparations. There is no need for you to restrain Sister Liberty.”

Kevin: “I didn’t restrain her. I thought she was new here and didn’t even have her feet on the ground, so
I had to support her. So that my sister-in-law wouldn’t worry.”

Then Kevin said in a low voice, “That old woman is cruel and ruthless. Sister Liberty suddenly came
over and touched the old woman’s nerves. She is afraid that she can’t sleep now because she is
worried that the power she snatched will return to the right path.”

After Hayden was silent, she said, “The Farrell family’s rules are not good. They should not make such
rules. The wise and capable should be in charge. Only in this way can people be convinced.”

Kevin followed in silence.

The Farrell family’s rules were indeed unacceptable.

When such rules were established at the beginning, others could still abide by them honestly, even if
they were incapable of doing so. As time went by, other capable people appeared.

Especially for sisters from the same mother, the eldest sister had an innate advantage because she
was older, which was very unfair to the younger sisters.

If the eldest sister was particularly outstanding, the younger sisters would have nothing to say.

What about when the eldest sister had mediocre abilities and the younger sister was particularly
outstanding? Could it be that the eldest sister should also be allowed to take the position, and the

younger sister should be relegated to the position of auxiliary minister?

This was not to say that the previous head of the Farrell family was useless. The previous head of the
Farrell family was a little better than the current head of the Farrell family. It was just that she trusted
her sister too much, and she gave birth to daughters at an advanced age, which hurt her body. That
was why her sister took advantage of her.

Hayden continued: “The problems left over from history are not easy to solve. It takes a large number
of heads to have the courage to change the family rules. However, after the family rules are changed,
the competition will be greater, and there are still conspiracies.

Human nature cannot stand the test in the face of money, power, and status.”

Hayden stopped talking.

Kevin said, “We don’t want those things, and it’s not our business. We just need to support Sister
Liberty. What she does is her business. Sister Liberty is my sister-in-law’s biological sister. Only with
this relationship can we have a finger in the pie.”

Otherwise, what did the past of the Farrell family have to do with them?

Hayden smiled and said, “That’s natural. It’s not like I’m full and have nothing to do. I’m going uninvited
tonight, and eating that meal is just to show my attitude.”

Let the Farrell family not dare to be too arrogant.

Who told Liberty to be her future sister-in-law?

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