Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 1299

Julian’s Stand-In Wife chapter 1299

It was like a shining, unpolluted pond reflected the rays of sunlight.

Even after being steeped in the entertainment industry for so long, her clean and pure aura remained

At that moment, a certain thought came to Oliver. Perhaps the script was merely a coincidence.

Fanny loved him so much. She couldn’t possibly lie to him.

Oliver felt relieved.

Fanny grew anxious upon seeing Oliver falling silent.

This movie was a major project for her studio this year, and a lot of funds had been invested in it. If it
failed, her assets would be in the red.

No one was more concerned with the success of the movie than Fanny herself.

Oliver’s attitude toward the movie made her, the investor and producer, very nervous.

“Oliver,” Fanny called after he remained silent for a long while.

She thought he had major objections against the movie and was too embarrassed to say it.

On impulse, she acted out a segment of the script. Her intention was to put Oliver in the mood, and
urge him to be frank with his thoughts about the movie.

The segment she chose was one of the climax of the script.

The female lead, who had been adopted and lied to all along, finally discovered that her own parents
were killed by her adoptive father. She had even married her adoptive father’s son, and called her
enemy “father” for so many years’ It was very easy to emote in this movie. If the actors did their job
well, the audience would experience a heartache never before felt.

The pain of being betrayed and tortured would be portrayed to everyone through the actors’
interpretation in the most heart-wrenching way.

It was just a pity…

The emotions conveyed in this scene were too complex. It was challenging to act them all out.

Thankfully, Fanny was an outstanding actress. She was able to rise to the top of her game and best
many of her peers precisely because of her acting chops. i Especially since…

The female lead of this movie was an adopted child like her.

That point of similarity alone gave her the foundation to empathize with the female lead.

Empathy with a character that one was about to act out was a great foundation to start with for an

Oliver looked up; coincidentally, he caught the complex emotions in Fanny’s eyes.

She looked…


Hatred was written all over her face; irrevocable pain slashed across her face like lightning, tearing her
apart. She glared at Oliver as if he were her greatest enemy.

“I’m asking you. When exactly did you start lying to me?!

How is that bastard of your father worthy of your defense?”

She accused him with tears in her eyes, as if she was truly in agony. Tears streaked her beautiful face
as pain tore through her.


Thunder boomed outside as lightning flashed across the sky, its light shining right into her eyes.

The hatred in her eyes swelled.

Oliver was sure she would turn into a vicious ghost at the next moment, and rip his head off his neck.

Not just him, but she wouldn’t even spare his father!

“Tell me!” Fanny shook all over as she glared daggers at him. She was clearly crying, but there wasn’t
any sadness in her eyes.

Hatred just kept growing and growing… Until she could no longer suppress its overwhelming effect.
Eventually, all that hatred exploded in the air.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to talk.”

She smiled viciously.

Pain was etched all over her tear-streaked face, made even more shocking under the booming thunder
and flashing lightning.

“A life for

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