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Chapter 2223 A Competition

Chapter 2223 A Competition

Roble smiled and then looked at Ji Haiting, admiringly saying, "Director Ji is indeed remarkable. When will you help us with the research on the mechanized soldier system?"
"Ah, just kidding. We've been conducting related research on mechanical modification all along. But as you know, the development has been limited by materials science for many years now, and it's been difficult to make breakthroughs in the short term," replied Ji Haiting.
Roble didn't dwell on this topic and instead looked towards the training ground. "I heard you're preparing for a test?"
"Yes, we're about to begin field testing."
"Do you mind if I watch?"
"Of course, please do."
"By the way, let me introduce you. This is one of our recent developments in the military department. It has an integrated mechanical skeleton and the latest seventh-generation brain chip. The seventh-generation chip allows the machine to temporarily take over the body for more efficient feedback, making it more reliable than the human nervous system," Roble explained, gesturing to a half-mechanized soldier standing nearby.
"We happen to be in the testing phase as well. Why don't we take this opportunity to have a friendly match and learn from each other?" he suggested.
Hearing Roble's proposal, the others became wary and exchanged glances.
Testing a new generation chip?
Was it really just a coincidence that they brought soldiers along?
It was clearly premeditated.
Minister Ray didn't want to complicate things further and refused, saying, "No need. It's just an internal test for now. When it comes to the next public test, we'll need the assistance of the mechanical department."
Fighting against psychic-enhanced soldiers would undoubtedly put them at a severe disadvantage. After all, one side would be wearing mechanical battle armor and equipped with various beam weapons.
On the other hand, the psychic side only had an external spiritual barrier and the ability to pierce with spiritual power. At most, they had the Federation-provided light beam energy shield.
Of course, on the battlefield, if multiple psychic soldiers could gather and collectively launch a mental assault, they could instantly overwhelm a fully armed semi-mechanized soldier.
In a one-on-one situation, with semi-mechanized soldiers prepared and their mechanical armor coated with a special layer to resist mental shock, how could they fight?
There was simply no way!
In the past, psychic soldiers on the battlefield were mostly support units and rarely directly engaged in combat.
"No worries, we won't use external armor. It's just a normal test. I'm actually quite curious."
Roble's smile faded, replaced by a serious expression. "Recently, with the situation regarding the tree spirit tribe, everyone's under a lot of pressure, and we urgently need to enhance our strength. So, we've upgraded the internal chips in advance."
"I won't hide it from you. Part of it is designed for defense against mental strength, specifically to deal with the tree spirit tribe. Psychic abilities and the natural energy of the tree spirits share similarities. We wanted to take this opportunity to test it," Roble explained.
At his words, everyone fell silent.
An internal chip tailored for defense against mental strength.
Capable of effectively avoiding spiritual power-piercing attacks.
The military department had been intentionally targeting the spawns in the past.
They just hadn't anticipated such significant changes in such a short time.
At this point, Minister Ray knew that this visit was likely orchestrated by higher-ups in the Federation, deliberately sending Roble to assess the situation.
Minister Ray turned to Ji Haiting and asked, "Mr. Ji, what do you think?"
"Well..." Ji Haiting hesitated.
It was said to be a friendly match.
But losing wouldn't just be a matter of losing face. If they lost too badly, the Federation's high-ups might think they had overestimated themselves. This could lead to a reduction in investment in psychic abilities and their influence in research and cooperation would decrease as well.
Ji Haiting thought for a moment before nodding, "I personally think there's no problem with the match. To avoid any possible complications during the experiment, I suggest consulting with Dr. Fang first."
"Of course."
Ji Haiting's subordinate had already contacted Fang Heng and established a remote communication channel with him in front of everyone.
Fang Heng's face quickly appeared on the remote screen.
Fang Heng was still in the OmniTech Company research institute, overseeing the delivery of the Obsidian Stone to the storage room and setting up a batch of zombie clones for psychic-level grinding.
He was just halfway through setting up the zombie clone grinding mission when he received Ji Haiting's video call. So, he hurriedly went out and answered the video call.
"Boss Ji, what's the urgent matter?"
Ji Haiting nodded to Fang Heng and briefly explained the military department's proposal for the match.
"Dr. Fang, will the match have any negative impact on the research?"
"It won't have any impact, but..."
Roble, thinking Fang Heng was hesitant, chuckled and said, "Don't worry, the entire testing process will be monitored. Everyone will stop when necessary, and it won't cause any serious injuries."
"That's not what I meant. I just feel that having the match without wearing armor might be a bit unfair," Fang Heng replied with a smile, waving his hand. "But never mind, it's fine. I have no objections. Let's do it as you say. After it's over, send me a report. I'll need to make some adjustments."
With that, Fang Heng ended the call and hurried back to continue setting up the zombie clone grinding.
In the audience room, everyone exchanged glances.
Was Dr. Fang really that confident?
To let the Federation's semi-mechanized soldiers fight directly in their external mechanical armor?
Seeing Fang Heng's confidence, Minister Ray also gained some confidence.
"All right, let's give it a try."
Soon, under the guidance of research personnel, two semi-mechanized soldiers from the Federation military department entered the training ground.
Unlike Fang Heng, the training department wasn't as confident and didn't dare to let the soldiers wear external mechanical armor.
Hu Haiyu and the other participant, who had just been converted into a vampire, found it strange to see the new opponents.
Why had the opponents suddenly become semi-mechanized soldiers?
They soon learned the reason through their earpieces. It was a special arrangement by the military department.
All right then!
They wouldn't think too much about it.
Let's fight!
The significant improvement in psychic abilities gave them plenty of confidence. Hu Haiyu was eager to fight.
The two semi-mechanized soldiers from the Federation military department entered the battlefield, their gazes coldly fixed on Hu Haiyu and his companion.
In the past, there had been frequent exchanges and learning between different departments of the military.
They had extensive experience in fighting against psychic soldiers.
As long as they were careful, there was hardly any chance of failure.
The research personnel quickly retreated, and Minister Ray's voice echoed from the speakers inside the training ground, "Simulated combat training, stop at will. Begin!"
At that moment, Hu Haiyu swiftly raised his hand and attacked!
It was an aggressive move!
Mental manipulation!

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